Monday, October 19, 2009

Zane Updates

What Zane's been saying and doing lately...

* He's been into sorting and organizing everything, but not just normal easy sorting. He sorts things in really smart ways now. Like, when we clean up his toys, he divides them into different containers...the people in one, the animals and dinosaurs in one, the cars in one, the big toys in the big toy box and the train stuff in the train box. He divides his snacks and food by color, shape, or characters. He puts similar bath toys together in different spots around the tub, like all the trains together, all the water animals together, all the dogs together, etc.

* When he bumps something or runs into me on accident, he says, "Sorry, it was an accident. I didn't mean to."

* When he's doing something daring, he says, "I need to be really careful. I might hurt myself." He also tells me to be careful. Like when I was sweeping the other day, he said, "Be careful, Mommy. Don't sweep my toys."

* He thinks Emerson is hilarious all of a sudden. He tells her to scream and then if she coincidentally does, he cracks up. Basically every sound or movement she makes, he thinks it's the funniest. Then, in turn, she laughs at him laughing. It's the best.

* He's also getting better at making sure she always has a toy and sharing his toys with her. I've seen him give her his toys some when he doesn't know I'm looking which is a good sign.

* He requests all kinds of music in the car and the other day he was asking for something and I didn't know what it was for so long and then finally figured out he was asking for "Paramore," a band that I have listened to a few times with him and he remembered their name and when I turned it on he said, "Yeah, this is it. I like them."

* When he picks his nose and gets a booger, he says, "EEWWW, I have a booger. Can I have a tissue?"

* When Zack or I are singing something that he doesn't like, he says, "Don't sing that please." But he says it super politely, which makes it so funny and will just keep saying it until we stop. Then usually he tells us what he wants us to sing instead.

* When he's fussing, fake crying, or whining and we tell him to stop, he says, "No, I want to cry!!" and he keeps doing it.

* I always give Zane a warning for how many minutes he has left to play. So now, when time is up and I say it's time to go or time to clean up, he says, "I'm just gonna play for a few more minutes." He says it super sweet and matter of factly.

* He loves pretending to be different animals or people. He keeps us up to date on what or who he is at the moment and it changes all day. Today, he was a spider for a while, a dog, Cinderella, a butterly, a prince, Ariel, a baseball player. For each thing he wears at least one thing that represents it. So fun.


Lori said...

As always, Josie, thanks for the updates. For those of us that live far away, it is so nice to hear about the day-to-day stuff.

The Stones said...


You do such a great job describing everything that they do! I can just picture Zane talking and playing while I read this! I can't wait to see you all soon. I really miss you all but I can't wait to hear Zane call me aunt ecca. It just makes my day!!

Ashley said...

Haha...dividing his toys up so perfectly?! Sounds like OCD to me ;)

I like that he and Emerson get along. Randy and I never fought as kids and we're still best buddies. Hoping that'll be the case here :)

Tell Zane hi for me and tell him we'll skateboard together again when I come home!