Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big Brother

Zane is going to be a big brother!! These are pictures of our new little monkey. They were taken when I was 11 weeks (last week) and when he or she was 4 cm. long. The due date is May 13th, so I'm going to enjoy these next few months of "quiet"(yeah right) before it just gets crazy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Chair

We finally used up the rest of our gift cards that we got at our baby showers before Zane was born to buy him a new little chair. At first, he used it for all the right reasons, lounging, reading, sitting. Within a few minutes, he decided to use it as a jungle gym, standing up and jumping, climbing over the sides. What a little monkey!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

List of Updates

Here are some new things that Zane is doing that I have desperately been trying to get on video, but have literally been IMPOSSIBLE to catch!! He is so busy and does cute stuff all day, but every time I turn on the video, he stops doing it immediately or asks to see the "baby" on the camera. I want to keep trying, but for now, I just have to write a list for my own sake so I don't forget all that he's doing right now.
1. When he gets onto the scale, he says, "BIG BOY!"
2. He says, "gentle" while gently rubbing our faces, arms, backs, whatever we need!
3. He can say about 130 words now totally on his own without any help or reminders, not including all his animal sounds. His few three syllable ones are "strawberry," "applesauce," "Here ya go," and "butterfly."
4. When he watches sports, he calls them all "baseball."
5. When something breaks or rips, he very genuinely says, "Oh no!" over and over.
6. He's been hiding toys in the vent in the kitchen and we just now found them.
7. He points at objects and names them, including Mommy and Dada. He also points to our stuff and says, "Mommy's" or "Dada's."
8. He finally started calling other people on the phone besides Bobby. Today he called Elmo.
9. He throws a pretty solid tantrum now, which includes stomping his feet, putting his hands on his face or head, spinning in a circle, and then falling to his butt. It usually lasts about 1 minute or so and then he goes back to normal playing.
10. He takes off his pants now and sometimes puts them on his head and says, "hat."

More to come, but hopefully with pictures and videos. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Waiting "Patiently"

This is Zane all ready to go swimming at the rec, waiting at the door for me. He just looked so dang cute, and then on top of that, he was giving me that face like, "Come on, let's go!!!"

Cookin in the Kitchen

We got Zane a new little kitchen set. On the back, it has a bookcase, radio and some other things. He's already using all the parts of his kitchen like a pro...maybe he'll be a chef when he grows up. It's just the best watching him explore a new toy, figuring out all that it does. Don't worry, it's not a girly kitchen at all, if that is what you were thinking!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two New "Habits"

These are two of Zane's new pass times. The first one is of him kissing his dog. He kisses any dog he sees, in a book, on a bib, etc. and he's pretty good at kissing other people too. The second (obviously) is of him doing a little picking. I don't know how he learned this, but now he does it on cue. :) By the way, you may have noticed that he ends a lot of videos saying, "baby." It's because anytime he sees the camera or computer, he asks to see pictures and videos of himself (baby).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crested Butte

This weekend, Zane and I headed up to Crested Butte with our friends Kate and Matt for my friend Erika's wedding. (Zack was in New Orleans for his cousin's wedding). It just so happened that Jordan is doing her "rural" rotation in Gunnison right now so she was able to come stay with us at the condo we rented. So, I got to spend time with her and she also watched Zane for me Friday AND Saturday night so I could go to all the wedding activities. It was a 5 hour drive, but a really fun weekend away. It even snowed while we were there!
We went out in the COLD weather and of course had to get the little man all bundled up.

We went on a little walk around the town.
This is my friend Kate (my roomate from college). It was so fun to see her and her husband Matt for more than just a quick meeting. Zane followed them around saying their names.

Zane was basically on the run every second in the house. This is at about 7:30 in the morning, before breakfast, he was literally running. Wow, he has some energy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Silly and Giggly

Just being a 15 month old.

Grandma and Pappy

Yesterday Zane was hanging out with his great-grandparents. They and his other great-grandma Fran are still young and fun for Zane to spend time with. That day we were at Granny and Gramps' house for lunch (Zane's great-great grandparents).


It was so cold out one day, that I finally broke out the winter hat and mittens. The rest of that day and the next day, Zane wanted to wear them inside and out. This is him riding in the hot car (yes, the ac was blasting) awake and then zonked out. By the way, earlier today we went on our nightly walk and it was freezing outside, but Zane refused to wear the mittens. :)

Trying on Costumes

My mom bought some costumes for Zane to try on, and this is the one we picked for Halloween. He started barking as we tried it on, and then once he had it on he ran around barking and smiling. More pics of our little dog to come after the 31st...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New "Ride" Toys

Zane got a couple of new toys. He wanted to ride both of them. The firetruck was tricky...he kept trying to sit on it over and over and over to ride and it was just a little too small. The Spiderman bike (thanks dad) was tricky...he couldn't hold the button down long enough to go anywhere. So, after a long day of attempting to ride on his new toys, Zane was exhausted.