Monday, August 24, 2009

Party and The Next Day

We went to Jordan and Ben's engagement party on Saturday in Pueblo. It was a lot of fun to meet Ben's family. Zane was super happy and loving life that night and Emerson had one of her worst nights ever, not sure why. It was almost 100 degrees outside, so they put a little pool out. We didn't have any swim diapers, so tried him in a regular diaper first and it got too heavy. Then, we had to decide between going naked or wearing his shorts with no diaper...we didn't want to risk a nasty sunburn so went with the shorts. He didn't hold back at all. He also had a big audience laughing at him, which made him be even more silly and have more fun. When we got in the car to go home, Emerson feel asleep within seconds and Zane asked to go back to the party.

The next day, he woke up not feeling well. The very first thing he said when I went into his room was, "I'm sick. I don't feel good. I have a cough." All morning, he kept saying it over and over and over. I think he just has a little cold, no fever or anything, but it just mellowed him out a little the past few days.

Anyways, you have to watch the whole video, because it starts out sad and sort of pathetic, but then gets cute at the end. He was being like this all morning and then I gave him just a tiny bit of Tylenol because he knows it's medicine and from that second on he was fine...nice placebo effect!

"I don't feel good. I'm sick." from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are We Home Yet?!?!

Here's 22 memorable things that made up our drive from Woodbury, MN to Castle Rock, CO:

1. 17 hours total travel time including driving and stops
2. 2 days
3. 1 night in a hotel in Kearney, Nebraska
4. Zane and Zack swimming at the hotel and Zane eating random snacks for dinner by the pool
5. lot's of sunflower seeds, snacks, and drinks
6. one adult driving and the other smashed between 2 car seats in the backseat to entertain kids
7. crying, crying, and more crying
8. Kanye West, Veggie Tales, and other music on the radio
9. Scooby Doo, Shrek, Cinderella, Thomas the Train, Kung Fu Panda, and other videos on the DVD player
10. tons of spills and stained clothes
11. fussing and complaining and saying, "I want to go home!"
12. feeding Emerson in the car and Zane running around parking lots
13. sleeping in one hotel room together, waking up at 6:30 am
14. Zack and me eating pizza in the hotel bathroom so we didn't wake up Z and E
15. 3 suitcases, 1 diaper bag, 3-4 other misc. bags, coolers, stroller, bed, lots of odds and ends
16. Zane being so worn out after the first day that he fell asleep with literally no sound in the hotel, thanks goodness because it didn't wake up Emerson
17. Zane asking for candy, specifically for Reeces Pieces, us saying no, him crying
18. crying, crying, and more crying
19. singing, games, playing, laughing, tickling, dancing and anything else to pass time
20. changing diapers in the car and in gas stations
21. Zane smiling for hours when we got home...he and Emerson were both SO happy
22. Zack and I decided that we will definitely fly next time!

Emerson did sleep a lot, but when she was awake she needed constant attention or she would start crying...what a baby!!
We thought of anything we could to entertain Zane. At one point, he just starting putting stickers anywhere he could think of, including all over his face and body. He was sticking out his tongue in concentration.
Just a quick glimpse into the driving insanity that we experienced...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


From Michigan, we drove about 8 hours (which felt like 20) to Minnesota to visit Zack's parents. Both of his sisters and their families were there too. We got there just in time for Ed's 60th birthday party so we got to celebrate with them. On our trip, we also got to eat some good food, go to Mall of America, play outside a bunch, go to yoga, get pedicures with the girls, and visit the Children's Museum again. Zack and I even got to leave the kids at home with Gigi and Papa while we went to dinner and the blink 182 concert. Thanks for a great trip guys!

Zane got to go on a bunch of rides at Mall of America. He loved riding with Gigi!
You can see his little face popping up in the middle of the train smiling. This ride was a mini roller coaster...I think Gigi was a little nervous but Zane liked it. :) :)

Zane and Papa were having a man to man conversation on the front porch...
We took pictures of us and the babies in the parking lot of the mall because we weren't sure if they would all be as happy once we got in there. That is Becca and Sarah, Zack's sisters. The baby next to Emerson is Fisher, Becca's little guy.
Emmy liked hanging out with her cousin Fisher, who is about 6 weeks younger than her.

I think Zane was rocking them a little to hard because they both look a little startled.
Zane got to ride on the "tractor" to help mow the lawn with Papa and Dada.

Next blog entry: The drive home :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lake in Michigan

We got to spend a week at Lake Michigan with my family last week. It was so nice to play, relax, and spend time together as a family. Zane was basically in heaven. He had extra attention from everyone and got to do tons at the lake.

