Sunday, November 17, 2013

North Pole and Cog Railway

A couple weeks ago, we got away on a tiny family vacation.  We wanted to do something as a family, and were thinking mountains, but it's kind of between seasons right now, so there really wasn't too much to do there.  So we headed down to Colorado Springs for the weekend.  We stayed at my mom and Dave's house, so Zack and I even got to out on a date on night!

One day, we decided to ride the Cog Railway up to the top of Pikes Peak. Zack and the kids had never been to the top, so we thought it would be a cool experience.  It was a pretty long ride, but the kids did great.  It could not have been a more beautiful day.  

We sat next to a huge window and luckily since we had mom and Dave with us, we had a whole seating area to ourselves.

We waited for a while for the train to come.  I love when these two are buddies.

Brrr!  Sometimes you just need to borrow a huge coat.
 Smith waiting with Grandpa Dave.
 These are sort of out of order, but at the top, it was FREEZING!!! It was so windy and cold we could barely stand it. Zane and Dave stayed out longer than everyone else to read all the signs.  Zane even got to learn a bunch of info from a Ranger, who chatted with him for a while.

 Dave and Grandpa
 Reading, reading, reading

 This picture CRACKS ME UP.  All of our faces look so miserable.  It was insanely cold and windy up there!
Bundling up
3 sweet monkeys

 WE made a list of animals and other things to search for on the ride


 Family time is the best

The other day of our trip, we went to The North Pole amusement Park, Santa's Workshop!
There was almost nobody else there so we got to ride anything and everything as many times as we wanted.  The rides were perfect for all 3 kids.  And the weather was amazing. :)

Here's Zack and Zane on the Sky Ride.  

 Rocket ships!

 I had to put all these pics of Smith in here - he's such a character.  Cutie Pie!

 We went to the Magic Show.  I remember being on the exact same stage when I was their age.


 Of course, we met Santa.  And Smith wasn't even scared (he's scared of a lot). :)


 Zane rode a lot by himself because he was the only one tall enough.  Smith and Emmy almost always had to ride with an adult.
 On the car ride!

 This big guy got to ride a few by himself too!

 Smith was so brave on the rides!!  These two pictures sum it up.  This roller coaster was really fast and bumpy.  Smith couldn't even hold his own head still - Zack had to hold it for him.  But he loved it so much and laughed and said, "WOAH" the entire time.  And of course asked to go again.  So we rode it twice, which was about 10 times around total!

Smith's face is so priceless - having fun, but getting ready for more bumps and turns!

 This guy and Emmy both loved it too.