Friday, February 24, 2012

Smith Abram

I had really great intentions to publish a big post for our little guy when he turned 4 months, and now he's closer to 5 months...better late than never, right?

At his 4 month checkup, he weighed 16 and 1/2 pounds, which seems huge to me, but was about the 80th %tile. His height was in the 97th %tile. So, let's just say he's a healthy growing boy who really likes to eat. Well, pretty healthy - besides that he's on antibiotics for the 3rd time in three months because of another double ear infection. I'm hoping that his Bronchiolitis, weezing with other colds, and ear infections aren't a sign of lot's of sickness to come.

During the past few weeks, he has really accomplished a lot. :) He has started eating rice cereal. Just two days ago, he finally got it. Now, he shakes in anticipation everytime he sees us get the bowl out and he's sitting in a highchair. He also popped out his two bottom front teeth. He just wants to be all grown up already I think!! And it sure does explain all of his constant drooling lately.

He rolled over once on his own, but hasn't done it again since then. He's gotten close. He kind of likes being on his tummy a little more now but gets fed up after a few minutes. He is really good at holding and playing with toys now - and is starting to grab everything! The kids have had to learn to keep their hair and other things away from his hands if they don't want them grabbed. Luckily, they still think it's cute and funny.

He also wants to be more involved in what we are doing. He's started crying when I leave him alone for a second and he gets sooo happy when one of us approaches him. He wants to be part of everything.

He is making lot's of new sounds.  He says "mamamama" a lot of the day.  He's also started screaming in joy and squealing a whole bunch.  He is a VERY happy baby.

He tried the Johnny Jumper and loved it.  He was cracking up.  He did get a little overwhelmed at one point when both kids were fighting over who got to push him and swing him.

Smith leaned over the whole time that he sat in his Bumbo so when we tried to feed him, the rice just fell right out.  Sitting up in his highchair is working much better. 

 Here are videos of his first and second time eating rice.  By the second try, he was already trying to help hold the spoon.  Now, he's doing much better.

Here's Smith leaning over to see what Emmy was up to.  He kept trying to take away her toy and she was laughing like crazy.  Every time we sat him up, he leaned himself right over again.

 Just cute pics of a happy 4-month-old

Here are two super cute videos of Zane playing with Smith.  I don't know which I like better...seeing Smith smile and laugh at his sister and brother or Zane and Emmy having so much fun with their little brother.  I love when they're so loving to each other.  I also like this first video because it shows Smith's excited scream.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's pics...
The kids took so much time creating Valentine's cards for their friends...they cut, glued, and used glitter, etc.  Zane did all the writing.
They decorated cookies all by themselves and then ate about 2 bites and were done.
Frosting faces

I think they like sprinkles.
On Valentine's Day, we had a fun lunch with all our buddies.  They had heart sandwiches and strawberries.
The kids, minus two more little ones who weren't there.  It always makes me laugh when kids are crying in pictures but everyone but Smith seems really happy.
Zane took this pic of the moms
Decorating more cookies


Swimming day!
Check out this drooling machine!
Zane likes to wear his life jacket shirt and a tube and Emmy just wants to jump in without anything. 
I think this pic shows their personalities so well. 

Super Random

These pictures make no sense together, but I had to get them on the blog...

These guys wake up ready to go - this was before 7 am!
My friends and I exchanged "Busy Bags" which are just quick activities for them to do.  This is just one that my friend Katy made.  Emmy loves using her pink and purple play-doh to make letters.

Hanging out at Grandma's house - Smith kept leaning over to try to see what Emmy was doing.

Z and E are getting better and staying outside and playing together.  A little bit better.  This day, they got their lawn chairs out and were lounging in the snow.
I love how Smith always grabs Zack's face.

This is blurry but the only picture I had of Emmy's crazy hair day after we left braids in overnight.  It's also a good pic of her pretend sad face.
Gigi and Papa sent a package to the kids and we spent a good half hour just opening all the fun gifts.  I wanted to put this video of part of it on because I like Emmy's pig sounds.  This girl loves pigs!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Silly Videos

Zane and Emerson's goal in life right now is pretty much to make Smith smile and laugh as much as possible. They are always trying new voices and tricks. I love these two videos of them.

Emmy is too cute with her brother. She's always on the edge of being too rough but overall really sweet.

I love Zane's face when Smith starts crying - he's not sure what to do.

This video is classic. Here's what Emmy is saying on the phone... "Zane, the monster will come and eat all of our dinner and all our cake. So, birthday party, you're calling me. Yeah, you're calling me again. So, birthday party why do you always call me? Then, she says Zane, I'm talking on the phone, be quiet. Zane likes to play Mario Kart Wii. LOL.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Misc Pictures


We went bowling with my sisters and brother-in-laws and my aunt and uncle and Smith.  Smith got passed around a bunch and then finally got worn out and zonked out. Can you tell it was right before a Bronco's game? 

Hanging out..

Love how Smith is holding Emmy's fingers.

It looks like Smith is rolling his eyes while Zane and Emmy are cracking up.

Smith is so patient with his sister and brother. :)

Sweet girl
Sassy girl

Zane is in a gym/swim class where he gets to play in a huge gym and then go to swimming lessons right afterwards.

Jumping in the foam pit

Emerson is also in a gym class.  This day she wanted to wear her leotard.

Smith is getting so big!  He's started playing more in stand-up toys and gets excited when we show him a new toy and reaches out to grab it.  Emmy loved showing him all the new parts to this toy (that we borrowed from our good friend).  I love how he's looking up at her in this one.  I also like how she's wearing Zane's old Sponge Bob PJ's. :)

A couple of day ago, we got a pretty big snow storm.  The kids went out to "help" Zack and our neighbor shovel our driveway.

Zane stayed out for a while and loved the really deep snow in the back.  Emmy only stayed out for 5 minutes.  We probably got almost 2 feet total.

My kids love costumes.  I think I've written that on my blog about a thousand times. 

Shaving cream and cookies sheets.  Seems like it would provide fun for a long time, right?  Nope.  They played for 5 minutes.  Zane said he liked playing with the shaving cream but wished it wasn't so messy.
New haircut