Thursday, August 23, 2012


We went camping in our backyard last weekend. I love that something as simple as setting up a tent and hanging out in there can bring so much joy to the kids.
We ate dinner (and make-do smores) in the tent, then played some games, and then got all tucked in for bed.  After we put Smith to sleep inside, the four of us got to lay down and talk and watch for shooting stars until Emmy finally fell asleep.  Then, we asked Zane if he'd rather just go back to his own bed and he said yes right away so we moved them in and slept inside the rest of the night. :)

We added marshmallow cream to cookies that we had.  They were great. :)

Smith did NOT want to leave to go to bed.

Just a sweet moment - Zane was trying a new Little Critter book, and Emmy was holding the flashlight for him.

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