Sunday, August 31, 2008

Diaper Change

Now when we change Zane's diaper, we can ask him to lay down and he does it for us. :) The only problem is that he sits down and then just throws his head back to plop down and the back of his head hits pretty hard. Ouch!

Gi Gi

Last weekend, Zane's Grandma Nancy, aka Zack's mom, aka "Gi Gi" came in town to visit. She was technically here for work, but got a lot of Zane time in. Zane loved playing with her and was really good at saying her name. It's so great to have her to visit!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chips and Salsa

Ok, so he wasn't eating chips and salsa, but close enough... cheese quesadillas and strawberry applesauce. MMM! We were eating at Hacienda Colorado, eating our chips and salsa and he didn't want to be left out of the dipping.

Stacking and Sorting

Zane is into shape sorting, puzzles, and stacking. Before now, all Zane could do with the stackers was suck on them, throw them, hide them under the couch, or bang them together. It's so cool watching him concentrate, get a little frustrated, but then keep trying. Yesterday, he was actually figuring out a shape puzzle too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Eating and Drinking Habits

I think all of a sudden Zane thinks he's an adult. He wants to do EVERYTHING that we do. Eating with fingers? Why, when you can eat with a fork. Drinking from a sippy cup? Why, when you can drink Grandma's Sonic drinks.

Helping Around the House

Today, Zane was being unusually quiet in the kitchen while I was in the living room. I walked in to find out that he had opened the dishwasher, crawled in, and was emptying stuff out. Luckily there weren't any knives. Right when I saw him, he started putting everything back away where he found it, like he had gotten busted doing something wrong and was trying to hide it.

Zane has figured out that keys unlock doors, so now when he plays with keys, he goes up to different doors and tries to "unlock" them. When we come in the house together, I let him unlock the door for us now. :)

Out Out Please Please

This is a video of Zane begging to go "Out, out, out, please, please, please." The little dude absolutely loves being outside and would definitely be happy if he could be out there every second of everyday. I'm starting to get scared of the cold weather coming... we need to make a plan quick!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Little Helper

Today, Zane and I spent the day with my friend Tammy (who I met the first day of highschool) and her little girl Abhi. Zane helped out all day by rocking Abhi in the rocking chair and pushing her in the stroller. He also kissed her hand a few times and talked to her a lot. She was completely happy just watching Zane and all his energy.

Our New Names

Well, Zack and I are no longer known as mama and dada. I guess those names are only for babies, because now Zane calls us Mommy and Daddy. He's growing up so fast!

Spinnin Around

This is our entertainment for boring nights. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Days

We have had such a fun summer. I'm so lucky to have a pool in our neighborhood that we can to for free, so I've gotten to go a bunch. Zane just loves the freedom of being able to walk around and explore in and out of the pool. Notice his new swim trunks (dogs) sent from Nancy, his grandma in Minnesota. He barks at his shorts every time he looks down at them.

I think the two boys (Zane and Kai) are chatting about something interesting, or possibly planning their escape out of the gate and into the big pool!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sneaky Guy

Yesterday, Zane took our wireless card, which is our only source of internet right now (long story) and we figured we could get it back later no problem. Well, that was yesterday morning, and we JUST found it an hour ago after searching high and low for literally hours. We looked in all his hiding spots and found a lot of other lost toys and junk, but no wireless card. Finally, we found it, in the bottom of the trash. Somehow, Zane had gotten it into the trash can that is inside a closed closet! Wow, he's good.

Grouchy Face and Burp

I'm so glad I caught Zane's little grouchy face... he does it every once in a while. It's fake. :) Also, I think Zack and I must burp way too often because Zane mimics our burps almost every time and now he knows the word to match the sound.


Zane has been learning new words like crazy, and now he's starting to make up his own words for things. Since he was teeny, he's been pretty attached to his little blanket, which is actually a burp cloth/ cloth diaper. Well, there are a bunch of them, but he's probably convinced there is only one. Anyways, now he calls it his "Boppies." Several times during the day, and especially when he's tired, he remembers that he wants it and will start asking for it. It took us a few days to realize what he was talking about, but now we're getting his language down.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Padres Game

Last night, we all went to the Rockies / Padres baseball game. Besides the hour rain delay, it was really fun. Zane had such a great time watching his favorite team (you can guess which one) play. He clapped along with the crowd and danced with the music. At the end, he got his own seat for a while, and decided to turn around and "play" with all his new friends behind us.

Big Belly Laugh

I love when I find something that for some unknown reason Zane thinks is hilarious. It usually lasts only a couple of minutes and then the next time I try it, it's not funny at all. There's absolutely nothing better than a great big laugh. It's my favorite!

Zane's Buddies

Some of my friends and I started a playgroup when our little ones were REALLY little. It's been fun to watch them grow together and start to play together instead of just the moms having fun together. This isn't the whole group, but part of it. From left to right, Kai is 10 months old (mom is Shelbie), Zane (13 months), Delilah is 3 months old (mom is Pam), and Emily is 1 year (mom is Susan). There's also Taylor, who is 18 months and Tessa who is one day older than Zane (13 months). This was on Thursday. We were going to go to the pool, but it was cloudy so we went to the outlet mall instead.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bouncin in the Stroller

We went on a walk last night with my mom and Dave. I guess Zane just thought he needed to get some exercise instead of sitting still. He is definitely always on the move!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

He's Got the Moves

Some new moves from the little guy. It looks like he's just getting warmed up for the big moment, but nope, that's actually his best and only move right now. Anytime he hears ANY music though, he can't resist dancing along to it.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Obsession with Brushing Teeth

My new obsession is this blog for sure (as you can tell). Zane's new obsession is brushing his teeth. He asks us to brush his teeth, by rubbing his finger in his mouth, so we let him and then he refuses to give the toothbrush back. We figured it must just feel so good on his gums, so last night he "brushed" his 4 teeth for about 2 hours. :) Obsession must run in the family.

Reading with Dad

Zane wants us to read to him basically all day long, but it's paying off because he is learning so much from all the books! It's absolutely amazing all that he remembers... what specific pages say or what pictures are in certain books. It is literally like watching his mind soak it all in. I love it. The first page has a gorilla on it in case you're wondering what he's doing.