Monday, January 25, 2016


I had TWO new nieces born in December.  And it's been baby fever since then!  The two sweet tiny girls were born healthy and just a few weeks apart!

First, Jordan gave birth to baby Gabriela Isabel on December 6th.  We all went to support her and Ben at the hospital.  We couldn't wait to meet baby Gabby!

 We actually waited outside the door, listening to her cry, before we even saw her! I'm pretty sure we were very in love at first sound and then sight. Jord did unbelievable and it all went so fast!

 The next day, the whole fam (and Molly) got to come meet Gabby.
 My baby holding a brand new baby is just the sweetest.

 He and Mol gave tons of kisses on her head.

 Then they helped take care of Molly's new baby doll

 The two big kids could have held her all day.  They love her.

 We went to visit Grandma Shirley this day...
 THEN, as if my heart wasn't full enough, Janelle went into labor and gave birth to Delaney Grace on December 24th!!!

We were able to get up to Greeley during the day to see her and be there with her.  We thought we'd have to miss the birth to get home for Cmas eve with our families, but NOPE, Nellie rocked it and had Delaney that afternoon.  So we not only got to be there for the birth on Christmas Eve, but we also got to get home and spend the evening at home. So amazing.
 Seeing Nell as a mom for the first time was so incredible.  She did soooooooo well during labor and delivery (um, no pain meds!) and then seemed to feel perfect afterwards.  Wow.

It was an emotional and overwhelming experience to say the least.
 baby Delaney

 We all got to go see her a couple days later...
 Cousin love

 Love this little sweet girl.

Happy mama.

I am so thankful for these two new wonderful babies in the family.