Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snowed in for 2 Days

Wow, it has been a LONG two days around here. Long but good. We got so much snow that all the schools were closed and the roads got too bad, so Zack (and the rest of us) got two snow days. By now, we are all a little bit stir crazy and are thinking about trying to venture out into the storm (it's still snowing) to go grocery shopping because we have no good food left, but we aren't sure if it's the best choice...
Here's how much snow we had piled up. It was taller than Zane! We got well over two feet at least all together.

Here's Zane ready to go to the store. He put on his vest, hat, and boots all by himself! He loves these too big camouflage rain boots. And of course he's wearing his trusty Elmo pants. He said, as we were walking out the door, "I'm wearing my Elmo pants to the store. That's silly!" It cracked me up that out of the whole outfit, that's what he thought was silly.

During our time together, we did a lot. We played "sleep" a lot where we all pretend we're asleep and snore and then wake up and do it over and over again. It's one of Zane's favorites. He even has "his side" of the bed that he has to be on. In this picture, he's about to give Emmy a kiss.

We dressed Emerson in some Bronco's gear. This was actually my sweat suit as a baby!

Zack got a little carried away on this one...
Yesterday, Zane got to get bundled up and go out twice, once with Mommy and once with Daddy later. He had the best time and although it was really cold and windy and snowy, Zack and I both had fun too. We made a snowman just so he could knock it down, walked in deep deep snow and lost his boots, layed down and made snow angels, walked around the block a few times, and had a snowball fight. For that, he had me put a snowball in his hand because he couldn't pick it up with his mittens on and every time he threw one he yelled, "snowball fight!"
When he went out with Zack, it was freezing and so right at first he said he hated the snow, but then about 1 minute later, he changed his mind and said he loved the snow.
We played with a lot of toys and a lot of shoes. He loved wearing these way too big rain boots around the house (it's all we had for the snow...we haven't bought him snow boots that fit yet!)
I recently saw on a friend's blog a few art projects that her daughter had done, so I used her idea and changed it a little so Zane could make a pumpkin and monster (thanks Susan!). I cut out the big shapes and he tore the little pieces of tissue paper himself and then we cut out other shapes together. He glued them on where he wanted them. He was SO proud of himself and was running around the house showing us and telling us all about them.

This is his pumpkin...
This is his monster...he was putting him in front of his face and talking in a low funny voice saying, "Hi, I'm a Monster!!"
These are up on our fridge, held up with our sushi magnets of course. :)
Here's Zane talking about his monster.

We spent some time on our computers...

Overall, it was a great time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Recent Pictures

Our little girl is getting so big!

Zane and Emerson were playing with chalk and "painting" on the sidewalk outside with paintbrushes and water.

Zane LOVES wearing all different shoes. He was wearing Dad's shoes around the house
My 3 Charger's fans...

On our cold, long days inside we are trying to find different activities to do. This day, we made a fort that we spent ALL DAY in. It was a castle for a while, a room for a while, a tent for a while, and they both really liked being in there. It was fun.

Bath Time

We decided to try Emerson in the little bath seat a couple of nights ago, and her and Zane had a blast together in the tub. She can't quite sit up on her own yet, so she kept sliding around and down a bit, but she did alright.
Zane was dumping water on her arms and legs and it took her breath away every time. She also really didn't like it when it splashed on her face. She toughed it out though. :)
I like in the video when Emerson starts playing with all of her belly rolls!!!

This is Zane trying to help wash Emerson's hair...

My sweet big blue eyed girl
These next two pictures are of Zane when he first tried out the seat when he was Emmy's age. There are definitely some similarities, but I think they mostly look pretty different.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Zane Updates

What Zane's been saying and doing lately...

* He's been into sorting and organizing everything, but not just normal easy sorting. He sorts things in really smart ways now. Like, when we clean up his toys, he divides them into different containers...the people in one, the animals and dinosaurs in one, the cars in one, the big toys in the big toy box and the train stuff in the train box. He divides his snacks and food by color, shape, or characters. He puts similar bath toys together in different spots around the tub, like all the trains together, all the water animals together, all the dogs together, etc.

* When he bumps something or runs into me on accident, he says, "Sorry, it was an accident. I didn't mean to."

* When he's doing something daring, he says, "I need to be really careful. I might hurt myself." He also tells me to be careful. Like when I was sweeping the other day, he said, "Be careful, Mommy. Don't sweep my toys."

* He thinks Emerson is hilarious all of a sudden. He tells her to scream and then if she coincidentally does, he cracks up. Basically every sound or movement she makes, he thinks it's the funniest. Then, in turn, she laughs at him laughing. It's the best.

