Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break

This past week was our spring break.  We packed in as much as possible of course.  It was so great to have my 3 cuties with me all day every day.  Molly was on vacation with Jord and Ben so it was just the four of us most days and Zack even took a day off and spent a few days with us too.  I'm kind dreading Zane being back at school all day again...except for by the end of the week he and Emmy were going at each other.  I think they may be ready for a little break from playing with each other every second of every day.
I'm getting excited for summer break!

These guys have been obsessed with playing with Legos. Zane finally finished his new Lego Movie set that he and Emmy bought with their own money. They played and played and played and played.  Smith is joining in some now too.  He pretty much just takes the heads off the little people and then puts them back on.  He concentrates so hard the whole time. Haha.
I know I have said this a zillion times, but I love when they all 3 play together.  It makes me so happy.

 Smith has been so into Superheroes lately. Sometimes he wants to wear his costume to bed.  This night, I found him sound asleep with the whole thing on, even his mask.

 Earlier I took some cute pics of my sweet little man.  He's so irresistible right now.  Talking a ton, cracking us up, playing with the big kids, giving lot's of hugs, and lot's of wrestles. :)

 The first day of break, Zack got hit with food poisoning or flu.  He was SICK, so the kids and I bailed out and went to the pool.  We called Judi and Bob last minute and they joined us.  It's awesome having a 3-3 adult-kid ratio!!!  They get to go on the big slides, lazy river, get launched, spray us, etc. So fun.

 Hanging out at church.  Silly monkeys.

 One day, we drove down to Parker to visit my cousin Stephanie and her family.  The kids had fun playing and got to eat lunch on the couch while watching TV.  Wow, they thought it was so cool.

 Then we headed over to the big Monkey Bizness. I was worried it would be too big for Smith but he could do everything, so it was a blast for all 3 kids. Tons of climbing, jumping, sliding, playing.

 Smith could climb up and slide down this enormous slide completely by himself.  I couldn't believe it. That's him sliding.
 Air hockey

 Another day we went to the Children's Museum with my great friend Katy and her 3 boys. I'm so thankful to have a membership there.

Emmy dressed up like an ant


 My vets taking care of the puppies

 The park afterwards...
 During this break, I also went through all the kids' clothes and switched out new Spring clothes and took out too small or too warm of clothes.  These are just some...
 Zack and I got to have a date night when he normally would have been at youth group.  We walked around a lake and then ran some errands. Bliss!
 Most of my family was in Oregon this past week enjoying the beach house.  We couldn't go, so my grandparents sent me flowers to just say sorry they left us behind. I love them so much - so sweet.
 One morning, we tried a new activity.  We drove up to Longmont to try their "Discovery Days." Each week they have a different theme and have all sorts of crafts and art projects the kids can do.  They loved it.  I had to try it because it was super hero week.
 They made capes, masks, power bracelets, and rings.

 Oh, and there was a face painting table. :)

 We had to try a new park before heading home...

 We had coupons for free kids' meals and Benni Hana's, from last summer's library reading program.  We had never taken the kids to eat there before.  They thought it was really fun watching them cook on the table. The cook joked around with the kids a bunch and even little Smith was cracking up. Their favorite part was the ice cream at the end of the meal.

Zane got to go to a super fun birthday party in Highlands Ranch.  His friend Charlie had a Ninjago party - they all dressed like Ninjas. Zane has the white mask and black outfit on. That's Charlie's Dad (Sensei Luke) in the back.  LOL
 Silly faces.  6 year old boys are fun.

 We did lounge around a little bit. They were snuggled in watching TV in their jammies.

 We got to go to the zoo with Zack.  We met up with JOrd and Ben and Molly for a little bit of it too.

This was them finding the fox. And Smith was calling him with the sounds from the Fox song.

 Eating lunch at the zoo

 I love this wonderful little girl...

 I had to take a pic of the monkey that has come up to us several times and showed us his teeth.  He's crazy! This time, when he walked right up to us and showed us his sharp teeth, Smith got so scared and started crying really hard.  Poor guy.
 Dada - Emmy time

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March so far...

Zane finished his winter basketball season the beginning of March.  He improved so much each and every game.  He got so much better by the end of the season.  He was making shots, dribbling more confidently, and rebounding!  It was so fun getting to watch him and also coach him.  I was proud of him and his team. 

Before the last game, Smith got to warm up with the big kids.

Then, he got benched the rest of the game...

After the game, Smith had to get a few more shots in. He got some help from Uncle Ben.

Then, we celebrated with family after the game at Red Robin.  Including our family, there were 15 of us there to support Zane and eat dinner together. :)  I love my family so much and love how they show support.

This silly girl.
She got some new make up that she wanted to try on everyone...
This guy's hair after his naps is hilarious.
This cute little face...

Emmy likes these blocks.  She'll work for a big part of a day to make different structures.  She has all different ideas of patterns and shapes, etc. She gets sooooo frustrated when it falls or gets knocked down but then she almost always tries again.
Zaney Boy
I spend almost every afternoon with just Emmy.  We get one on one time when Zane's at school and Smith and Molly are napping.  I always try to do at least one fun thing with her and then the rest of the time, we both do something restful (or productive).

This day, she set up an entire store. She works for hours gathering, organizing, and labeling.  She wanted to get it all ready so Zane could shop when he got home from school.

She had filled her wallet with old credit cards and money for Zane to spend.
Playing in the rain...

Emmy had her dance recital a few weeks ago.  What a cutie pie. She did 3 dances and did so well.  She followed her teacher and was right on task.

The funniest things though, is that one the way home she said, "I don't know if I ever want to do dance again.  It was so much work, and I felt way too nervous with butterflies in my stomach."  Haha.

Grandma came to watch

Grandma Shirley and Pappy also came, they had just driven home from Cedaredge but still made it. Here's our cheering section. Molly and Smith and Zane did so well watching.

Playing in the backyard...
Sometimes we have grumpy moments

Zane looks so grown up...

Zane and Emmy have worked so hard building a new Lego set they bought.
We went to a story time at a fun book store with friends and then lunch afterwards.
Kids table!
Aunt Becca and Uncle Chris got Zane this superhero cape when he was 2 or 3.  And as each kid got a little older, I ordered matching ones.  I love them.  And I love when they play in them.

Cup Stacker!!!
She tried to make a tower as big as herself and she was so proud of herself. Then, she tried the rest of the afternoon to make it a second time and never could get it again.  It doesn't help when you have two toddlers nearby almost knocking it down the whole time.

I love her expressions.  Shocked that it stayed up.

This guy has been wearing some kind of jersey day AND night for weeks now.  He even asks for a bib at meals so his jersey doesn't get dirty and when he's done eating he'll look down and yell out "It's still clean!!"

Then she actually went to get Smith and told him he could knock it down.  What a gift!
Grandma got Emmy and Molly matching PJs.  Emmy wanted to get into them right away.  She also wanted their hair and socks to match. :)

Smith got new pajamas too!

When Emmy's at school, Smith has to find someone to play superheroes with.  Molly and Smith are too cute together. Superman and Supergirl ran around the house for a long time "saving" different stuffed animals.

At church, we have a character who is a moose named Dano.  Smith is terrified of him.  So every time we walk into church he immediately asks if Dano is there and we have to look.  This day, he was around the corner, so while they ate their bagels, Zane and Emmy were protecting him. LOL.
Blurry, but I love this hug picture.
Practicing at home

On a walk
Park day
Smith with his friend Eli

Zane was pushing Molly this day for a long time - she was cracking up and Zane was having fun too.

Brrr!  A cold walk from Costco to the car...