Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Week

Our Christmas was so fun this year. We basically celebrated for the entire week. We got to spend several nights at my Mom's house with my sisters and their husbands and also got to spend one night at my Dad's house with everyone. We really missed seeing Zack's family this year though!
This was the group on Christmas morning. We got to spend the day with our family (Mom and Stepdad, Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle, sisters and brother-in-laws), our family friends the Arnolds, and Ben's mom and sister. We ate a delicious pancake breakfast and then opened presents out in the living room.

Here's Zane trying to give Aunt Nell a kiss right in the middle of the present mess.
He got a fake pizza from Grandma Jodi and Grandpa Dave, which he loved. He was cutting pieces and handing them out to people all day after he added the fake cheese and chili peppers.

Here's some pictures of sweet Emerson on Christmas.
With her great-aunt Judi.

Emerson and Zane gave each other gifts. We let Zane pick out whatever he wanted for Emmy, and he picked two little people for her. He was so excited to give it to her, helped us wrap it, and then got to watch her open it. In the video, he's saying, "Here ya go" even though it sounds like he's saying "Thank you." The second video is Zane opening his gift from Emerson.

Zane reading his new book with Dad.

Zane also got a new Doctor set. His favorite is giving people shots and when he gives someone a shot, he says, "Don't be scared. It's just a little pinch." and then he asks the "patient" to say ouch. He also knows how to listen to heartbeats and when he takes a temperature, he says, "You need tylenol because you have a fever."

Here's Zane's new tool set from Grandpa Dave. He's wearing his tool belt and playing with his tool box.
He also got some new costumes from Judi and Bob, since he loves dressing up all the time. He was showing us his Ninja moves here.
Buzzing like a bee...

Aunt Becca and Uncle Chris gave us a Denver Zoo membership for the year...yeah!

Zane is obsessed with puzzles right now and he got a bunch of new ones from his Grandma and Grandpa. He can do this 24 piece one totally alone and can already do his new 12 piece and letter and number ones by himself. It's so fun to watch!

Here's my two little monkeys playing with their toys.

We opened stockings that morning as a family before everyone else woke up. It was so cool to watch Zane find what Santa brought. I have an awesome video of him opening his stocking from our video camera that I will add soon. Emerson liked playing with her stocking more than the gifts inside.

Zane liked to keep putting everything back in and then dig it out again.
Here's our Christmas Eve dinner...steak and crab!

On the 23rd, we celebrated Christmas at our Dad's house. We ate good pizza and then opened tons of gifts. Zane and Emerson both got their own new kitchen from Grandpa Jack and Grandma Kris.

Here's Zane playing with his new kitchen at home. This night he decided to have a "party" and invited all his magnets and cups and every other toy he could find, so it's just packed with toys.
Here's Zack and Zane both cooking dinner for New Year's Eve.
Earlier in the week, we went to a friend's house and Zane and his friends did a Christmas craft. He was able to dip the beads in glue and fit them into the holes in the trees.
During the week, we also took Zane to his very first movie, "The Princess and the Frog." He was perfect for the first hour and then got a little restless, so we let him walk up and down the aisle and then he settled back down.

After the movie, he gave us his review. He said it was a good movie, but kinda scary, and a little bit boring. Anytime someone asks him how the movie was, he says, "It was a little bit boring." He tells about it a little bit in this video, and in the beginning, he's acting like a baby (that's his ongoing game right now). You also get to see his fake smile. :)

Here's some reindeer ears action...


My sister Jordan and her fiance Ben got married on December 19th and it was a blast! The wedding was awesome and the reception was great. The best part for Zack and I, since we were both in the wedding, was that Zack's mom Nancy flew from MN to help watch the kids the whole weekend!! Wow, what an amazing Grandma. She had her hands full lugging the kids and all their gear from one event to the next all weekend, but because of her, we were all able to have so much fun and then Zane and Emerson were also able to be home at a reasonable hour each night and sleep in their own beds. Thank you, Gigi!

These pictures and videos are in mixed up order...they go reception, then rehearsal, then wedding. Oh well.

One highlight for me was Zane and his cousin Mira going crazy on the dance floor. They danced a ton and everyone seemed to be very entertained. They weren't as good as Jord and Ben, but they tried their best to keep up. Here's videos of them dancing fast and then slow dancing together. It was hilarious!

Zane and Mira Working the Dance Floor from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Slow Dancing from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Here are some of Zane's moves during the night...some on his own and some with Mira. He didn't hold back...that's for sure. Plus, by the end of the night, he had his vest and jacket off and his shirt was huge, so it added to the amusement of the whole thing.

Here's the bride and groom dancing with them...
Check out the whole crowed doing the Electric Slide and then little Zane right smack in the middle of everyone looking around. He tried it, but couldn't quite get it.
Zack and I had fun together and could actually spend some quiet time once Gigi took Zane and Emmy home.
Here's my sisters and I with my Dad, and then my Mom in the next picture.

Under the mistletoe...
Zane got so worn out and sleepy at the end of the night, so he snuggled with me.
Here's Emerson at the reception with Gigi and Nell about to give her a kiss.

At the rehearsal, Zane practicing his ring bearer duties. The first time he tried, he ran FULL SPEED down the aisle. So funny.

The girls and Zack before the rehearsal.
The girls watching the rehearsal.

Here are some pictures from the actual wedding. Here is the wedding party all jumping for joy. :)
I'm so happy for Jord. She couldn't have found a better fit for a husband.
Here's Zane and Mira during their big moment. Mira started slowing down near the end, so Zane started pulling her along. He also said hi to people in their seats while he was walking and showed some people his pillow. Mira and Zane did awesome. No crying or anything.

I like this picture because it shows Zane blabbing away to Mira. It's funny though, because usually he's the big talker, but Mira was also a huge talker so they just talked non-stop to each other and really understood what the other was saying.

Here's Jordan and her sisters on the way to the wedding. We rode in the car on the way there so Ben wouldn't see her and then we got to ride in a limo with the whole wedding party from the ceremony to the reception. I love these girls!