Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby Sister

Here are some pictures of our new addition to the family. We are going to haver a baby girl in May!! We had our ultrasound yesterday and she looks completely healthy. They said she is pretty big, already weighing one pound, and according to all her measurements, she may come up to a week earlier than expected. The technology was already so much better from when we had our ultrasound for Zane. It was detailed and we got to see everything. I love the pictures of her hand and feet at the bottom!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Videos

Zane helping clean up paper.

Playing in his new toy... look at that huge bump over his left eye. He fell off his new tricycle and bumped his head on the coffee table.

Opening a gift.

Playing Wii with Jord...he's saying "Yes!" because she kept saying it when she did something good.

Christmas Pictures

Our Christmas was awesome this year. We got to spend it with a lot of my family but really missed Zack's family. Here are a few pictures from the 23rd - 26th, the days we celebrated. He loved opening gifts and ofcourse loved playing with all his new toys.

Becca and Chris, Zack's sister and brother-in-law gave Zane this sing along Elmo book. It was a big hit. You can see the concentration on his face. He was done opening presents for a while so he could read.
Zane's other aunts and uncles, gave Zane this huge blow up toy with balls in it. You can imgaine his excitement. He went crazy in it.
Zane got so overwhelmed and over stimulated in the middle of opening presents that he basically begged for a nap. He was sitting in his new sled from Judi and Bob to open some gifts, and then we had to stop and give him a good long nap.
He had fun opening up his stocking and then putting everything back in, then out, then in. :)
He got dressed up for the Christmas Eve service.
New Spider Man hat from my dad and Kris. He wore it while he opened some more presents.
Playing some Christmas tunes on the piano.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing at the Gym

For a Christmas gift, Zack's mom Nancy bought Zane a membership to My Gym. It is basically his favorite place to be ever!! He gets to jump, run, climb, slide, swing, etc. and almost all on his own. His favorite part is the ball pit. All morning before we go if we tell him we're going to the gym, he starts chanting, "balls, balls, balls." Then, right when we get there he goes and jumps in.

Snack with Grandpa

We left Zane with my dad and his wife, Kris, the other day. We came home and Zane was munching on a cookie with m&ms, crackers, and Cheerios. He was eating some and sharing some. At one point, he dumped his container of crackers right into Grandpa's pocket! Zane didn't care at all when we walked in because he was comfy and getting some good food.

Notice the runny nose, m&m stains around his mouth, and the cracker and Cheerio on his neck.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gifts Under the Tree

Zane was helping us put gifts under our tree. He did really well eventually but here are two of his first tries.

Scary Santa

We really didn't expect Zane to freak out when seeing Santa, but we were wrong. He seemed OK at first, so good that I thought I could get away with taking away his "boppies" (blanket). I was wrong about that too! He kept saying "Santa" through his crying and never let up enough to get a happy picture. Oh well, we tried.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Four New Completely Random Videos

This first video is Zane just having fun playing in the snow for the first time. He says snow... sometimes it sounds like ss-no and sometimes it just sound like no. He was so restless that day, we had to take him out at night in the dark for our own sanity!

The second video is of Zane watching a clip from Sesame Street online of Elmo trying to scare Julia Roberts. Every time Elmo is about to scare her, Zane anticipates it and then giggles a bunch.

This third video is a weird thing that Zane does that is basically one of my favorite things ever. For some reason, he bites his Veggie Tales characters, and not his other toys. He started doing it on his own and now does it when we ask him to also. It's almost like he knows they are vegetables or something, but I love how his whole body shakes and how he always bites with no hands. He also knows their names and at the end he's singing "Veggie Tales."

The last video is Zack and Zane playing with bubbles. The gasp was just too cute to pass up. He also blew a few of his own bubbles.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Zane is getting so good at singing along with songs now. In the first one, he's singing "Wild Wild West" which is from the end of one of the Elmo's World videos. It's to the tune of Jingle Bells, so he doesn't quite have it, but is getting there. The second one is him singing along with a Veggie Tales song called, "Busy." He just says "busy" over and over and he starts singing it right when he hears the first note before the words even start.