Monday, June 29, 2009

Gourmet Dinners

Zane loves it when we sit and eat dinner with him, so we try to do it as much as possible. Lately, especially when I'm home alone, I just make the same meal for both of us. It also helps him eat better I think. This night, we had Mac and Cheese, peas, and cottage cheese. Delicious!

Emerson is 8 Weeks Old!

I can't believe Emerson is already 8 weeks old. She weighed over 11 lbs two weeks ago (85th %tile), so I'm guessing she's already close to 12 lbs now. She fits comfortably in size 0-3 months and even a few 3-6 months clothes. She has been smiling a whole bunch lately, which is awesome, but really hard to catch on camera. She's also been crying a whole bunch in the evening and then zonking out around 6 or 7 and sleeping until about 10. Then she sleeps until 1 or 2, then faithfully wakes up at 5, and again at around 8 or so. Zane was sleeping through the night by now completely, so our expectations were high, but at least she's sleeping in between all those feedings. She's also holding her head up really well, tracking toys and our faces, and cooing a lot more. She's only gotten hit in the head twice from Zane accidentally! :)

Mommy's Boy

I randomly found this picture of me with my mom when I was about Zane's age. It's so fun to see such a resemblance.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two Happy Kids

Emerson has been smiling more lately, but still not too often. Here's a video of her cooing and smiling...
Zane is in the background telling me the video on TV is broken because I turned the sound down. He also answers my questions to Emerson a lot. Then, at the end he starts singing, "Hit the Road, Jack." I have no idea where that came from.

The other day, we went to a park that had a pond to wade in and also these fountains to run through. Since Zane loves water so much, it was a dream come true for him. This video is him first going in to explore. A little later, he got more and more brave and ran through them a bunch and touched them more, etc. He literally laughed and squealed in delight the entire time. These fountains were awesome, but the ground was so slippery that he ended up falling a few times, one being really hard. He wanted to go home after that fall...poor guy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Swimming Fanatic

This little dude LOVES to swim. There's really nothing left to say about that!

Our first day this summer at our pool...

He wasn't sure how to use the tube, so he walked around with it on his feet.
Here are some more pictures of him playing on our front porch with his friend Abhi.
He was getting splashed.

Then the trash truck came and they both stopped playing to watch every move the trash man made. They were sucked in for sure.
As you can see, Zane still likes putting things from one place to the next and then back again. At the beginning of the video, Zane is singing "London Bridges Falling Down." Also, Abhi kept tapping him and they both laughed at it for a while, then Zane started ignoring her for a while but she kept cracking up every time she touched him. Pretty cute.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tiny Town

Last week, we visited Tiny Town with some friends. It was perfect weather. The week before, the same group went to a park in Littleton with a petting zoo, train, and park. They are keeping us busy!

The kids got to play at the park.

Zane kept knocking on the windows and doors and saying, "Knock, knock, knock. Whose in there?"
A nice picnic lunch with Hayden, Charlie, and Samantha. They all shared food. :)

We got to ride the train...Zane, Emerson, and I.

Random Pictures

This is Pappy holding Emerson...she was just staring right at him for the longest time.
Big blue eyes!

Zane was tickling Emerson, saying" Tickle, tickle, tickle."
He was telling me about an "owie" on his knee in this picture.
Big girl sitting up on her own.
Holding baby sister.

Zane was flying a kite with his Grandpa Dave.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Emerson's Hospital Visit

On Saturday night, Emerson started acting like she didn't feel good...wasn't eating very well, crying a ton, screaming a lot, etc. Then, Sunday, we realized she had a fever. I called the doctor and she said to bring her in right away. So, I brought her to the E.R. at Children's Hospital while Zack stayed home with Zane. When we got there, her temp was up to 101.9. The doctors had to do 3 tests...first a catheter to test urine, then they had to take blood from a vein. They tried one hand, then one foot, and then the other hand before they finally found a vein that worked. It was awful to watch!! Then, they had to do a spinal tap. For that, the doctor told me I needed to leave the room because it would be too bad for me to watch. Poor baby. They did get it on the first try, luckily. After all that trauma, I finally had a chance to feed her and comfort her. She ate and relaxed, but then ended up throwing up her whole meal. The burp cloth was literally dripping with milk!!

