Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Wanna Be a Big Kid

Little Smith just wants to do everything that his big sister and brother are doing. 

If anyone lays on the floor, Smith will find them to tackle them.  Zane is amazing at playing with his little brother.  He is usually so careful and gentle and knows just how to get him to have fun and laugh a ton.
I like when he pretends to wrestle or "fight" Smith and then falls down.  Smithy loves it.

Emmy is also really good at playing with Smith.  She can sometimes be on the rough side, so I have to keep an extra eye on them, but she always means well.  She just wants him to do everything she does and makes him laugh too, but usually it's harder for her to figure out how. She loves her brother sooo much.
Here they are walking pushing their strollers around together.  I love how she helps guide his stroller for him.  He could do this all day long.

This video makes me so happy.  He just wants to be like the big's just hard to keep up! But he did figure out how to make the yelling sound. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 Just thought I'd throw all the most recent pics up from the past several weeks. 

We spent a ton of time raking leaves one week when they all seemed to blow off all at once.  I actually really like raking leaves when the kids are helping me.  They take it so seriously.

 Zane has been a reading maniac.  He reads off and on all day long and then stays up reading in his bed before he falls asleep for a long time.  I broke out my boxes of chapter books from when I was teaching and he's been hooked on Magic Tree House series and is speed reading them and then he talks about every detail afterwards. He and Emmy also like to play "Jack and Annie" and pretend they are the two characters from the books. I love it. He's learning so much about new things from reading so much and I love it. With all his new knowledge, he makes his own books about different things...mostly nonfiction.  It's so fun.
Here's a picture of him reading to Sassy the dog at the library.  She just laid still and listened to him read 3 books. :)

 Woah mess.
 This girl sure does keep me on my toes - she is SO tomboyish and SO girlie all at the same time. 
 Last week I got to take the "big kids" to Pearl Street Mall in Boulder while Zack stayed home with Smith.  What a relief - Smith is at such a busy and hard age.
Anyways, we had the best afternoon. 
We found a Spiderman statue that they swore was real until they finally got brave enough to touch and realized it was fake.
 They were watching a juggler on the street
 Rock climbing

 We went to the Boulder Bookstore.  They could have stayed all day at this one store. 

 Had to get ice cream of course
 Just a random shot of Emmy - out on a rainy day.
 We had a couple of cold days this week.  Getting everyone all bundled up is such a pain, but they do look super cute.

 We got to spend the afternoon at the Nature and Science museum a couple of days ago with Judi and Bob.


 This guy walked and walked and walked and walked

 Emmy worked so hard to move this "dirt" from one place to another - I love how when she wants to do something, she just goes right for it.
 Zane was the map guy - trying to guide us to the right spots.
 Here are a few pictures from the pumpkin patch right by our house from a while ago.

 Yes, Emmy picked her own outfit

 Oh this sweet face.
 My mom and Molly got to come with us too.
 In every one of these pictures, Smith was trying to escape.


Friday, November 2, 2012


We celebrated Halloween way too many times this year. We had our big church Fall Fest, Zane's school's Halloween carnival, a couple of school parties, and the actual day.  Although it was all fun, I'm kind of glad it's over, and now we're left with a TON of candy. 

Here are a couple of pictures from the carnival.  This one makes me laugh because Zane won 1st place in his costume contest ( because I think they thought it was homemade), Smith kept falling over in his costume because it was heavy in the back but people loved him in it, and Emmy had been wanting to be Rapunzel for months leading up to Halloween and then when it came time to get ready, she refused to wear it and wanted to wear her ballerina outfit. Good memories. :)

Zane's first place ribbon for the costume contest

Here are a couple of pics from our church's party - she wore Rapunzel this night.
Happy mummy
Silly dragon

A couple of pics from Emmy's school party.  Zane got to go too.

Pin the nose on the pumpkin
A couple of pics from Zane's party.  They made cute apple stamped bags, ate yummy apples and other treats, played games, and then we had a dance party at the end.


On Halloween, we carved pumpkins but our super independent girl decided she wanted to paint hers.

Zane came up with his design and helped me carve (on the right), Emmy's ended up with a purple bow, orange long hair, eyelashes, and eyeballs.  Smith's is the little one. 
Here they are before we went trick or treating, with their cousin Molly dressed up like a bear.

Molly Bear

Trick or Treat!

I loved it when Smith decided he wanted to walk and do what his big brother and sister were doing.