Sunday, May 25, 2014

More of May

Let me begin with a big announcement!  My baby is potty trained.  Yep, that's right, NO MORE DIAPERS!!!  Woohoo!  I am so proud of Smith.  He put on his first pair of big boy underwear on Mother's Day and only had a few accidents those first couple days, and hasn't had one since!  He is already telling me that he can do it by himself and doesn't need any help. LOL. He's growing up. :)

Dash underwear
 "Oh yeah, I'm big."

 We had a super late snow this year, so we had to get out there for a little bit.  It was pretty fun getting such a big storm in May.
 Baseball in the snow

 Smith is really starting to love books.  He will find one he especially likes and want to read it over and over.  We got a new one from our favorite author, Mo Willems, and he even started reading it with different voices.

 These pictures of these superheroes crack me up.  They are so cute together.  Wow, we play this game a lot!

 I love this one - Molly trying to get her mask right, Smith serious and tough, and Emmy silly as can be.

 We finally had another football game of Zane's.  He's had 2 cancelled because of snow and I couldn't make the other one.  He works hard out there!  That's him on defense, in the front of his team in the black shorts, about to get the flags.


 Playing quarterback...

 Two cute fans
 I snuck down on the field to give Zane a quick pep talk when he was feeling bummed about getting his flag pulled right away twice in a row.  What a sweetie pie - he got sad - but then completely pulled himself together and started cheering his team on again and tried hard again.
 Grandma Shirley and Pappy came over to have lunch with us.  They got to spend time with Molly, Smith and me.  Pappy and Smith played together for a long time!!  Smith loves having someone else besides me to play with.  Pappy even climbed into Smith's "hideout" (tent) with him.  Now, that's a good great-grandpa!

 Batman and Flash, buddies

 Hanging out

 Just a cute picture of our little Molly
 I had to throw this one in - haha.  They were in the shower at the rec center after swimming.  These three could stay in there all day. :)
 Packing to go spend the night at Grandma's house!
 My mom and Dave have a tennis court right across the street from their house.  The kids LOVE to go play.  This day, they took them out to play at the park and tennis for most the morning.

 Dave throws balls to them and they take turns hitting them.
 Then, we left for a wedding that Zack was doing for our friend Ashley.  We got all dressed up.  They were really excited.
 We got to ride on a golf cart from our car to the ceremony.

 Then, we sat in the back row for a quick escape just in case.  They did pretty well, but Smith did end up having one outburst, when he wanted to turn the iPad volume up super loud and I wouldn't let him.

 Smith was standing up and dancing while we were waiting for the wedding to start.

 Sweet girl
 I like this one - I think Emmy was trying to put her hair like the bride's.  They were sweet watching...
 At the table...

 Our church does a food drive each year and collects TONS of food.  This year, the kids got to help sort a little bit before they went to their classes.  Smith was lifting food and grunting and groaning like it was the hardest thing he's ever done.  He made it look heavy!
 I worked with some of the freshman girls that I lead...
 Playdoh!! He played all morning this day when it was just him and me at home.
 Zane's field day was cute.  The other kids and I rode our bikes to go watch.  They just did rotations in groups.  Zane was into it - he celebrated when he did well. :)
 He won the shoe kick

 Yesterday we got together with family at a park all day.  The kids got to play at the playground, play tennis, ride bikes, play football, soccer, etc.  for HOURS.  It was a lot of fun.  And good to spend time with family.

Grandpa Dave played with the kids all. day. long.
Smith had a grumpy face to he Dave tickled him to snap him out of it. :)

Smith eating dinner with Superman.  He's good at sharing his meals, and if Superman doesn't eat all of his, Smith finishes it. :)