Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun Fall Day

Today we had some day-before-Halloween fun.

We went to a trick-or-treating thing at the rec center with Judi and Bob. My chipmunks had fun dressing up in their costumes, well, at first they did. Then, they got tired of wearing their ears and kept taking them off. I'll be Simon with them tomorrow.


Zane was trying to hold Emmy's hand and she was escaping.

Emerson wasn't sure what to do at first, but got the hang of it quickly. She spent most the time like this, looking down searching for candy to eat. She kept asking us to open up suckers, her favorite. Zane was so sweet - he kept grabbing 2 of each candy and putting one in Emmy's bucket for her.
Then, we went to lunch and of course, made the day complete with some Gelato. Let's just say it was a sticky experience!
I love all their expressions when Emmy's going for the cone on top.
Finally, tonight we cleaned out and carved our pumpkins. Zane wasn't sure about getting messy at first, but then had fun grabbing the seeds out. Emmy never minds a mess so she had a blast.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Phone Chatting

Emmy talking on the phone is funny. She usually just says hi to whoever she's calling, babbles, and then says bye. Or sometimes just says hi to the person and nothing else.

I like how Zane responds to her in this video when she pretends she's calling him. :)

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

When she gives the phone to us to talk, she moves our hair out of the way first. :)

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Wedding Weekend

My step-sister Amy got married this past weekend. Everything was beautiful! We braved taking the kids with us to the rehearsal dinner the night before the dinner. It was an adventure for sure. Trying to sit casually and have a nice conversation with everyone was pretty much out of the question so luckily there was a hallway and separate room right out the door of the big room so they could run, scream, laugh, and play. They had fun though, and it was good to see everyone.

Emmy was wild as usual...her specialty was climbing up onto her chair and reaching over with a fork to grab food off of everyone else's plates.

People took turns chasing and playing with Emerson. This was during Grandma's turn.
Zane was much more mellow, especially at first, until the pizza came. He was so hungry that he just sat in his chair repeating, "I really want pizza." He livened up after dinner though just in time to play and run around with his sister.
Zane hung out some with his Aunt Jordan.
Here he is chatting with his Grandpa Dave.
It was nice to spend time with Jord and Nell, my sisters.
So, I can't believe this, but I didn't take ANY pictures at the actual wedding the next day!!! I'm so sad not to have a picture of Zack and I together all dressed up ( I even wore heels). But I did take pics of the important part, when we went bowling between the ceremony and reception. We hadn't planned to go, but had a big chunk of time to fill. This time, we didn't have our kids. Overall, it was a great night.

Here's Zack and Grandma Shirley hanging out at the bowling alley.
Bob, Anthony, and Nell.
Pap, my handsome grandpa.
Aunt Judi celebrating...
Since Nell and I had dresses on for the wedding, we had to put pants on underneath. Pretty cute outfit I think. :)
Who was the big winner? Yep, that's right! Me, with a score of 175 and 4 strikes in a row. That sure made bowling more fun than usual, since I barely ever break 100.

Emerson Videos

Here are some random videos of Emerson lately...

On mornings when Emmy wakes up first, she always always asks where Zane is when we get downstairs. Then, when she hears him wake up on the monitor, she gets super excited and wants to go upstairs to get him. So, in this video, Zane was waking up singing and his voice is in the monitor and Emerson is responding to it. In case you can't understand, when I asked where Zane was she said, "I don't know." Then told me "upstairs."

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

I've been trying so hard to catch Emerson singing on video. She has been singing so many different songs and you can really understand most words and for sure the tune. She does the motions too. She really loves to sing really long "oooohs" or other words. Here's her singing "EIEIO."

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

She's really consistent with words, even if they don't sound like the real word at all. For sucker, she says "cucku" and when we try to get her say it the right way, she ads the s in front and then just says it the same way after that.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Originally, she was putting on the Woody hat and making the most outrageous expressions, so that's why I started taping. Then, it just ended up being a silly video of basically nothing.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

School Halloween Parade

Today, Zane, or should I say Alvin, had his Halloween party and parade at school. I love my sweet little guy!

School Halloween Parade from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Zoo Day with Dad

Zack hung out with the kids for a couple of days by himself a few weekends ago so I could go visit my sister up in Greeley.

He took them to the zoo and said it went well besides the time when they each decided to run as fast as they could in opposite directions to chase different birds. They had fun though.

