Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Misc.

Here are some little moments in the midst of big ones.

Playdate with friends.

 We headed to a park one afternoon, just the three kids and I, and they played FOREVER. They came up with a ton of ideas of what to do and had fun as friends.  It was so great.
 Smith had left his shoes at home without me even noticing, so he played in socks! Haha. By the end, he had his shirt off, a huge hole in one sock, water dumped on him.  Such a silly man.
 For Father's Day, we took Zack out for lunch and then went out with my dad for dinner.  I'm so thankful that my kids have such an amazing dad, and I'm also super thankful for my dad!
 Here's the crew at dinner - we came to celebrate Grandma Fran's life (our second annual dinner for her).
 Little Champ Camp - um, 3 year olds playing t-ball and doing drills is so cute.

 Zane had to get sealant on his teeth, so he and I got to go to the dentist, and then I took him on a "date" He wanted to go bowling and eat nachos so that's what we did.  Spending time with him is sooooo much fun. He's completely himself, happy, easy going, and sweet.  One on one time is my favorite.

 They had a new arcade that he got to play in too.  He was loving life.
 When Emmy comes across a book she can read, she wants to read it to everyone.  She'll call people over, one at a time, and read it, over and over and over.  So cool.

 This guy is outrageous at hitting balls. This morning, Zack took him out to hit in the backyard.  He was hitting like crazy, even hit one straight at Zack and knocked his coffee all over him.

 Family Zoo day
 This is the way to to - Two strollers and two big kids pushing
 The donkey was up close and personal

 Feeding the birds

 Flamingos, Emmy's pink favorites

Baseball and Tball

This season of baseball and t-ball has been really fun.  Both kids really enjoy it.  Zane is on the "Unicorns in Green" and Emmy is on the "Green Marshmallows." 

 Sweet brother Smith found some shade and his toys.

 Running home!

Nice snack after the game!

Grand Lake!

Zack and I spent an entire weekend in Grand Lake so he could perform his good friends Dave and Megan's wedding. My sweeeeeeet and amazing sister, Nellie, stayed with the kids and had a blast with them.  She was ready for us to come home by the end though - the kids wore her out!

We went on an awesome hike.

 Water fall!

 Zack waiting for the bride and groom...
A huge thunderstorm moved in, but waited to pour on us until right after the ceremony. Phew!
 Before the storm
 After the storm
We got to sit at a table with the bride and groom and his family, who we love, which made the evening even more enjoyable.
Zack had fun with his good friends. It was a fun wedding - lot's of dancing!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Two Weeks of Summer

First two weeks of summer: check.
Time flies when you're having fun.

We kicked off our summer with a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kids got to stay for two full days while Zack and I stayed at a hotel so he could do a wedding for some old youth group kids at Cheyenne Mountain Resort.
Grandpa Dave knows how to play.  Within 10 minutes of being there, he had the kids up in the rafters, and got out baseball gear, bikes and helmets, and other fun things. 

 I was so proud of Zack, as always.  He does an amazing job at weddings.  So many people thank him and compliment him, which is so cool.  He definitely makes the day special for the couple. What a beautiful setting this was!
 Speaking of being proud of Zack, things are coming along for his new church campus at Paramount downtown.  Recently, they had a big vision and worship night at the Paramount to get people excited about it and just talk about the logistics a little bit.  There was a LINE outside, people waiting just to get in.
 Don't worry, we got in early and got seats front and center (can you spot 3 tiny heads?)
 We had family come to support Zack too.  Mom and Dave and Judi and Bob and Jord and Ben and Molly all came and sat with us.
 Zack went on stage to start the night off and also got to finish it. He looked so natural and comfortable up there.  I am getting so excited about it!
 Before and after haircut for this cute cute cute (did I mention cute?) boy of mine.

 Super fun spray park with Grandma Jodi

 Playdates with friends are always fun - these guys played in the backyard for almost 2 hours!
 Summer reading program in full force
 National Donut Day didn't disappoint this year.  A warm, fresh donut on a cool, rainy day?  Yes, please.
 Nellchie came to visit last week, and we took her on an adventure to the Nature and Science museum.  We went to see "Tiny Giants," about how a chipmunk and mouse survive in the wild.  And it was 3-D. Awesome.
 Another fun park with water...
We love Peter Pan Park.

 After that park, we spend 2 hours at Barnes and Noble. Emmy sat and read books to Smith (some really reading and some making it up). He just laid there and listened. Then they switched.
 We drove up to west campus for church last week to hang with our friends Katy and her boys. And we hang out for a bit with our other sweet buddies.  Look at this cute crew.
 Lunch at a park in Evergreen afterwards.  Besides Emmy and Zane getting into an actual wrestling match, it was super fun.

 And Molly may have a new little crush, Nathan. He takes such good care of her and is so sweet and gentle with her. Love it!
My dad took my sisters and I to dinner and the U2 concert.  It was such a great time, spending time together.  And the concert was so so so awesome.

 Smith started his first little sports camp.  It's only 45 min, one day a week. He took it so seriously. He kept coming over, and dramatically asking for water and saying it was such hard work. The last two weeks, it was focused on basketball.  Then, he'll get to do soccer and baseball.  He's amazingly coordinated and athletic.  Who knows what he'll end up doing! He's the one in the Padres hat, of course.

I had to capture this moment of all 4 kids working on something quietly and independently.  Woooohoooo! We are trying our best to have a "quiet work time" most days. They write in journals (even Smith), color, do stickers, workbooks, etc. 
 Enjoying a book in the car.

 The hot, sweaty, blue eyed, wild haired, face of summer.

 Zack did another wedding this past weekend for our friends Dave and Megan.  Nellie stayed at our house and watched the monkeys  ALL WEEKEND!  So Zack and I got to get away to Grand Lake for two nights.  (More pics to come from the kids' weekend)...

We went on a sweet hike one morning. Having time to just walk and chat with Zack, without interruption is the best.  And it was beautiful!

 Water fall!

 The wedding venue also did not disappoint. The rain held out until after the wedding ceremony. Phew. There's Zack, waiting for the couple.

 We had fun celebrating with friends...
 Zack and his buddies, Cole, Tommy, Tucker, and John.