Monday, October 12, 2009

Rockies Game

Tonight, we took Zane to the Rockies playoff game with Jordan and Ben. Although it was really really cold, (and in my opinion, long) we all had a good time. The highlight of the night for Zane was meeting Dinger and giving him a hug and kiss. On the way home, when we asked him if he liked the baseball game, he said, "I love Dinger."

We all bundled up, especially at the very end of the night. Brrrr!

Zane really did so well at the game. He held his glove up for part of it hoping to catch a foul ball, danced to the music, clapped and cheered along with the crowd, gave random strangers knuckles and high fives, and at a ballpark hotdog.
Zane kept taking his hat and mittens off, until it got way too cold, then he actually asked for them and kept them on. He learns fast!
At the end of the game, Zane got bored, so Aunt Jord jumped in and played with him for a while. Thanks, guys, for a fun night. :)


Ed said...

Wow, that looks cold! I'm sure glad I'm out here in cozy warm Southern California! :-) Sorry about the Rockies, but it sure looks like you guys had fun, thanks for the pics.

Ashley said...

Too cute! Emerson is beautiful. And I love Zane's costume.
Has Zack lost weight? You all look so great I miss you guys too much!