Emerson loved the carousel so much that she didn't want to get off...

No from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Only with a dad in charge...

Crazy Jumpers from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Field Trip and Time with Friends

Zane's school had a mini field trip to a local pumpkin patch. Emmy and I went along for the fun. Here's Zane listening to the directions - I like his hand on his side.
Picking out the perfect pumpkin...
Here's Zane's class with his teacher, Ms. Becca.
Playing together on the playground.
The other day, we headed over to my friend Katy's house to play with her kids and with my friend Kim and her kids. The kids ate a yummy lunch, all 7 of them.

They also made pet rocks on the back porch. Fun times. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adventures in Parenting

There's never really a dull day with two little ones along for the ride.

Last week, we spent two full afternoons in a row at the doctor's office. The first day, I brought the kids because Emmy had caught my cold a week earlier and it just kept worse and worse. We figured she had an ear infection so I got her checked up. She ended up having a sinus infection so we got antibiotics. Luckily, during the long wait, we all 3 got our flu vaccines too.

The next day, as I was walking out of the library, about to cross the street, Emmy jerked away from me and pulled her feet out from under herself. I felt two little pops in her arm, but thought it was nothing. But from that exact moment on, she started crying soooo hard, like a real, hard, painful cry, and wouldn't stop. She wouldn't eat any food, and she wouldn't open her little fist of the hand I had been holding or use that hand for anything. She even colored with her left hand when I offered her crayons. Poor baby. So of course I had to lug the two of them back to the same walk - in clinic as the day before. Every few minutes, Emmy burst out in huge cries and was obviously in so much pain, but we still waited for about an hour and a half! Horrible. Anyways, the doctor checked a few things and then held Emmy's elbow with one hand, twisted her forearm with the other and pushed it straight up. She felt and I heard a pop and that was it. After a heart wrenching cry for about a minute, she was as good as new. She suddenly started using her hand and stopped crying and acted like nothing had ever happened. She ended up having "Nursemaid Elbow" which is when kids' arms get yanked straight out and their elbow pops out of place. Now she's more prone to it happening again, so we'll have to be careful, especially when she decides to throw a tantrum while crossing a street. :)

More about Emerson lately:

Her sentences are progressing a little bit - she can say things like, "Spoon down Mama" when her spoon falls or "All done milk."

When she get's hurt, she instantly runs over and asks me to kiss it, but then she always gives me her other hand or foot to kiss too...usually over and over, one and then the other.

She can TOTALLY sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!!!" She's getting so much better. She and Zane were singing it together all during our grocery trip today. Loud. Video soon to come.

She complains so much while we're driving in the car and lately she's been grunting and groaning while she squeezes her arms out of the buckle and then if they ever actually get out she cries and complains about that. She says "down" or "all done" most rides.

She scrubs Zane during every bath time now, mostly his hair. She also likes to do my morning routine with me - washing our faces, brushing our teeth, putting lotion on, etc. She does whatever I do.

She helps me bring things over when I need them - like Zane's shoes, without me having to ask.

When we read a book, she starts panicking with about 2 pages left because she doesn't want it to end and frantically starts trying to turn back to the beginning so that I'll start over instead of finishing it.

What Zane's been up to:

He's really into "investigating" mysteries and finding clues to figure out mysteries. He likes watching Scooby-Doo, so this, I think, has been his inspiration. He makes up mystery stories and then we all have to solve it together. Today, he told me he luckily brought his map and flashlight to help us get to the "monster" who took our special gold rocks. He told me to go on I-25, turn into the dark tunnel, then go under the train tunnel, finally turn right on Emmy Street to the forest and he'll be there. He makes up so many details for our games now!

He also finds footprints wherever we are and makes up what kind they are and where they are headed. So we always pretend like we're following them. Sometimes it's dino footprints, sometimes mice, sometimes made - up creatures. He always makes up a story to go with it too, like... "It must be Cookie the Giant (not the Monster)! He's nice, but sometimes just pretends he's mean. He wanted to go see the puppies in the mall so let's go find him!" etc.

He has a few pet rocks that he likes to play with. He let one rock, Cuz, play on Zack's ipad with him one day. Let's just say Cuz scratched it up pretty good.

He pretends so much. He even pretends that his stuffed animals are pretending.

