Monday, October 13, 2014

Smith is 3!!

My baby is 3. What the heck?  My baby is 3!!! I know I say this all the time, but this time I seriously cannot believe it.  
This guy.  He is beyond irresistible.  He is so loving and cuddly and sweet.  And he is also insanely feisty and rambunctious and stubborn.  He tantrums like a champ and also dances and laughs and cheers like a champ. He's either the cutest or the crankiest (and he's somehow still cute when he's cranky). He is obsessed with playing super heroes, pirates, ninjas, or any other game he can think of and is so good at staying in character.  He is hysterical and cracks us up with his imagination and ideas.  He is ALL BOY - he loves wrestling, tackling, using pretend weapons, and makes the best sound effects. He has become such an awesome kid.  We all love him way beyond what we can ever begin to say.  
Happy birthday to my little man, Smith Abram.

He got to go to school on his birthday and he brought donuts to share with his friends.  Yep, he was sure happy about it.
On Smith's birthday, Zane and Emmy were both up early and wanted to help me get everything ready for a sweet morning for our Bug. We made one of his favorite breakfasts, cinnamon rolls, wrapped his gifts, hung decorations, and then we all went in together to get him out of bed.  When we told him happy birthday, he couldn't believe it.  He kept saying, "Right NOW?!?"  
 He opened gifts from us and Zane and Em at breakfast.  He loves his new batman books and sticker book.  We also got a new Spot It game.

 Then, later that night, we had family over for dinner to celebrate with us.

 Pumpkin cookies for dessert!

 He opened presents...

 Then, he and Emmy and Molly sat and read for a while.  They were sweet friends.

 We reminisced for a little bit, watching videos of both Zane and Emmy when they were Smith's age. It's fun to see their similarities and differences...

 As if that wasn't enough, we stayed up late that night to get all ready for his Super Hero party the next day with a few of his 2 and 3 year old friends.

We layed out all of our superhero costumes for the kids to change into.  We have a lot!
 This is when Smith got up in the morning and saw everything out and ready for his 3rd bday party.  He was so excited and immediately changed into costume.  I'm pretty sure that he changed costumes at least 10 times that day.
 We had all things superhero!
 Stuff to make our own masks...
 Batman balloon.
 Emmy and Molly both wanted to be "Super Elsa." :)  They had capes, so it counts, right?

 Super Girl and Super Girl making their masks.
 Little Kate dressed up at Spider Girl.
 We did some superhero training.  WE practiced our punches by punching right through the holes in the box...
 Then, they shot all the villains with silly string.

 Including Zane (who pretended to be a bad guy).

 I love these pictures of Smith waiting for everyone to join him so he could open gifts.
 His buddy Eli was waiting with him.

 I love how the other kids just bombard and surround the kids opening gifts.

 Cupcake time!

 We were all so tired after a lot of partying.  We all needed some down time for sure.