Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kansas Camp

A couple of weeks ago, we packed up the car to take a family road trip to Edgerton, Kansas where Zack was the speaker at a student Youthfront camp all week.  Every inch of the car was packed full and we were prepared for 9-10 hours of car time with tons of activities, movies, snacks, and pillows. We were excited for a week together with no cooking and cleaning and free snacks and drinks and pools!

Here's what the kids looked like starting off.

When we got there, they had two connecting apartments for us to stay...Emmy and Zane in one room and Smith and Zack and I in the other.  It was a great, air conditioned space that we were so thankful to be in.  The kids staying next door had a bunch of fun toys and a playset out front that were fun.

 I love these pics of Zane and Emmy pushing Smith. Their cheeks were red and hot all week - probably because it was in the 100's everyday, and humid!
Like the hats...

Smith LOVED this toy and rocked the whole time, like to make it go faster.

One of our highlights was when the kids and I tried to little pool at the bottom of the slide (that's why it's so murky) and found a frog.  It was on the slide, so they scared it into the pool and chased it for almost an hour before it was finally worn out enough that it gave up.  They tried so many ways of catching him, sneaking up, jumping, grabbing, etc. and finally scooped him up in a bucket.

Zane was so proud of himself and was pretty fearless with holding him.  Emmy, surprisingly, was a little creeped out. The frog sat on Zane's hand, rested for about 30 sec, and then just hopped off.

I wish I would have been able to get more pictures of us at the pool.  We got to swim anytime we wanted, even when it was closed to the students.  So awesome.  They jumped off the diving board, and Zane started swimming on his own underwater with no help.  They could have stayed in all day. They also got to go down a huge slide.  Emmy wanted to go over and over and it made Zane pretty nervous.  Here's a picture of Emmy drinking a cherry limeade - she begged for them all week, and Zane wearing his goggles, which he wore all week.

We also had to try the paddle boats.  It was really fun, for about 5 min, and then everyone was ready to get off.  Smith laughed for the first few and then just wanted out of his vest.

Zack did such an awesome job teaching at the camp. Somehow, he was able to write 10 talks and add graphics and videos, etc and still spend time with us.  We were so proud of him!!!   AND, the day before we were going to drive home, my sister called and said she was being induced into labor.  I knew right then I couldn't miss it, so Zack booked me and Smith on a flight later that afternoon to get back in time to meet my niece and he drove the two kids back by himself the next day.  WHAT. A. GUY. 

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