Here is Zack relaxing and reading with Emerson. We set up a tent so she could be in the shade.

Here's Zane and I on the jet ski. I had to get used it it first on my own and then I took Zack and then Zane on a ride. He loved it but then noticed the stop button so turned off the engine out in the middle of the lake a few times. That's when I decided to come back in. He talked about it the rest of the day.

He spent HOURS and HOURS just playing in the sand, throwing it in the water, building and breaking "castles," filling buckets, laying in it, "swimming" in it, rubbing it on our legs, putting it in his hair and whatever else you can imagine. When we brought him in after playing, he was so caked in sand that we just stripped him down and sprayed him with the hose each time. He liked that too. :)

Emerson hung out a lot inside, but was pretty happy during the trip.
We took one quick morning trip to the park and library to get Zane out of the house for a while.

Good vacation reading....he was reading Us Magazine.
One of Zane's favorite things to do was to run into the pack of birds and watch them all fly away. I took this picture from the deck of the's him and Zack running and scaring the birds.
Zane went on his first fishing trip with Grandpa and had absolutely no fear! He held the fish and helped with everything.

He even gave his first caught fish a kiss on the lips.
He grabbed the minnows out of the bucket to use as bait.
Emerson spent some time in the shade of her tent out on the beach. The sound of the waves put her to sleep and when she wasn't sleeping she was pretty content just hanging out with us.
We walked down to the pier one day to get some ice cream. Zane asked specifically for strawberry and it got a little messy as you can see.
Here's Zane driving the boat. He kept trying to change the radio station and other settings.
He went in to go swimming a few times. It was pretty cold though, so he didn't spend too much time in the water.

Since he was playing so hard, he took good long naps. Here's Zane just waking up from a great nap.
We got to ride in the boat. We went with Dave to go pick it up. Zane loved it and acted really brave and confident when we were going slow and got a little nervous and quiet when we went fast.


He also got to ride in the kayak, but we didn't get a shot of it. We also spent two afternoons tubing behind the boat. I loved it...once Nellie and I both went on one tube together and ended up flying off in a crazy way. We didn't try that again. It was a great trip!!

"Baby Sistaaaa"

Zane is getting more and more entertaining for Emerson and he talks to her in a high voice like we do...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Laugher

Emerson has giggled or done some happy gasps in the past, but today she was full out laughing! I never could quite get a great big one on tape, but these are pretty close. My favorite was when Zane was singing and dancing by her and she was completely mesmerized by it and was letting out a REAL laugh. The video is so shaky because I was trying to make her laugh again and tape at the same time. Love it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blue Eyes Brown Eyes

Emmy and I were just hanging out on our bed and then Zane came and wanted to join in. Amazingly, he wanted to lay around for a little bit so I literally sprinted to grab my camera and got a few shots in before he was off to play again.

Emerson wouldn't stop sucking on her hand the entire time. The pillow was totally soaked by the time we left. I also love Zane's little feet sticking up behind him in this picture...

Zane leaned over on his own to give Emerson a kiss on the cheek.

Art Time

Zane painted for a while today. My friend gave me a huge roll of big paper so I just covered the entire table and the space underneath. It worked great and even held up when Zane dumped his water bowl twice and shook his paintbrush a few times. The colors of the paints started off bright but after a while it all just turned brown. He had fun.

Near the end when he started getting bored, he decided to paint his hands... that's when I knew it was time for cleanup.

Time with Dad

The three loves of my life...

Little Talker

I love listening to Emerson talk, especially when she has the hiccups. :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Many Many Talents of Zane Moses

Here are just a few of Zane's many talents :)

Dancing and singing are of course on the list of talents. He loves Kanye West and knows a lot of the words and sings along and a lot of time has it in his head and sings parts of it during the day. The song goes, "Ok, ok, better stop it now, you better stop it now..."

Impersonations... He's saying, "It's nice" like Borat (or really like Daddy talking like Borat).

Doing different voices... This video only shows his "low" voice but he also does high, quiet, and loud. He's singing the Sesame Street song, but only the first line, "Sunny Day" Then, he's asking for the ipod to play Veggie Tales.

More singing...

Blowing bubbles with his mouth, now that's talent!

Babbling and fitting known words in every once in a while... While Nell and I were driving he talked like this for 20 minutes straight. He usually talks about completely random things and purposely blabs and then says recognizable words. Pretty entertaining, but loud.

Dancing with no clothes... He likes to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" and copy their moves. He even throws himself down on the ground and spins like them. Here, he is singing and dancing to Veggie Tales.

Making Emerson laugh...ok, he's not that good at it yet, but he tries!