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7th Bday, 4th of July, Breck

I took a zillion pictures of Zane's birthday party, and our family trip to Breckenridge for the 4th of July.  So I narrowed it down some, but still included a ton of pics.  I may be a little obsessed.  I just feel like years from now, we'll be so glad that we documented our experiences.  

Jord and Ben rented a house in Breck for us all to celebrate her graduation from residency and to say thank you for supporting them throughout the past several years.  We had such an amazing time! The house was outrageously nice and Breck was so much fun.  
My pictures always end up coming up out of order and since there's so many, I'm just going to leave them all mixed up!

The weekend before we left, we celebrated Zane's birthday with his friends.  He wanted to invite his entire first grade class plus more.  About 15 friends came to his football party and we played at a park and did football drills and games. 

During our time in the mountains, we hiked, rode the gondola, rode the Alpine Slides, rode on a boat and fished, ate amazing meals, walked to the parade, had a huge water fight with fire fighters downtown, watched fireworks, played games, went to the park, and went swimming.

My sweet, amazing, special little man impresses me every single day.  This birthday boy is beyond great and we love him very much. I honestly cannot even believe that he's 7 years old and in 2nd grade. So insane. 

I love you, Zane Moses
 The whole crew...


 The chipmunks were coming right up to us to grab seeds and crumbs

 Oh this sweet little thing...


 Games and movies

 Emmy helped Grandma get Zane's cake ready.
 Ok, take a break from Breck, and here are the pics from Zane's friend bday party from before our trip.  He wanted a football party.

 Chargers' gear

 Huddling to make a plan

 I love when Smith and Emmy joined in on the football game.
 All lined up for food


Ok, back to Breckenridge...

Smith pretended to be "Bat S" almost the whole trip. And when he says it, it sound exactly like "Bad Ass." So funny.
They hid in this spot and then had a secret hideout under the stairs.
 Pappy and Zane went out to play catch...

 Emmy loves her Molly.  She helped play with her and take care of her so well.  She's becoming such a big girl!
 Zane got to open a couple gifts each day leading up to his actual birthday.

 More hike pics...

 Ultimate tantrum - he lost it for a while.
 Walking with Grandpa Dave
 Eating on our back deck
 Emmy working with Grandma Shirley

 The Budweiser horses were there.
 Walking down town

 At the top, these three stayed back to drink a beer (and cranberry juice for Grandma) while the rest of us rode the Alpine Slides.
On the chairlift leading up to the slides

 Opening another gift
 4th of July hair (practice one)
 Here are a bunch of pictures from our beautiful boat ride on Lake Dillon

Zane helping Molly fish

 Smith did a lot of thumbs up for pictures.  Haha.  Not sure where he got this idea. :)

 Smith got to drive for a bit with Anthony

 We didn't catch any fish, but had so much fun trying

 Emmy's turn to drive and honk the horn

 Another present - a new magic set from Emmy.  They did a great magic show for us.

 Cheers to Jord graduating residency and getting a fantastic new job as a doctor!
 We had rolled pancakes for breakfast for Zane's birthday

 Ready to walk to the parade...

 2nd attempt at hair (thanks, Mom!)

These guys had so much fun at the parade and got the hang of grabbing the candy.

 Watching the fireworks from our back deck - they were SO CLOSE!!!  They were literally shooting them from down the hill from our backyard.  It was extraordinary.
 Sweet aunt Nell
 Our view...

This was a park we found nearby.

 Not a bad place for a park!
 We got to have a big water fight on Main Street.  We were prepared.

 Zane ran straight through the hoses.  Smith was nervous and holding my hand and suddenly, out of nowhere, let go and just ran straight through.  He went a few times.  Emmy mostly just played around in the street.

 The kids got to help hold the fire hose

 Smith was squirting us and got Grandpa Jack a few times and cracked up
 Tiny hike up to our house
 On Zane's birthday, he got to go on another fishing trip.  They caught fish this time!  He had some great stories to tell.
 Pappy cleaned the fish out, with an audience
 Another gift.
 Happy 4th!
A few more randoms...

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