He's been wanting to get a baby mouse ever since he played with one at the Children's Museum a while ago. The other day, he said, "We really need to find a new baby mouse at the store soon, or I guess I'm just going to have to use my imagination."

When we were at the mall with my Grandma Fran, out of the blue, Zane told us to look at all the animals over there. Grandma played along and said, "Where?" He told her, almost rolling his eyes and giggling, "I'm just using my imagination, Grandma."

Zane has been super sweet to Emmy and loves giving her hugs and kisses. He was following her around trying to give her a hug and she didn't want it so he got on his pretend phone and said, "Emergency! Emmy doesn't like me!"

When he got home from school the other day, as he went to sit on the couch, he said, "Man, I had a long, tiring day at school. I just need to forewax (relax).

He totally makes up stories (white lies) now and sometimes it's really hard to tell the difference between those and the truth. But usually if we ask him if it's the truth or just a story or fib he'll tell us which one (and it's usually the truth).

He asked me the other day, "Gosh, why does Emmy love Elmo so much?" because she constantly asks for Elmo or shouts his name with she sees him.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update on Emerson Ruth

Emerson just turned 17 months old on October 4th. She's a sweet girl who knows what she wants and doesn't hold back on letting us know. She makes us laugh constantly and is just getting so big. We love her so much. Here are some pictures, videos and updates on our little toddler.

Throwing a fit... This happens quite a few times a day. After this face, she usually throws herself down on the floor face down.
Just like every other toddler in the world, Emmy is obsessed with Elmo. Why does every kid love him so much? She knows how to tell us what she wants. :)

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

This is how Emmy dances in the car - it almost looks painful or hard for to keep throwing her head back and forth but she just keeps going and going. Even when she's falling asleep, she'll keep doing it with her eyes closed until her head finally falls forward. Zane's lip sinking in this video too.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

When we ask Emerson where someone or something is, she puts her hands out to her sides and says, "Ummm" and then tried to answer or go on a search. Sometimes she says "I don't know" but I couldn't get it on video. She also asks where people are herself and then responds the same way. She is getting better at finding things though. Like, she'll hide her milk somewhere and then an hour later when I ask her to go find it so I can put it away she usually remembers where she put it and goes to get it.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

* When she wants more of something, she says, "More, more, more" over and over until it comes back on. For example, every single time a song ends on the radio she repeats more until the next one starts. Also, when we're finishing a book she starts saying more until we start it again or another one.

* She loves to scare us a lot by saying "Boo" or by acting like a snake and hissing at us and chasing us. When we chase her, she screams at the top of her lungs.

* She's still a pretty good eater and most of the time with eat her dinner and also Zane's leftovers. She's starting to get a little picky though, which is such a bummer. When she doesn't want something she won't keep it anywhere near her so she says "no" and pushes it all the way away or gives it to one of us.

* She was sick with a fever for almost a week and during that time, she would just fall asleep all the time no matter what we were doing...eating, sitting, playing, etc. It was so sad - but we sure got a lot of snuggles out of it which usually don't happen that much.

* She tells us when she's about to go in in her diaper or when she already did and either asks for a new diaper or asks to try to go on the potty. She's tried a bunch of times on the real potty but nothing has come out yet. She likes it though and pretend pushes - it's hilarious.

* She has lot's more words and is definitely putting 2-3 words together to make short phrases, like "Mama's shoes" or "All done, Mama" or "I don't know" or "Zane's eyes" or "I want that" or "I want down," and others.

* For sure recognizable words that I can think of that she knows without help: ipad, Elmo, Zoe, Grover, Big Bird, Dora, Boots, Tyrone, Count, Woody, Buzz, Oh Toodles, up, down, yes, no, hi, bye, all done, banana, yogurt, bagel, milk, Grandma, Grandpa, Zane (Zzzza), Mama, Dada, Judi, Bob, Jord, Nell, Gigi, Papa, ball, book, car, choo-choo (for train) poop, tons of animal sounds which she uses to name animals usually, eyes, nose, hat, hair, hands, foot, toes, more, uh-oh spaghettios, and I'm sure more that I can't think of. :) She doesn't have near as many words as Zane did at this age, but we know we shouldn't compare because she's doing just fine. Zane was just verbally ahead of the game. Some of her words are more recognizable, but some are still consistent for her everytime that we can understand, but other people can't understand. She's getting better at repeating too.

