Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zoo and Aquarium

We love our Zoo membership! (Thanks aunt Becca and Uncle Chris). Our kids love it more. It's the best family outing. On this trip, this monkey was peeking out right by the window and Zane LOVED it! He was talking to him and putting his face right up to him to see him.

Zane and I rode the train. He just kept saying, "I love riding trains! I just love trains!"
The other day, we visited the Aquarium, which was actually pretty cool. The most fun part for me was that Emerson loved it as much as Zane.
She kept trying to reach and and grab the fish and was bouncing up and down with joy in her stroller. I like this face because it's like she's trying to show me what she's seeing.
Here they are watching the otter do backflips.

At the end, they get to touch the sting rays. Zane has no hesitation on that kind of thing. He kept yelling, "Come here, guys!" to the sting rays. When they came around, he just reached right in to feel them.

This was Zane checking out "Nemo."
Emmy is definitely going to be our climber. I'm pretty sure if she wasn't buckled in, she would have made it to the top of this branch.

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