Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb So Far...

Almost everyday when we pick Zane up from school, we stay and play on his playground.  Smith could stay there all day I think. He loves playing with all the older kids. He also has a couple little buddies who he gets to see everyday.

Emmy had a special activity for her school where she got to bring  "Franklin" bag home.  It had books and other things to do in it and also Franklin.  She brought him all around town with us during the week. Here are some pictures of her and her buddy Franklin.

 Poor guy got Chipotle dropped on him.

 Last week, Zane lost his very first tooth.  It had been loose for a while, and then suddenly one day it was super loose.  He decided to go for it and pulled at it for a while.  Finally, it just came right out in his fingers.  I seriously cannot believe the my baby is old enough to start losing his teeth.  Oh my!
 Emmy kept asking to wiggle it.

 He was so proud of himself and happy when it finally came out.  He was fearless!

The kids made rocket ships out of boxes. Then, they added pillows and blankets to make them more comfy.  

 This kid can eat! He eats as much as or more than Zane and Emerson. He can down an entire ice cream cone in no time!

 This is Emmy watching Mandy Moore sing her favorite "Tangled" song.  She loves Rapunzel and was completely mesmerized watching the real person singing her part for the movie.

 This day, we rode scooters across the street to McDonalds to get some ice cream.

 Instead of the Super Bowl, we took the kids to see "Wreck It Ralph."  Oh they love the movies.  And it was at the cheap theater, so it only costed $8 total!!
 Emmy loves doing my hair.  She could sit for hours and put barrettes in and out.

 Here's another pic of my big girl helper.  She is concentrating holding up the quesadilla she made so she's sticking out her tongue.

 These guys remind me so much of each other.  They got to play in a play room while Emmy was in her gymnastics class.

 Smith has been sick so many times in his life I feel like.  Poor guy just gets so sick.  He had a cold for a really long time, and then suddenly it took a turn for the worse.  Within a few days, he added a cough, fever, no appetite, etc.  Then, on Saturday, right after Zack left for work, he became completely inconsolable. After he cried nonstop for a really long time, I decided to pack the 3 kids up and head to urgent care.  Thank goodness I did because his fever was close to 104 and he wasn't even due for more ibuprofen! And he was a sad and sick little monkey.  Luckily, the older two behaved so well.  Phew.

It ended up being an ear infection on top of a horrible cold. His tube in his ear had fallen out or partly out and wasn't working anymore. He got more tylenol and antibiotics.

Here he is after he finally zonked out after being so upset for so long.

 Zane and Emmy got popsicles.

Poor guy
 While he was sick, he was also getting teeth.  Oh great timing! So, he was drooling like a mad man.  It was pouring down his face for weeks.  I had to change his shirt several times a day. LOL.

 This is so random, but I love this picture.  This was a "girl's morning" together when we both stayed in our pj's all morning.  I love those kind of days!
 Both kids had Valentine's parties at their schools.  Zane wanted to dress up and wear his red tie and of course Emmy wanted to wear her favorite pink dress along with heart leggings.  This is Zane stacking his candy hearts.
 Here's Em and her friend Hannah hiding in the cubbies.

 They had hand/face painting
 Here are all three monkeys on Valentine's Day.  Zane and Emmy asked Smith to wear his tie too, since it was red!!

Have I mentioned that Smith is a tantrum guy?!?

 This past weekend, since Zack was out of town, my mom and Dave came for an entire day.  They started by bringing donuts and going to Zane's basketball game with us.
Here are the fans at the bball game...

That same day, I took Smith to his new gym class.  Oh man, he absolutely loves it there - just like his big bro and sis did.  I love being there with him.  Nothing beats spending one on one time with our kids for me. They are always so happy to get full attention!

Here is is chasing bubbles...


Emmy and my mom and I went to the furniture store.  She wanted to try every single bed and chair.

 We have had such nice days outside - it feels so good to get out.