Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Close to Walking

Our sweet baby is as close as she can be to walking! She wants us to walk her around holding her hands all the time (sometimes Zane and I walk her together too) and now can take 2-3 steps by herself. Every time she successfully takes steps, she gets so happy and squeals and laughs. The funny thing is that she tries to walk to Zane sometimes and expects him to catch her but ends up tackling the poor guy instead. :)

ALMOST Walking from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

So Close! from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing with Dad

Zane and Emerson both love and adore their Dad so much. They love to play with him and most of the time get to be super silly, rough, and loud. :)

Here's Zack and Zane making mustaches with their Play-Do...

Here's the three of them just playing and hanging out...

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Sweet Ones are Growing Up!

Yesterday it hit me so hard - just how fast my two babies are growing up! I got so emotional yesterday at the park watching Z and E play and interact with each other and other kids and just couldn't believe how big they both were. At one point, Emmy was sliding down a slide holding my hand and Zane was helping me catch her at the bottom. Her little toothy, scrunched nose smile was as big as it could be, and Zane was so proud of himself for taking care of his sister and helping his Mommy. I also overheard Zane asking another kid who wasn't moving out his way to "Please let me get through" without getting mad or frustrated.
Then, we went to McDonald's and Emerson was seriously eating french fries and then crawling and cruising all over the bottom of the play place and laughing at her brother playing. Zane ate his whole lunch and then played, held his little friend's hand to help her, and took turns with other kids on the basketball court.
With all the time that we've spent trying to mold and shape Zane and Emerson into sweet and caring and happy people, and with the time spent lately dealing with fighting over toys, sharing, tantrums, fussing, etc., it's so refreshing and nice to see the benefits of our hard work. It's so fun to watch them change into who they are going to be. :) I feel so blessed to have two beautiful, wonderful, healthy, amazing, challenging, and energetic kids!

Here's what they've been up to...
* Stands up on her own without holding on and walks with help
* Crawls SUPER fast everywhere
* Gives us hugs and kisses when we ask her to and waves when we say hi or bye
* Uses her thumb to push buttons and other things on toys
* Loves swinging and climbing and sliding at the park
* Copies a lot more sounds now, words that we say and sounds like a cow mooing or Zane screaming
* Understands what I say and follows directions like "Go get Zane," "Put that lid in the box," "Let's go upstairs," "Put the ball in there," etc.
* "Runs" away when we chase her and squeals and laughs
* Has all four front top teeth and two bottom ones
* Dances every single time she hears any beat or music
* Plays rough with Zane in our ball pit, tackles him, rolls over, gets bumped and loves it
* Fusses at me when I'm holding Zane and tries to push him out of my arms

*Knows all his letters and most sounds and is now able to tell me what a lot of words start with based on the sound. He also pretends that he's writing or reading words and tells me what it says. He can spell his name.
* Can count to 20 - but some of the teen numbers get mixed up and he adds in eleventeen.
* Tells Emerson so many things that crack us up. He lectures her a lot too. Here are some examples: "That's not funny, Emerson," "Get out of the bathroom, Emmy. It's too dirty," "No more Emmys jumping on the bed," "No, no, no Emmy. I'm playing with that right now,"
* Holds hands with Emerson in the car sometimes and they pass toys back and forth
*We had to pull over to take him to the bathroom and I told him we were going to my grandparents house but then ended up having to go to a gas station. When we got into the bathroom, he looked around and said, "This is NOT Grandma Shirley and Pappy's house!"
* Knows all of our full names, including middle and last. The other day, I asked him his full name and he said, "Zane Jesus, I mean Zane Moses Weingartner."
* We sing "The Wheels on the Bus" in the car a lot and the other day he told me, "Take me home, bus driver."
* When we visited Nell in Greeley, we were leaving and it smelled really bad, like usual. He wouldn't stop talking about it. He said it smelled like a big poop, giraffes, the zoo, etc. and kept saying, "Eeeww."
* Some of his catch phrases lately... "That makes me feel frustrated, that's impossible, I'm checking my facebook, sending a text, what the heck is that, Emmy's like, Where did my toy go? I'm starving, What are you talking about? Protect me from Emerson."
* Everytime we see Chick-fil-a, he says, "Eat more chicken!" and pretends he's the cow.
* When anything pokes him, he calls it a porcupine. He also pretends that there's a "nice porcupine" around a lot, sort of like a little imaginary friend.
* When he was acting like a dog, he started singing all his songs with "ruff ruff." For " Gotta Feeling" he sang, "I gotta ruff ruff. That tonight's gonna be a ruff ruff." Instead of "Mazel tov", he said "Mazel ruff."
* When he didn't want Zack to go to work, he told him, "Mommy said that you should stay home and not go to work."
* Zack says, "She's telling you your business" when Emerson is fussing or yelling at us so then Zane tells us, "Emmy is telling me my biz-a-miss."
* He got an arm out of his buckle while he was in his car seat and yelled, "To infinity and beyond" with that arm sticking straight up in the air.
* We asked him to sing and he said, "No, I can't because I lost my voice." Then, the next day, he told us he found his voice again.
*He called the book "Diary of a Worm" "Diarrhea of a worm," and when he built something with his blocks, he called it the "Barbara Bush shop" instead of the "Barbara Shop." He also made New York with his blocks and told me all about all the buildings.
* We were at the zoo, and I told Zane to say hi to the monkeys and he said in a matter of fact voice,"They can't hear us and they can't talk, Mommy." I swear he almost rolled his eyes!
* He names his poop, like Mommy poop, Brother poop, or animals, and talks in different voices for them. When he flushes he tells them bye and then responds back for them in their different voices.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures

We haven't gotten any professional pictures taken since Zane was 9 months old, so we decided we had to get some done while Emerson was close to that same age. These are a few, ok a bunch, of our favorites. :)

Here are a few funny ones...

