Saturday, May 28, 2016

Easter 2016

We sent the kids on a scavenger hunt this Easter, to find their baskets in the morning.  So they'd end up right at our bed so we wouldn't miss any action. 

 So much joy in opening Easter baskets...
 The day before, we colored eggs.  They are getting so independent on this kind of thing!  We only had a few eggs break, instead of almost all of them.  And I don't think we had any spills this year.  Wow.

 Oh this handsome man.  He was laying in my lap, letting me rub his head and neck.

 And my beautiful baby girl.  She loves getting dressed up for special occasions.

 We all went to church and lot's of the family joined us.  Here's Zack introducing the lesson on stage at Paramount.
 I loved having Grandma and Pappy there...
 Family pic at Paramount.
 Then, we ate lunch with Jord and Ben and Molly and Gabby after church.  I'm so thankful to get to do everyday life with family.

 We woke up Easter morning to find eggs all over our front yard (for I think the fourth year in a row). A mystery family always surprises the kids!!

Pjs and jackets: all set.

 Checking out all the candy they got...

 Some shots of Easter outfits: this first picture cracks me up.  Out of the blue, Emmy just decided she wasn't really in the mood.  She made it tricky.  They boys were inviting her in, but she didn't want them to put their arms around her.  Silly girl.
 So then she was grumpy for a bit.

 Finally forced a smile out of her.

 We let Smith take some shots of us - and he just kept clicking away on the camera.  We were laughing so hard.

 My boys!!!!!

Easter night we headed up to Greeley to have dinner and Nell and Anthony's house.  All the pictures from that are on Jord's camera, so will add later...