Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smith, Smith, and More Smith

Smith is so dang cute. He's almost 4 months and is basically irresistible. We all just want to kiss him, squeeze him, and make him laugh all day. He's been sleeping through the night for a while now and still eats like a champ. Basically, I love this little guy more and more every second.

Giggly guy... What's better than a laughing baby?!? I love how Zane can't resist coming to help me laugh with Smith.  I also like his baby voice with him at the end saying "Gigglepuss."  I don't know where he got that. :)

Emmy loves feeding Smith.  Sometimes I even find her feeding him an empty bottle while he's laying on the floor playing.  I love how she's so focused in this picture and then in the video below it she's not really paying attention.  Smith is patient with her.

Happy guy!  The other night, he layed by me and talked to me for an entire hour!  It was the best.

Here are two videos of tons of talking. Love it!

He can sit up in toys now but doesn't love them yet
He's starting to lift his legs up and flip them over to the side.  This day we thought he was getting close to rolling over, but he still hasn't.

He does like being on his tummy - for a few minutes at least.

He also loves laying on my knees and looking down at me.  I do get drooled on a lot but it's worth it to see his sweet face.

One more random video.  I can always get a smile out of Smith when I show him himself in the mirror.

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