* She can do almost everything on playgrounds by herself now. She has been able to for a while, but is now just getting braver and more capable. It's a little scary when she thinks about trying to go out of an open space up high instead of going down the slide, but I don't think she actually will. Hope not.

* She likes to sit, especially with Zane, and color and play with Play-doh or clay or stickers. She also tries to thread big beads and do other activities that Zane's doing so she can be just like him.

* She sings the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" theme song on cue and "Elmo's World" but I CANNOT get her to do it on video (still trying).

* She knows how to use the ipad pretty well and can't keep her hands off it when someone else is using it.

* She sits and reads books on her own all day.

* She seriously cries at the drop of a hat but also cracks up easily and is happy a lot of the time too.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update on Zane Moses

My sweet little 3 year old boy couldn't be more fun to be around. Here are some recent pictures and videos and also some of the big things and tiny things I've kept track of during last several weeks /months. I seriously want to write down everything he says because he's so funny, but at least I can document some of it. :) I'm sure only a few people will read the whole thing because it's so long!!

Here is Zane's last haircut - before and after.

He got a massage at the end and looked so much older...
At night now, Zane reads himself to sleep with his lamp on and then tucks himself in before falling asleep. This is how I found him and his friends all tucked in when I went to go turn his light of the other night.
My sister gave us a bunch of clay that her art classes don't use anymore and my kids LOVE it. Zane sat in this very spot ALL morning the other day. He made animals, food, letters, you name it, he made it. He of course talked the whole time and kept me updated on every single thing he was doing.
Here's a snake he made - notice the eyes stuck on in front.
The kids love hanging out at the Hub, Zack's youth hang out center. Zane got to sing on the real microphone and he gave us some real songs and some of his made up ones. The teenagers were nice to put up with it for a few minutes because it was pretty loud and a little obnoxious.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

This is Zane dancing in his underwear in Zack's office. Yep, I turned around for a minute and the next thing I knew he had stripped down. I sang the song from one of his favorite books now, "Shake Dem Halloween Bones."

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Here's Zane talking about Dumbo. He says, "He's cute and he's smart. He grows up and he was in my tummy. He goes so high and flies in the sky and (he made up a rhyme)." He tells me some of his stuffed animals came out of his tummy, like they're his babies. :)
That noise Emerson was making in the background is barking.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

* His storytelling skills are progressing and expanding. He uses phrases like, "Little did they know that the storm was coming after all." and "The giant said to the boy.... and the then the boy yelled back to the giant..."

* Lately, to add to the list of people and characters he acts like, he has been a super hero. He talks all the time about how he's really brave and strong since he's a super hero and that he saves people and helps. Anytime he wants something, he says, "Well, super heroes really like Skittles, so I need them" or "I'm not going to cry, because super heroes usually don't cry."

* He has a "work place" that he likes to go to work. He rides his spaceship (our bed) to get there. It's usually bumpy at first, but then smooths out. At his work place, he does all sorts of things. The other day, he said he was writing new games and songs. He said he had a lot of ideas for games, but he needed to write the directions. When we play new games, he always pretends he's reading the directions.

* He has pretty good manners - he says sorry, thank you, that's ok, please, sorry, etc. and is so loving. If I seem sad or get hurt he asks all about and usually gives me hugs and kisses.

* He's really into talking about healthy food vs. junk food and analyzes everything he eats - because he says he doesn't want to get a stomach ache or a cavity or just be unhealthy.

* When he went to ride his spaceship the other day, he told us it was broken and said, "Well, since I'm the only one in the house who knows how to fix spaceships, I better get busy." He went over and grabbed his tools and fixed it for us.

* He gives us choices all the time now for what game we're going to play and he lists them while holding up one finger at a time. The choices are usually 1. Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Shrek 3. Hungry Hungry Hippos 4. Toy Story friends, etc. Then, he let's us pick the game and then assigns roles. He says, "How about Mommy be's Simon. How about Emmy be's Theodore. How about Dada be's Dave. And I'll be Alvin." Sometimes, he just says, "How about we be Daniel Friends?" We all just know what it means. As long as we act like those characters and calling each other by the right name, he's happy. :)

* One time, he gave me two choices of who I could be - Junior or Godzilla. I picked Junior and he said, "Nope, actually that ones already taken. You're Godzilla." I was cracking up.

