Friday, March 23, 2012

Our Everyday Life

Here's a bunch of pictures from the past several weeks.  In no particular order, completely random. :)

We've been loving getting out in such great weather.  Zane and Emerson could have spent all day just throwing rocks into this lake. 

Smith likes being outside too. 
For Saint Patrick's Day, the kids each made their own leprechaun trap.  I just put out a bunch of stuff that they could use and they went for it.  They laid them out the night before, in hopes of catching one.  You can tell from this pic that one came in the front door, got the candy out of the trap, and then ran away.  Maybe next year.
Zane's trap had two-sided tape inside, stickers, and a bunch of other things that he thought might work to catch a tiny leprechaun.
We ate green donuts and green eggs for breakfast, along with green milk of course.
We switched Smith to his bath seat.  Z and E loved having him in there but it was almost too overwhelming for the poor guy.  He was on the edge of not liking it the whole time.  I got this video of him just making the same nervous sound the whole time.

We had some friends over - they played in our sandbox for about an hour!  The only bummer was trying to get all the sand out of their hair, ears, clothes, etc. that they had put on each other.  And then sweeping and vacuuming the whole house afterwards. :)
Smith was hangin on the deck with my friend and me.  Thanks for the sun hat, Kim!

At the indoor pool, sharing a snack.
We went to Chuck E. Cheese's with my Mom and Dave.  That place is completely chaotic, but the kids love it.

Grandpa Dave with the kids
Sweet face
Another sweet face
Marble Works, baby!  (One of MY favorite toys as a kid).  Glad my mom saved it.
He really got how to build the paths for the marbles and loved it so much. 

PJ hats - they are pros at making Smith laugh

Can you tell that her whole entire face to covered in chapstick?  Yep, that's right. A video is coming on the next post.
Cutie pie at a friend's birthday party. 
Making her own butterfly
Emmy with her friend Hannah

Holding "Rosie" the tarantula at the Butterfly Pavillion.  She didn't even flinch.

They get so excited every single time Smith rolls over.  They were cheering him on here.
The day was so memorable for me.  The day before, Emmy had the stomach flu. Yuck.  The next day (the day the pics were taken), she woke up feeling great and Zane woke up with the stomach bug.  He was sick all morning and then all of a sudden right around noon her perked right up and they wanted to play outside.  He played for 2 hours straight, with me reminding him and encouraging him to rest and drink water, and then suddenly after all that playing he just decided he needed to go in and rest and he did.  Emmy played outside for 4 hours straight!

I like how long and scrawny he looks in this pic. And how determined. lol.
Good thing she has that helmet on - just in case. :)
This was RIGHT after he had the flu all morning - he was getting into costumes.  This guy can't resist dressing up.

Emmy has become my little helper.  She really does help me with Smith a lot of the day, as well as laundry, dishes, picking up, etc. She is also getting better at actually playing with Smith and knowing what he likes and doesn't like.
Playing "Baby" - Em was feeding Zane
Crazy face!
Play-doh party
Zane loves his Wii. He's been able to "teach" both of his great-grandmas how to play Mario Kart. He told Grandma Fran (not in this pic) that it just wasn't fair to her to play anymore so they should stop bc he was so much better than her. This is Grandma Shirley trying to figure it out - what a good sport. Pappy tried too!
Some pictures from a day a while back when there was still snow on the ground. We were just happy to be outside in descent weather.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Zane at 5 Months

I had to look and see how much Smith still looks like his big brother, so I grabbed a few 5-month pics of Zane to compare. I love how Smith is starting to get his own look, but still looks SOOOO much like Zane did at his age. Scroll down to the previous posts to see pics of Smith and compare to these ones of Zane...