Saturday, November 28, 2015

Taylor Swift!!!!!

Emerson and I got to have one of the best nights ever, hands down. Best ever!! We were soooo lucky to happen to know someone at work who was selling tickets to the Taylor Swift concert, the day before.  He wanted to sell them to another friend for a great deal, but she couldn't go, so she asked him to sell them to us.  And he did, for the same deal.  Best decision ever. BEST, BEST, BEST!

Em got all ready, favorite dress: check. makeup and purse: check. Tay Swift music in the car on the way: check.  She and I got there super early so we had tons of time to see and do everything.  We walked all the way around the stadium to see the World Tour trucks. I love her face in this first picture. We were both in awe of how many trucks there were.

 Then, we waited in a huge line to get the perfect shirt. She was loving life, and we hadn't even gotten to our seats yet.
 Joy, joy, joy and more joy.

 The concert was so great. We loved every single second of it.  I don't know which I liked more, watching T Swift, or watching Emmy watch T Swift. She was so into it and just loved it. Her light up wand was her microphone.
 She had come down with a sore throat and cough earlier that day, so by the end of the concert, she started wearing down. She fell asleep during the second to last song before the encore. But as the encore song, Shake it Off, started, she popped back awake and said, "I just took a quick power nap. But now I'm up in time for my favorite song!!" It cracked me up. We danced like crazy.
 For weeks after the concert, she dressed up like Taylor and sang her little heart out everyday.

Friday, November 27, 2015

August Misc.

Some outings...

Jump City - always a favorite. Zane played dodge ball with the older kids this time and loved it. Emmy did cartwheels and front handsprings the whole time. And Smith jumped and slid.

 Fun park in Louisville.  Emmy climbed up to the top of the huge rock - even Zane was too nervous to go all the way up.
 But not afraid to jump off a big ledge...

 Cool guy Smithy
 Reading with Aunt Jord
 I gave these two a few soccer lessons and practices in the backyard to get ready for their first big game. Lol.

 Love these two sweet peas - such good friends.

 My two cute pregnant sisters and I went to a Dave Matthews concert together. Sister time!
 A night at our church campus downtown at the Paramount.
Emmy in her fun church class

 We took all the kids and a couple extra to the Bay water park after school, on one of the last days it was open. Zane met a few friends there too. It was a fun end-of-summer activity for sure.

 Silly boys! (I love Smith's silly face in the front right).
 A dad with his two little guys

 We signed Smith and Molly up for their first soccer season. Let's just say U4 soccer is so entertaining to watch. They are so dang cute.
Smith was a goal machine.  He just completely went for it! But he also had times when he was just tired and wanted to sit on the side. He took a lot of breaks. And Molly really would rather be on the sideline watching or playing with Emmy.  But by the end of the season, they both improves so much.

Look at this sweet man sitting on his ball, listening to his coach.
 Go Smith! He scored about 10 goals his first game. He said it was 100.

 His tongue out for concentration.
 Meanwhile, Zane played flag football again this past fall and Zack coached. Zane's right in the middle, facing me. He was playing with 3rd-5th graders, and kept up pretty well, considering he was almost the smallest one out there by far. He had a good season.
 Throwing a pass

 Hot days - Em is a smart girl to use her umbrella

 Wind Tunnel

 An awesome friend at work gave Zack tickets to a Bronco's preseason game so he and Zane got to go.  They had amazing seats!!
 Kids with Gigi.
Zane took some time to teach Zane how to skateboard.  He's getting it, slowly but surely. 

First Day of School

We were excited to start our second year at Aspen Creek this year.  Zane started 3rd grade, and Emmy 1st. We all love summer so much so we had mixed feelings about starting school again. Especially Emmy, who just loves being home.  She was anxious about being at school all day this year, for the first time ever. She was worried about how much she'd miss us.  But she was excited to see her friends again and to meet her new teacher, Mrs. Cannon.  It has turned out to be better than I expected. Although, in the mornings, we do have ups and downs.  If she could choose, she'd stay home everyday probably, but once she gets to school, she really likes it. She adores her teacher and friends, and is doing so well academically and socially.  I'm so proud of my sweet girl working so hard and being such a good student and big kid.
Zane has enjoyed school too. He got an awesome teacher, Mrs. Desbien, who he also likes. And loves his math teacher, Mr. Geraghty too.  He has learned so much and is staying challenged and engaged the best he can. The guy is so stinkin smart - he learns so quickly.  It's fun to watch!  He has been struggling with recess still - putting up with other kids' behavior during big sports games - is an ongoing battle. 

Walking his big brother and sister to the bus

 Waiting to go in - she was ok the first day, but the second morning, she got pretty teary eyed in line, which of course made me a crying wreck.  It's never a good feeling to drop your kid off wishing she could stay with you. Zane never really felt sad going, so it was one of the first times...
 Zane starting kindergarten vs. Zane starting 3rd grade...
 Meanwhile, while the big kids were at school, Smith and I got to keep enjoying the hot weather we were having.  We spent a few days at the pool. I felt guilty for about 5 minutes and then got over it. Having one on one time with this little man has been some of the best times ever.