They had to admit her into the hospital for a urinary tract infection (kidney infection) for 24 hours to give her antibiotics through an iv and to watch and be sure her bacteria and infection didn't spread to her blood or spine. They kept checking all the blood cultures that needed time to develop. All of those tests ended up being negative, thank goodness. The best part of the hospital stay was one nurse who came in every time after I fed her and swaddled her and put her back to sleep for me. Also, all the free diapers. :) They sent her home the next day with an oral antibiotic and although she threw it up the first day, she's been taking it since.

Now they want to schedule another test to see if her kidneys are working right because they are worried about why such a little baby got such a bad infection. Let's hope that it was a fluke and not something with her kidneys!

Check out the cool hospital gown! They wrapped her iv in tons of tape and a wash cloth so she wouldn't scratch her face.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The other day, we had a pretty good storm blow in, bringing really hard hail, wind, and a tornado warning right in our area. Because I have a weird fear of storms, I decided I should take Zane and Emmy downstairs to be safe until it passed. Right when we got down there, Zane started getting into everything of course and Emerson was crying really hard. Then I looked over to the window and noticed the window well overflowing into our basement. Our basement had flooded in the past the same way, but it was supposed to have been fixed. Anyways, it was a flood!! Zane started playing in the water and getting soaked and I found a random bouncy seat to put Emerson in among the messy clutter in our basement. I got the shop vac out and just decided to vacuum up the water as it got close to anything. I did it for a half an hour. working up a sweat, while Emmy slept and Zane splashed in the flood. It worked and nothing ended up getting wet, except for Zane. I actually left Emerson sleeping there for a really super long nap. It was hilarious scene.

Visit to Greeley

Last week my Mom and I went to visit my sister Janelle and her husband Anthony in Greeley. We only spent one night, but we did a lot in 2 days. It was so great to have help with Zane and Emerson and Zane had so much fun...he keeps asking to go back.

This is Zane and his friend Acadia reading the newspaper.

The weather barely got warm enough for Zane to go play in the sprinkler in the backyard. He would let it hit him right in the face and also tried to drink it. It took his breath away each time and I think went up his nose a few times, but always made him laugh. He kept saying, "I'm all wet!" and "I'm taking a shower."

Drying off after the sprinklers...
We wore him out...FINALLY! You probably think he's watching Veggie Tales, but he's actually watching his new favorite, Shrek. He talks about the characters a bunch during the day.
He got a new toy, Thomas the Train, and really liked it.
Emerson loves getting her hair washed.
Aunt Nell
Zane and his Grandma going "Night Night."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Crazy Eyes and Snoring

When Emerson falls asleep, her eyes go crazy. They roll back and forth and all over in different directions. She also makes really funny expressions and smiles a bunch. Grunting is also a big part of falling asleep and sleeping for her.

She often sleeps with one hand up by her cheek. This is a video of her snoring while she sleeps and it sounds like she's purring.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Water Table

Zane got an early birthday present from Gigi and Papa, a new sand and water table. We have had it set up for only two days and he's already spent HOURS playing with it. I only put water in it for now because I haven't gotten brave enough for the sand yet. The first day, I didn't know how wet he was going to get so I let him play in his clothes and went through 3 changes of clothes, so today I got smarter and let him play in his swim trunks. Today he finally got cold enough to come in by his own choice, which is rare.

He had his friend Charlie over yesterday to play with his new toy. They were both soaked, shivering, and cold, but kept playing happily.

He can entertain himself so well sometimes. It's fun to watch. He loves rolling his cars around on the track, moving pennies from one side to the next, dumping water all over, and of course splashing like crazy. I even let him fill it up with the hose today by himself. That was a big hit.