Sunday, September 2, 2012

Staying Busy

Here's another big catch up post with pictures from the past month or so...

Love this one of my wrestlers getting their Dad

Emmy's embarrassed/shy face
Zane's "Oh yeah" face when he did well on Wii
I loved this day playing in our friends' backyard.  What more could you ask for than water guns, pool, sprinklers, etc??
Zane and Charlie squirting everything

 3 sweet monkeys
 Zane and Emmy love playing games where they pack or stack a bunch of stuff. This day, they piled all of our toys in front of the door to keep "Cookie the Giant" out.
 Zack and I got to take the two big kids to the Museum.  Man, they love that place! And so do we.

 Emmy loves her sweet little cousin Molly.  Her and Zane are going to be the best helpers when we start watching her in a couple of days.

 Here are some pictures of their swim lessons.  Zane is suddenly doing so well swimming on his own.  His confidence boosted on our two trips this summer when he got to swim a ton.

 Emmy loves the water too and has never struggled with her confidence!

 Just a sad face - this guy knows how to let us know when he is upset!
 Sprinklers in our backyard

 A couple of fun activities lately...
Shaving cream on the table
An experiment...
Zane chatting with Papa on the phone
 Emmy girl and I got a gift from a friend to go get our nails done. While I got a pedicure, she got her nails and toes painted with flowers. She felt so special and then afterwards we went and got Cherry Limeades.

 Here are some pics from a children's museum near our house.  Emmy, Smith, and I went in the morning with a friend and then we brought Zane back that afternoon.

Smith was riding in the car with Emmy and rocking back and forth loving it.

 Dress up

 Zane got to play a little with his buddy Eli.

 Zane buying groceries from the cashier
 Smith was obsessed with the fish

And he also spent a ton of time just putting these balls in and watching them fall down.

Zane in his pirate pants and headband

A couple of days ago, we went to the pool in a friend's neighborhood.  We walked from her house to the pool and then back.  I love these of the kids and their friends walking together.

 Getting warmed up
 Lunch time!
 Tammy with Ella and Miller
 I took these four big kids in the big pool for a while - they all had floaties on - and it was so much fun. They were jumping in the deep end, chasing me, and letting me throw them in.  Wow, they are getting so old.

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