Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January in a nut shell

January FLEW by.  I'm pretty sure I start every single blog post that way.  It's weird how a full month can just pass in two seconds.  

I didn't take a ton of pics.  I feel like the month was filled with just getting back into routine. We started a few new lessons.  All kids did swimming lessons, Emmy started another acting class (Snow Queen this time), Smith and Molly a gym class, and Zane started piano lessons. 

When Grandma Fran passed away, I was so so so lucky to get her piano. Every single time I see it and especially hear it, I think of her and remember being in her house.  I finally decided it was time to really start playing it.  It's made a lot of noise in the past couple years, but I am SO excited to hear some actual music being played.  
Even though Zane is the one who we signed up for lessons, Emmy has been super curious and excited about learning too. I eaves drop on Zane's lesson so I can help him practice during the week and so that I can teach Emmy on the side, and then she teaches Smith.  It's a good system I think.  
During his first lesson, Zane asked his teacher if he could learn how to play an "Imagine Dragons" song. Haha. 

This picture is so sweet - Emmy was making sure Smith's fingers were in the exact right spot to play the song. 

These are more box troll pictures that I missed on the last post.

They got pretty good at hiding inside and peeking out.

We found an awesome indoor soccer place for Zane to play pick up games with other kids his age.  He has really improved since the last time he played on a soccer team.  In those days, when he was 3 and 4, he used to lay on his tummy in the goal, with his head in his hands, while his team played all around him.  Now he is getting really good! He especially likes playing goalie.
Em and Smith went to watch and cheer him on
I love having membership at the Butterfly Pavilion because it's so close by and it's the perfect spot to just stop by when we have nothing else to do.

We always hold Rosie, the tarantula.  Well, the kids always hold Rosie (I only did once and I think that was plenty). But this was the first time that Smith was old enough to hold her.  He was fearless!  Maybe wearing his Iron Man costume helped his confidence.

Smith also isn't terrified (as much) of the butterflies anymore.  He used to cry and cling onto me the entire time through, but now he's gotten more brave.  This day, a butterfly landed on Em's head and it made her whole day and week and month!
Sweet brothers.

HULK SMASH is all Smith yells when he wears his Hulk "costume."
This day, I watched my friends' two kids all day.  It was a busy day but fun in some ways having new friends.
Zane and Emmy helped Zack set up their new soccer goals when our January winter weather was in the 70's!!!
They love the goals!

Smith was "Peter Parker" watching the game
Bookstores are our favorite. Period.

My guys are growing up so fast.  I have to savor these snuggly moments!

It's always hard to resist a park on a nice day.

On a different day, after church, the kids and I spontaneously picked up some Frosty's from Wendy's and headed over to another park. It was the best day.  They played for over two hours.  It feels so good to get out there when the weather is so cold in between warm days.

Just a hill...

Another time, while Zane was at school, the two little kids and I went out to try out Smith's new Spiderman bike.  He was so funny.  He took a few strides and then just begged me to push him. I pushed him for a while and then he decided he just wanted to run. We'll try again.

I love this... Spiderman and sweet Molly cuddling. :)
A couple weeks ago, I got away for two days with my amazing friends. We went to a conference put on by an author who writes to encourage moms. I definitely left feeling refreshed and inspired and ready to take on my monkeys.  I am so thankful for these ladies, who I get to do life with. We even ran into Sally Clarkson in the lobby and treated her just like a celebrity and asked for a picture with her. :)