Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Recent Events

The other night, we went over to Jord's house and Ben was making homemade tortillas. Zane had to get in on the action. Luckily, one batch was bad so Zane got to use it for his tortillas. (Don't worry, we didn't eat from that dough!) So cute though, watching him roll it, pound it, and try to make snakes and dogs out of it.

If you look carefully, you can see the indention of carpet on the right side of his face because on this day, he fell asleep on the floor right in front of his door. I had to wake him up that day and couldn't even open the door. His face was flat on the ground. Since then, though, he's gotten a lot better about staying in his bed again. As of now, he's gone to bed 7 times perfectly! I also just think his expression in this picture is hilarious, so had to put it on here.
Now, sometimes when I need to do something in the other room, I ask Zane if he'll take care of Emerson. He likes it now and on this day, he was playing, but when I asked him to watch her, he said, "Sure!" and ran over and sat next to her. A few minutes later when I checked on them, he was seriously holding her hand. He also knows to come and tell me when she's crying or if she needs something and he gives her toys back when she drops them. My favorite though, is how he talks to her in a baby voice and tells her what he's doing or asks her to watch him do something. So sweet.
A few days ago, Emerson had one really red, hot cheek for two days off and on, so I called the doctor and they wanted me to come in because they were afraid it could be cellulitis. I took these pictures of her cheek in case it suddenly got better when I got there. So, these are those pictures, and I put them on here because I love how blue here eyes look! Anyways, it wasn't cellulitis, but it ended up that she had Thrush, an infection in her mouth, and we're treating it with medicine, so it's not big deal.

We were trying on Zane's new elephant Halloween costume he loved it. The instant it goes on, it makes him run around the house like crazy and act like an elephant. It really makes me want to buy a bunch of new costumes and dress up clothes for him because with the little bit of it that we've done, I've realized that it is becoming his favorite activity. He's put it on and off probably 100 times since last week. This Halloween will be so fun!


Beth said...

Zane is the cutest elephant, ever!

Lori said...

There are so many cute pictures in this batch that I don't know where to start!! :-)

Derrick, Shelbie, and Kai said...

Love the elephant costume and dress up idea!! How cute that Z will babysit E!!!! What a good big brother.

Lori said...

I must say I love the elephant costume AND the "cape" he is wearing while helping Ben make tortillas!! :-)

Lori said...

I also love the picture of Emerson sitting next to Zane. She is excited right down to her toes. So cute!!