Monday, September 24, 2012

The Past Few Weeks

This picture was taken at about 6:30 am, when I got up they said they were dressed up to go to a wedding together.  
Later that night Zack and I went to a friend's wedding - a night without kids is always fun. :)
 Just a cute shot of my dancer
 Our little man really knows how to help around the house.
 Molly time!!

Hanging out with Molly at the park

My mom and I made homemade pumpkin pancakes, bacon and eggs for dinner when we had the kids.  I love fall!

 Molly was happy just watching us enjoy our pancakes.
 And Smith ate every bite of his.
We had the best rainy day last week.  We all wore our rain boots and jackets to drop Zane and Emmy off of school and it was pouring so much that we got to use umbrellas.  Then, later that day, we went searching for worms and puddles and found a huge one!  The video down below is Zane telling about it.


Zack did another wedding and the kids and I joined him.  I have never seen Zane and Emmy dance as crazy and as much as they did on the dance floor.  They loved getting dressed up too.


Smith, of course, wanted to crawl and walk all over the place.  Exhausting for me but he sure had fun.
 Almost every picture I have of him is blurry because he never stopped moving.


 Broomfield Days is an annual event that our city has right by our house.  This year, the kids and I walked there and had a blast.
These guys could have ridden this bouncy slide all day long!  They held hands on the way down.

 Zane carried Emmy's bag up for her.
 Smith was pretty darn happy just watching everyone from the stroller, thank goodness.
 On the swing, Emmy kept letting go and putting her arms out and Zane held on tight the whole time.  Predictable.

 They got sucked into a ballet performance.
 Then Emmy got up and tried to dance like one of the ballerinas.  It was so sweet.

Smith thinks he can play Wii, work the ipad, and control the TV with remotes.  He cannot resist any electronic and if we leave something out he is automatically drawn right to it.
 Reading with Grandma
 Zane loves Molly so much.  He smiles and laughs and talks in a high pitched voice when he sees her.
I love these pictures of him climbing up his chair to see her and talk to her.  It's tricky keeping them separate - at least for now she's safe in the pack n play. :)

 Here are a couple of pictures from a birthday party we went to.  Emmy was so worn out this day, and once she sat down after playing she looked so exhausted. After cake and juice, she pepped right back up again.

Several weeks ago Zack and I went to Glenwood Springs for the weekend and I never posted any pictures of our trip.  We ate yummy food, rented bikes one day, hiked, slept, and actually had some real conversations.  Thanks to my Mom and Dave for watching the kids.
Here are just a couple from our hike at Hanging Lake.

 One more random picture of best buddies.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rockies Game

Zack and I took Zane to dinner and a Rockies game with Jord, Ben, Molly, my Dad, and Grandma Fran. It was really fun. Zane LOVED being there with all the adults and no other kids. He was entertained the whole time and cheered along. My favorite was every time they played the music and showed dancing people on the big screen, he tried his best to get on TV by dancing his heart out. And he was disappointed every time they didn't show him. My buddy and me

I got to hang out with Molly too...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Art Show

I am so proud of my sister!! Janelle had an art show opening last week for her own art show that will up for a month in a gallery in Greeley. The kids and I were really excited to head up there to show her our support and hang out for the opening. Zane really studied the paintings and told me what each one reminded him of.
Zane also walked Smith around in the stroller for me for almost a full hour.  They were both as happy as could be. 
 A few of my favorites...

 Emmy had a good time too, and got to hang out with her Grandma and also got a new necklace.

 There was another room next door where the kids could hang out for a little bit.  They were just chatting at a table together.