Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunflower Farm

Swings, tree houses, ladders, animals, zip line, horse riding, fire pit, hay maze, corn and sand boxes, turkeys, tractors ...
We had such a good time at the farm Friday night. The best family time.

 Lot's of bridges and ladders and slides

 Em loves pigs

 The turkey, Tom, followed us around.  And of course, Smith was terrified of him.  The other two loved him and got to pet him a few times.  He gobbled at us a bunch.  I think I am with Smith on this one.
 He came after our dinner and water bottles. LOL.
 Smith wanted to keep up with the big kids, crossing bridges on the hay.

 Zane ran and jumped on these hay stacks / maze like crazy.  It was his favorite.

 I can't believe our little man was brave enough to feed the goats.  It was Emmy's favorite thing.

 Waiting their turn to ride the horse, and cooling off for a sec.  It was HOT.

 Smith looked so tiny on the horse.  He giggled a bunch while he was riding.

 My big guy!!
 Zip line

 At the end of the night, this baby goat escaped through the fence.  Emmy was the only one over there.  She got to pet him and feed him and felt so special.  It made her whole night.

 Smith liked to drive all the tractors.
 And then we finished off the night with a trip to Sweet Cow, our favorite ice cream place.