Zoo and Aquarium

We love our Zoo membership! (Thanks aunt Becca and Uncle Chris). Our kids love it more. It's the best family outing. On this trip, this monkey was peeking out right by the window and Zane LOVED it! He was talking to him and putting his face right up to him to see him.

Zane and I rode the train. He just kept saying, "I love riding trains! I just love trains!"
The other day, we visited the Aquarium, which was actually pretty cool. The most fun part for me was that Emerson loved it as much as Zane.
She kept trying to reach and and grab the fish and was bouncing up and down with joy in her stroller. I like this face because it's like she's trying to show me what she's seeing.
Here they are watching the otter do backflips.

At the end, they get to touch the sting rays. Zane has no hesitation on that kind of thing. He kept yelling, "Come here, guys!" to the sting rays. When they came around, he just reached right in to feel them.

This was Zane checking out "Nemo."
Emmy is definitely going to be our climber. I'm pretty sure if she wasn't buckled in, she would have made it to the top of this branch.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a Day!

My day today was so hilariously ridiculous and busy that I decided I had to record my adventures...

Zane and Emerson and I...
-Slept in until 8:00 and then loaded in the car and drove a half an hour to go to my Bible Study oh, almost an HOUR late!! ha ha
-Left there at 11:30 to go with friends eat lunch and play at the park but the weather was so nice that we just played and skipped the eating part. Emmy even grabbed and played with the sand, swung on the swings and tried the slide. The weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun.
-I fed Zane part of his lunch in the car on the way to his doctor's appointment, we got there at 1:00. I got all our stuff and them into the stroller, checked in a little early, so I could change Emmy's dirty diaper.
-By the way, Emerson still hadn't slept at all up until now, so was on the edge!!!
-Got to the waiting room 5 min. early so I decided I better try to nurse Emmy before the appointment so she didn't get too hungry, but one minute later they called me in. I asked if they could give us a few more minutes.
-She fell asleep eating so when I stopped she cried really hard and made a big scene...I walked into the office holding her with my hider still around my neck and pushing the stroller.
-His doctor's appt went well. I seriously let them both sit on the floor of the office and read books (GGRROOSSSSSSS!) Zane has Gastritis, the lining of his stomach and bowels are messed up from his flu so he's been having lot's of pain.
-By the end of the appt. I started smelling Emerson's next stinky diaper so went back down to the bathroom to change it. It was a blowout....so bad that I had to throw her shirt away.
-Went to the pharmacy to pick up our prescription. While we waited, I gave Zane the rest of his lunch while I finsihed nursing Emmy and fed her some veggies.
-Right as we got our medicine, Zane said he had to go poop on the potty, so we headed back to the bathroom again for the 3rd time. I rolled the whole stroller into the big stall and he pooped for literally 15 min.
-During that 15 minutes, Emmy screamed at least 20 times, Zane announced every sound and event, including that he was having diarrhea, and last but not least asked a bunch of questions about the poor girl who came in and was about to get sick (What's that noise? Who's that? What's she doing?)
- I realized I didn't have any clean diapers of Zanes so I put his pants back on with no diaper until we got back to the car, where I put on a clean diaper right outside the car before he got in. I was cracking up by then.
- We drove home and Emmy got a short nap and I ate my lunch in the car.
-Got home around 3:30!
-We played and cleaned up the house for an hour and a half and I changed another poopy diaper.
-At 5:00 we left for our small group in Monument, 30 min. away. Nobody slept in the car, so it was loud and whiny the whole time.
-While there, I changed another Emmy stinky diaper.
-Left Monument at around 7:30, drove home and Emerson fell asleep in the car but Zane still stayed awake!
-Put both kids to bed with no bath even though we had a super dirty day, and then came downstairs and watched Lost with my sister Jordan and brother-in-law Ben.

Wow, what a day!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dancing AGAIN

I feel like I blog a lot about my kids dancing, but I just can't get over it. Now when Zane sings or when music comes on or a toy plays music, BOTH kids dance. It's really cute. Emerson instantly starts anytime she hears any type of beat or music. She also crawls over to be right next to Zane whenever he's singing or dancing to join in. LOVE IT! Two more quick things about this video...Emmy can put those tools back in their spots, which I can't believe. I also like how Zane says he has to go poop on the potty right at the end. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Recent Pictures

Here are some recent pictures of what we've been up to...

Zane was playing in our loft with his friend Abhi. He loves dressing up in costumes.Crawling little thing...
This is an action shot of Zane doing a somersault.
Zane got some new Toy Story cowboy boots that light up when he walks and wants to wear them all the time, around the house and out. My Dad and Kris found them for 3 bucks when they were normally $50!
Checkin out the snow together...
My sisters and I had a night out together last week. We got to go to dinner and a concert and then spent the night together and went out to breakfast the next day. It was refreshing, but then Zack needed a break after hanging out with Zane and Emmy by himself.
We drove up to Greeley for Janelle's latest art show and Emmy came with us while Zane stayed home to play with Zack. She did awesome, crawled around, and liked looking at all the art. (To see some of Nell's art, go to artbynellgrace.com. There are only a few things on there, but we will add more soon!)

The other day, Zack found our extra freezer downstairs still plugged in, but the breaker on the outlet had tripped and there was no electricity. So almost all of my stored breast milk had thawed out and therefore was ruined since it's only good for about 24 hours after being thawed. We had to throw all of it away...115 bags, 80 pounds of milk, and I can't imagine how many hours of work to get it!!!!! It was seriously so devastating because I was planning on donating all of it, since Emmy won't take a bottle anymore. Luckily I still have a bunch in the freezer upstairs so it wasn't total despair.