Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Maui Baby!!

I got to go to Maui for almost an entire week during Thanksgiving with my dad, Kris, and Janelle.  Zack was so awesome - he pretty much talked me into going and happily stayed home with the kids.  It was hard not to feel guilty, leaving Bromfield for paradise and relaxing and having so much fun.  But my mother-in-law, Nancy, flew in to help Zack and my mom also helped a bunch.  So it took a team.  I am so thankful that I got the chance to take a break and enjoy myself for a few days. The weather couldn't have been better, in the 80's. 
When I saw families swimming together though, I really missed my fam.  Next vacation will have to be  a family one!!

These uploaded out of order - oh well!!

On one of our last days, we got to go on a tour boat, out to the island of Lanai.  On the way, we saw whales, and also a big pod of dolphins.  Then, we stopped to snorkel in the ocean on the way. 

Loading the boat

Whale tale


 They were jumping out and flipping and spinning right by our boat

 Lanai island

The 4 of us, in the front of the pic, snorkeling by a coral reef.  We still got in, even though they literally had just announced a shark attack on the radio of the boat right before!
 Nell and I had a picnic lunch and just relaxed on the beach all afternoon.

Our view that day
 On the boat, on the way back to Maui… So beautiful!
 With our tour guide

 Two pics from our journey over to Hawaii…
Loading the plane
 We flew all day, because of two layovers.
 But we made it in time to have a late Thanksgiving dinner, on Thanksgiving, at an awesome restaurant.  Hawaiian turkey dinner!
 Here are some pics of our hotel…

 View from the pool

 Christmas decorations...

 Nellch and I escaped for one afternoon to try snorkeling in some bays.  We picked Napili Bay.  We got to swim right next to a huge sea turtle.  It was so awesome.  I loved spending time with my sister!

 And had to have my swimming floatie!  LOL.

 Our favorite tree by the boat docks...

 Last day, trying to dip our toes in one more time...

 On the very last day, before we left home, we poured Grandma Fran's ashes out on her favorite place on Waliea Beach.  We got there at sunset, and got to quietly watch the sun go down and watch her ashes get taken into the ocean.  It was beyond beautiful and perfect.  Oh I miss my Grandma so much.  I wish she could have been there with us, but I'm thankful that we got to leave her ashes there.

Her spot...

 More, views from our hotel

Meanwhile, back in Broomfield….
The kids had a blast with Gigi and Dada.  They went to see Frozen, went to birthday parties, Starbucks,  parks, all sorts of fun places.  And then their other Grandma came and spent two days with them.  They had it pretty good. :) Zack did a great job taking care of them.  I missed them.