Thursday, October 25, 2012

Colorado Pumpkin Patch

Have I mentioned that I love fall?  I love everything fall.  We got to spend a beautiful day at the pumpkin patch with my mom and Dave last week and had a really great time.

We loved the slides.  Smith got to ride with everyone and every time he got to the bottom, he instantly asked for more.  Zane and Emmy were slide maniacs...they went a ton of times.

 I love how Smith had his arms straight up in the air during every ride down.

 Love the joy!

 My mom helped with all the kids so much...
 Molly joined us, of course!

Sling shot

 Cute man


 The older kids got to go on a pony ride.  At first, Zane wanted to ride the donkey and he would NOT budge.  The lady tried everything, but nothing.  So Zane moved over to the pony...

 Smith loved this tractor.  Every time I peeled him away he threw the hugest trantrum, screaming and kicking, and throwing his head back.

 Corn box

 Getting stuff out of their shoes

 Emmy was pushing Zane's head out of the way to see how tall he was.
 Looking at gourds with Grandpa Dave
 End of a long, dirty, busy, and fun morning...