Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jack and the Beanstalk

We signed Zane up for his first real acting experience.  He got to go to camp for a week, which started on Monday with auditions, and then once he got assigned his role, he memorized all the lines and practiced all week.  On Friday, he had a 4 hour dress rehearsal and got into costume and make up and everything for the performance in a real auditorium.  He worked hard during the week to get ready, especially on projecting his voice.  He was the youngest in a cast of mostly 8-9 year olds, but he nailed it.  Did surprisingly well!  I was so so proud of my guy.  

We sat right in the front row.  We had to wait for a while for the show to start, so we brought the iPad for backup.  Once the show started though, Smith was completely sucked in.  He absolutely loved watching Zane on stage.  Every time that Zane's scene ended and he left the stage, Smith asked, "Where's my Zane?  I need my Zane."  Emmy was mesmerized too.  It was so cool to watch them watch their big brother acting on stage. 

 Judi and Bob and Jord and Ben joined us for the show.  Zane also had a few sweet friends come to watch.
 Smith took this picture of Zack.

 Zane played the giant's gatekeeper (in the green on the right).  He interacted with Jack when he got to the top of the beanstalk.  He had a few jokes that he did really well on.

 The whole cast afterwards

 After the show, the two younger kids and I went to congratulate Zane backstage.  Smith, on his own, ran to Zane and gave him the biggest, proudest hug.  It was SO SWEET.  Emmy gave him a hug too...well, maybe it was Zane hugging her. ;)

 Silly face!

Monday, June 16, 2014


 Smith was so nervous around the geese.  He was hiding his lunch so the goose wouldn't steal it.
 How far can you jump?

Misc, Out of Order, Lately

I love this - Zane got a new 3-ring binder to hold all his sports' cards.  He came down in a hurry really late at night and said he urgently needed to make a cover for it.  He made this cover in 5 minutes.  I just love how he adds creative details into everything he does.

 Park with the little guys
 And then sprinkler time with the little guys

 Last week Emmy got to go to VBS, Vacation Bible School.  She had so much fun.  She was in a group with almost all her close friends and just did so many fun things.  This was one thing she brought home from it.
 Relaxing time

 Zane and his football team, getting their medals.
 Getting his medal

 We went to our good friends' daughter's birthday party.  It was at a super fun park with a playground and water.  And best of all, the kids got to play with their friends.

 Other pictures from another day, when Emmy played tennis with Zack.

 another last day of school shot for Emmy

 Cute shot of Zack reading before bed
 Grandpa Dave gives the best wheel barrow rides!

 Dancing at our friends' wedding

 football boys