* He corrects us on everything now. One wrong word and he's there to say the right one. Any wrong part of a story and he corrects us. Like when I said Emmy's playing the piano, he said, "No, Mommy, that's a xylophone!"

* He was been SO GOOD to Emmy lately! He has been playing with her, sharing with her, teaching her, reading to her, etc. Not all the time, but most the time. When they eat together or are playing, he talks to her and asks her tons of questions and then responds to any noise or word she says. He'll ask her if she likes something and if she says no, he'll ask her why and then he tells me what they talked about. If she's sad or crying he tells me, "She's probably just hungry or maybe just grumpy." or whatever else he thinks of. He also plays hide and seek with her and pretends he can't find her and thinks out loud like we do with him... "Is Emmy in here? No, I don't see her..." Now when she bumps him or grabs him, he usually laughs instead of getting mad and is so much more patient about playing together and taking turns. He tells us he loves her all the time.

* He told Emmy the other day when she didn't want to get into her carseat, "Emmy, you have to wear your seat belt so you can be safe." He also started asking her at one point what she wanted and kept giving her choices. Finally, he got frustrated and said, "Do you want ANYTHING?" When she said no, he asked her why and asked me why and just couldn't figure it out.

* He has a crush on another little girl in his class. He tells me that he likes her so much and that he likes to give her hugs. The teacher even told us that he waves at her and loves being around her all the time.

* He still makes up silly names for everyone and new toys. His latest are Swine, Cuz his pet rock, Bobe, and Poopy.

* When he asks for something at the store and I say no, he'll usually ask if it's because it's too expensive or if it's because it costs "35 bucks."

"He's starting to know what day it is based on what we do. He knows he has school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and church on Sundays. He knows Dad is home Fridays and Saturdays. It's funny though, because when he's telling me a story about something, he just says the name of any day like he knows and it's totally random.

* He remembers everything - seriously everything. I feel like if he asks a question and I answer it once, he'll remember it permanently. It's so crazy that he'll bring something up a week later after I just mentioned it quickly earlier.

* He is so good at guessing why things happened or why they look a certain way or why someone did something, etc. He also predicts what will happen in books and stories based on just the cover or what will happen next. He always starts with, "Maybe because..." or "Ummm, probably..."

* He loves reading books by himself and can tell me almost exactly what happened in the story after just looking through it before we read it. Same with just telling me what happened yesterday or some other time - he remembers so many details and can retell them in order pretty well.

* He talks about "when he gets older, he wants to..." and "when I was a baby, I used to..." like he's so old. He asked me, "What comes after older?" and I told him "old." So, then he started to say, "When I get old, I want to ..."

* We have in depth conversations about all sorts of stuff, like the seasons, hibernation, traffic jams, basically everything going on around us - he asks and I answer all day!

* A couple of weeks ago, I casually told him that there's this place called Disney World and started to tell him about it and he interrupted me and told me that one of his classmates just went there and told him all about it. He told me a million details about the rides and what's there, etc. I couldn't believe he got all that from another 3 year old in his class.

* Emmy calls Zane "Zzzza" so Zane asked me, "Mom, did you name me Zane or Zzzza? I'm just checking."

* He asks me now, "Do you want the good news or bad news?"

* One day, he drank a bunch of water and said, "I felt sick, sick, sick, but then I burped and now I feel better."

* When I asked him what the noise was that he made, he said, "My throat was just growling."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, we went on our second annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
Emerson was funny because she wanted to pick up 2 or 3 pumpkins at a time. She was never satisfied with just one. She grunted a lot, and acted like it was the hardest job she's ever had to do.

Picking Pumpkins from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Zane cruised over to pick out his pumpkin all by himself and the pilgrim walked him back over. :)
Emmy loved the bunnies. She mostly just wanted to give little kisses or put her face really close to it instead of petting it.

The best part, especially for Zane, were the slides. He went by himself over and over and over and over for well over an hour.

I rode with Emmy a few times and she cracked up the whole time. Then, I sent her down by herself. She just laid there at the bottom, not sure what to do for a while, and then finally laughed after coming out of her state of shock.

Emerson and her little friend Addie.

Here are some of the other kids from our playgroup with Zane and Emmy.

Emmy getting buried with corn...