Wednesday, August 31, 2011


We ordered caterpillars so we could watch them go through their life cycle. Zane was checking out our new chrysalises. They transformed into their chrysalises while we were visiting my mom, so we had to drive back with them. Only one fell of the lid on the way home, luckily. Zane has asked about a million questions about them and I love having them around to entertain us and teach us.

We love, love, love the pool. We stayed at the pool for 3 hours the other day with our good buddies. This is Zane, Abhi, Emmy, and Ella (from oldest to youngest).

Emmy has been dancing all the time lately. If she accomplishes something she's proud of, if she hears any kind of music, or randomly, she breaks out in dance. I wish I would have video taped this one, but caught a few pictures. I also like that she's wearing Zane's old Elmo shirt with random shorts.

The other night, we walked over to McDonalds to get some ice cream after dinner. It was such good family time.

My sweet, grown up 4 year old is now going to preschool 3 days a week. He loves school and was excited to start a new year.

Nice faces

Love this face

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

I love how Zane comes up with so many fun ideas for our play times. Tonight he wanted to make a car out of Emmy's diaper box. We cut out windows, added headlights, straws for windshield wipers, a steering wheel, etc. All his ideas.

The best idea, I thought, was adding a license plate and bumper sticker. Zack and I both have Flatirons stickers on our cars, so he thought of adding one to our box car. He wrote "Fast Car" on the license plate himself. He and Emmy took turns pretending that one of them was driving to church and the other one was a police officer giving tickets for driving too fast. LOL.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fishing Trip

The kids and I headed down to Colorado Springs to spend a couple days with my mom and step dad and my sister and brother-in-law. We drove up to a lake on Pikes Peak to fish. Unfortunately, the weather did NOT cooperate. Basically, we were caught in thrunderstorms off and on the entire time. We all had to wait in the car a few times because of lightning. At least our TVs came in handy.

Zane was so excited to get into the canoe to fish. He was so patient while Dave and Ben got everything ready to get out on the water between storms.

Pushing out - he was holding on with both hands.
Silly girl fishing with Grandma...

Jord, borrowing Emmy's princess fishing pole.
The guys caught one fish in the first 15 minutes they were out. Soon after, the lightning got too close. Zane was sooo bummed to have to come back in.

Summer Time

Last week, we spent an afternoon at a fun park. They got to wade around in a little pond and then run through fountains. They love being in water.
We forgot to take Emmy's diaper off at first and it got huge. When she got out of the water and tried to walk, she couldn't stop grabbing it with her hand.
When she got hurt, she ran to get picked up by Judi - and got her soaked.


Flying High

I love these pictures. Mostly because when Zack throws the kids up in the air, sweet Zane is kind of all over the place - he's just a little bit more on the cautious side. Emmy, on the other hand is in perfect form, almost graceful, and smiling every time.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Summer Week...

A few highlights of our past week or so...

The other day when I asked Zane if he wanted to go on a bike ride, he told me "Sorry, but I don't have time. I have too much homework." He is so funny and has been sitting for super long periods of time working on "projects." His imagination helps him think of a million different things to create and work on. I bought him this lined paper to help him start to form his letters better. And of course he's using a Spiderman pencil.
One thing he's worked really hard on lately is stringing buttons onto thread with a needle to make necklaces and bracelets for all his friends and family. He always has someone in mind when he's creating something and thoughtfully picks out certain buttons or other things for them that he thinks they'll like.
We got to have have park time with our Monument play group friends...
We haven't seen them in a while and we were all excited to play together again.

We also drove down to my friend Tammy's house to spend the day with her and her sweet girls, Abhi and Ella. We let them have dessert in their underwear in the backyard. They loved it.

More artwork -
It's amazing how just putting out some paint and different tools (sponges, brushes, cups, etc) can engage these two for so long. In this picture, Zane was painting a treasure map.
Zane's caterpillar and Emmy's creation - he's getting better at writing his name.
More stickers and art stuff. She was practicing her cutting.

Today, we went to another park near out house that they both like. They played together the whole time and got along great. Zane helped Emmy get up onto things when she was struggling, they slid down slides at the same time, he told her to go up the stairs when she was trying to climb something too hard, she asked him to hold her hat when it fell off, etc.

They were pretending that they were fishing with sticks.

Love this picture!!