Thursday, November 7, 2013

More Fall So Far

Papa came to visit from Minnesota for a weekend. He got to be here for Smith's birthday, and then we got a full day with the kids off school to spend with him.  It was great to see him!

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion. 

 Zack even held Rosie.  The things you do for your kids.

 Smith was just being so funny in this chair - making all sorts of faces and acting silly.

 Emmy and Zane love one of Smith's new gifts. Blocks!!

 This is so cute I think.  This was Zane's journal entry when he had to miss several days of school because of flooding in our district.  He loves school and didn't want to be home. Haha.  It says, "When school was closed I felt... bored, irritated, sad, frustrated, mad and lonely! Because I love school! When I was home we played Monopoly.  That's all that was fun."

 Just a day out with these two cuties.

 Lunch on the back porch.
 This is what Zane looks like a lot lately.  He reads, reads, reads all day and before bed.  He begs to come home when we're out so he can read.  I have to peel him away to do other things.  I love it.
 Emmy had a playdate with her cute friend Holly.  They played Ballerinas the entire time, even through lunch.

 We went to the corn maze with my mom one day.  We didn't have any plan and we were going to go to the park, but it was so beautiful outside that we decided to try the corn maze last minute.

 I love their stair step sizes

 Bounce houses nearby...


 Emmy had a performance in her acting class.
 Sad face
 Happy face
 She was a fairy in the Sleeping Beauty play

 One day, we went downtown to go to the Children's Museum, but we had forgotten that it was the Trick or Treat day there so it was super crowded.  So instead we just walked around 16th Street Mall together as a family.  It was so much fun.  We ate a yummy lunch, stopped at Tattered Cover Bookstore.  And their favorite thing was that we rode the free bus down the street.  This is Emmy holding onto Smith when the bus was starting and stopping.
 This was Zane while we waited for our drinks at Starbucks.  I couldn't find him for a sec - and then found him sucked into the sports page. LOL.

 These guys have been coloring a ton lately.  Just putting a big poster board and markers down can entertain for hours.

 Just a normal day, shopping at Target. :)
 Em and Smith love helping to rake.
 Nice pose.

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