* He's also getting better at making sure she always has a toy and sharing his toys with her. I've seen him give her his toys some when he doesn't know I'm looking which is a good sign.

* He requests all kinds of music in the car and the other day he was asking for something and I didn't know what it was for so long and then finally figured out he was asking for "Paramore," a band that I have listened to a few times with him and he remembered their name and when I turned it on he said, "Yeah, this is it. I like them."

* When he picks his nose and gets a booger, he says, "EEWWW, I have a booger. Can I have a tissue?"

* When Zack or I are singing something that he doesn't like, he says, "Don't sing that please." But he says it super politely, which makes it so funny and will just keep saying it until we stop. Then usually he tells us what he wants us to sing instead.

* When he's fussing, fake crying, or whining and we tell him to stop, he says, "No, I want to cry!!" and he keeps doing it.

* I always give Zane a warning for how many minutes he has left to play. So now, when time is up and I say it's time to go or time to clean up, he says, "I'm just gonna play for a few more minutes." He says it super sweet and matter of factly.

* He loves pretending to be different animals or people. He keeps us up to date on what or who he is at the moment and it changes all day. Today, he was a spider for a while, a dog, Cinderella, a butterly, a prince, Ariel, a baseball player. For each thing he wears at least one thing that represents it. So fun.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last week we went to the Pumpkin Patch in Monument. Zane loved it and Emerson thought it was OK. She wasn't a big fan of the cold wind...every gust made her gasp for breath. :)

This is the three of us on a tractor ride...

Nice hat, Emerson!
Zane didn't really like many pumpkins when he was trying to pick one, but did like to sit on them.

Here's us just hanging out.

Zane's favorite part were these slides. He went over and over and over. He got to the point where he could totally do it by himself...climb up the hay to the top, put the potato sack down and sit on it, slide down, walk back up the hill. It was nice to just watch for a little bit and see how proud of himself he was.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recent Events

The other night, we went over to Jord's house and Ben was making homemade tortillas. Zane had to get in on the action. Luckily, one batch was bad so Zane got to use it for his tortillas. (Don't worry, we didn't eat from that dough!) So cute though, watching him roll it, pound it, and try to make snakes and dogs out of it.

If you look carefully, you can see the indention of carpet on the right side of his face because on this day, he fell asleep on the floor right in front of his door. I had to wake him up that day and couldn't even open the door. His face was flat on the ground. Since then, though, he's gotten a lot better about staying in his bed again. As of now, he's gone to bed 7 times perfectly! I also just think his expression in this picture is hilarious, so had to put it on here.
Now, sometimes when I need to do something in the other room, I ask Zane if he'll take care of Emerson. He likes it now and on this day, he was playing, but when I asked him to watch her, he said, "Sure!" and ran over and sat next to her. A few minutes later when I checked on them, he was seriously holding her hand. He also knows to come and tell me when she's crying or if she needs something and he gives her toys back when she drops them. My favorite though, is how he talks to her in a baby voice and tells her what he's doing or asks her to watch him do something. So sweet.
A few days ago, Emerson had one really red, hot cheek for two days off and on, so I called the doctor and they wanted me to come in because they were afraid it could be cellulitis. I took these pictures of her cheek in case it suddenly got better when I got there. So, these are those pictures, and I put them on here because I love how blue here eyes look! Anyways, it wasn't cellulitis, but it ended up that she had Thrush, an infection in her mouth, and we're treating it with medicine, so it's not big deal.

We were trying on Zane's new elephant Halloween costume he loved it. The instant it goes on, it makes him run around the house like crazy and act like an elephant. It really makes me want to buy a bunch of new costumes and dress up clothes for him because with the little bit of it that we've done, I've realized that it is becoming his favorite activity. He's put it on and off probably 100 times since last week. This Halloween will be so fun!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rockies Game

Tonight, we took Zane to the Rockies playoff game with Jordan and Ben. Although it was really really cold, (and in my opinion, long) we all had a good time. The highlight of the night for Zane was meeting Dinger and giving him a hug and kiss. On the way home, when we asked him if he liked the baseball game, he said, "I love Dinger."

We all bundled up, especially at the very end of the night. Brrrr!

Zane really did so well at the game. He held his glove up for part of it hoping to catch a foul ball, danced to the music, clapped and cheered along with the crowd, gave random strangers knuckles and high fives, and at a ballpark hotdog.
Zane kept taking his hat and mittens off, until it got way too cold, then he actually asked for them and kept them on. He learns fast!
At the end of the game, Zane got bored, so Aunt Jord jumped in and played with him for a while. Thanks, guys, for a fun night. :)