Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chatting on the Phone

Lately, Zane has been having realistic, long conversations with different people on the phone. It sounds like he's telling or listening to a joke and then laughing, and then says some other unknown words and "ok" a bunch of times. It is hilarious.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Zane and Baby Bump

Zane was giving kisses to his baby sister. He really smashed his face in there to get a good kiss in.
Giving some kisses to Mommy...
I'm 29 weeks along now. Wow, time has flown by!

Sleeping on the Stairs

Zane was too tired to make it up the stairs to go to bed, so just decided to use the stairs as his bed. He said, "night night," and wouldn't budge.

Children's Museum

Last weekend, we took Zane to the Children's Museum with Judi and Bob (my aunt and uncle). It was completely engaging for him and held his attention so well.

He got to use real paint brushes to paint a picture.
He went shopping in the little grocery store and loved putting the groceries in and out of the cart.
His favorite part was the mini basketball court where he tried to shoot on his own but also got some help on the dunking.

There was a real firetruck where he got to dress up and explore it.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Zane has been doing puzzles like crazy lately. It clicked one day and he's loved them ever since. He has a few animal ones and almost always says the name of each animal as he puts it on and also when he takes it off. It's important to him, too, that all the pieces always get back in the bag...what a guy! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Thoughts

More things I don't want to forget...

1. He says "bless you" when anyone, including himself, sneezes and says, "You're welcome" when somebody says thank you.

2. The other day, I was counting to three with him and all of a sudden he just kept counting...all the way up to 10! I'm completely not even exaggerating at all. Zack and I were both in total shock. :)

3. He loves his fake camera and tries to take pictures by smashing it up against his eye. He says, "cheese." Now when I try to take pictures of him he says, "camera" and tries to take it so he can use it.

4. When he's saying a word that we can't understand, he keeps saying it using his head for emphasis and when we guess the wrong thing, he says, "no." He keeps trying until we finally guess the right word.

5. Today he was eating Nilla Wafers. He would take one out and say hi to it, take one bite, then tell it bye and put it back in the box.

6. He pats my back and gives me kisses all the way downstairs when I bring him down each morning.

New Misc. Pictures

We spent 3 straight days at the park last week when the weather was so nice. Here are some park pictures...

Zane can go down the slides by himself now.
This is him trying to give me a kiss through the railing.
Wow, who knew bath time could be so fun, and crowded?
Zane was giving Pappy (his great-grandpa) a hug good bye and he kept leaning in and snuggling his face up against him. So sweet.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day at the Zoo

On Saturday, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with my mom, step dad, and sister. Zane walked almost the entire time and really paid attention to the animals this time instead of just running all over the place. It was a great day.

This is Zane with Nell, his aunt.

He really liked the kangaroos and stood on this fence and watched them for a while.

He only had one breakdown when we had to leave from the park part of the zoo. He arches his back and turns into a noodle.

Zane got to feed the giraffes crackers and basically stuck his entire hand in their mouths each time. He didn't seem to mind all the spit.

Meeting Elmo

The other day at Zane's gym, Elmo came to visit! Zane loved every minute of it and never got scared at all, which I was sort of expecting. He spent most of his time there shooting baskets in this basketball hoop. It was a little bit too big, so he only made probably 1/10 shots.

He smiled almost the whole time he was on Elmo's lap, but of course never looked at me so I could get a good picture.
This is when he first saw Elmo from afar. He just sat, waved, and said hi. His friends from his playgroup came up to play too. As you can see, they were all excited.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting Ready for Baby Sister

A while ago I started asking Zane if we was excited to have a new baby sister. I asked him if he would be nice and gentle, etc. Then, when I started asking him about it again recently, he started telling me he'd be nice and also added in that he would give her a hug and a kiss. He came up with those on his own! Now we'll just have to see if he really means it.

The Process of Asking for Something

When Zane asks for something, he starts off asking with the word. He usually says it once or twice nicely and then says the same word again with a high pitched voice and shakes his hands in the air. In this video, he asked for his pacifier (ba ba ba). He asked once, then went to the high pitched way of asking. Then, he decided to try to ask nicely by saying please. (We have been trying to get him to ask for things by using the word and then please, but for some reason it almost always just comes out as "up please.") So, he tried asking with please a few times. When that didn't work, he started asking for his dad because he thought maybe he'd get it for him since mommy wouldn't. This is his normal process. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

Random things about Zane right now that I don't want to forget:

1. He just figured out how to do his animal puzzles. It just!
2. When he plays basketball, he says, "almost" when he misses and "dunk that junk" when he hits.
3. Each morning he starts asking about what we're doing that day. He goes through the list...park? swimming? balls? gym? walk? out? elmo tv? Then, after that he sometimes starts listing people that he thinks he might see and asks about them.
4. He's starting to put real sentences together. These are some examples of what he says, "Brr, it's cold." "Take a bath." "Dada's at work." "Shut the gate." "Here ya go, Mommy." "Read a book." etc.
5. He jokes around now, like asking for his pacifier even when he knows it's in his mouth and then laughs at himself. He pretends he's asleep and snores and then wakes up and tries to scare me. He acts like he's giving me something but then tricks me and takes it back.
6. He sings...Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Patty Cake, Veggie Tales Theme, Elmos World, ABC's (it sounds like dkfjskjs ggggg eiubxcnc ppppp adfjmewoei vvvvv adjfkdj zzzzz weoivmsdfjo meeeee) He also does high pitched long notes really well. :)
7. For Veggie Tales songs when we sing them or if he hears them, he calls out which character is singing.
8. He recognizes the letter o and e and also knows the names of most the colors, but just doesn't know which color is which, so he guesses one of the colors when we ask him. His most usual guess is pink. It's hilarious.
9. Every single day he knows, says, and does new things that Zack or I never taught him. It blows my mind how much he can pick up on from who knows where.
10. He is the absolute pickiest eater ever and it's getting worse and worse. He's basically down to only eating fruit, most plain breads, cheese, yogurt, sometimes peas, and that's about it. He won't eat any meats, eggs, peanut butter, pizza, mac and cheese, hot dogs, veggies or anything else new or old. Uggh.
11. He recognizes and names Obama pretty much anywhere... TV, magazines, pictures in the store, etc. He say, "Omama."