Monday, May 31, 2010

Funny Videos

Here are a couple videos that will just make you laugh...

Cracking Up from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Tough Guy from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Preschool Program

If nothing else, at least watch the last video!! It's hilarious.

Zane just finished his first semester at preschool. He went one day a week for a few hours and really liked it. He'll be excited to go two days a week starting in August. They put together a little program for the parents to celebrate the end of the year and then the whole school had a picnic together at a park nearby.

Here's Zane's little class. He's actually the youngest by at least 6 months, but keeps up with them pretty well in class. His favorite friend is Jack, who is on the left. He tells stories about playing with him most days when I pick him up.
Here's Emmy during the slide show...just being wild and crazy like usual. :)
Eating our picnic lunch... Jord and Ben and Grandma Fran came to watch and eat with us.
Here's Zane with his teacher, Ms. Angela.
Here's the video of most of the program. His teacher told me he knew every single word to all of it, but he got so shy that he didn't really sing at first. He was so out of it, we were cracking up. The whole thing was pretty overwhelming I'm sure, being his first "performance." I also like the little blonde girl who smiles the entire time. Cute little things.

End of the Year School Program Part 1 from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Here's where it gets good! This song brought out his true self a little more. He danced a little bit and you can also hear his voice singing when no one else is a few times. So classic.

End of the Year School Program Part 2 from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Skateboarding and T-ball

Zane had been begging us to try skateboarding for a while, so we finally gave in and bought him all the pads for it and let him try. He mostly wanted to stand on it and let us pull him along, but he also liked trying it by himself. Luckily, he couldn't go very fast at all.
In this video, I was asking him what his pads were called because he had been calling them ipads, but of course didn't when I asked him on video. "Mom, let's go get my ipads!"

Skater Dude from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Since the weather has gotten better, we have also gotten the t-ball out a few times. Wow, he's a lot better than last summer! He can really hit it well now, both right and left handed. He also can hit the ball with the bat when we just throw it to him. Emerson helped him run and get the ball after he hit it each time. They LOVE being outside!!

T-Ball from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Eating Fun

Do all one-year-olds want to be totally independent or is it just Emerson?!? She's sure that she can pretty much do everything by herself. Eating is one of those examples. :) She started refusing baby food a while ago and only eats finger foods now. The good news is that she basically eats anything and everything we put in front of her, but it's hilarious because she is super messy of course and now she even wants to feed herself with a spoon too. When she sees us with our drinks she begs for a sip and then grabs the cup with both hands and tried to force it in her mouth.

Yummy blueberries...

Trying to eat applesauce by herself...she didn't do too bad of a job actually.

When she can't get anymore with a spoon, she just uses her hand or tries to lick the rest out...

Basically after every meal she's completely covered in food. She especially likes to rub it in her hair.

Here's Emerson trying to scare me while she's eating. She sees Zane do it all the time and wants to copy it but doesn't quite have it yet. I don't know what's scarier, how messy she is or her silly noises. :)

Now That's Scary from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Playing Around

We went to Monkey Bizness with Aunt Becca, Uncle Chris, and Fisher and they all loved it. Here's some action shots of the non-stop running, climbing, jumping, and playing...

Baby Dedication

At church last week, Emerson and Fisher were both dedicated. Zack and our Pastor Tim each did part of it. It was funny because Emmy only wanted to be in my arms for about 30 seconds and then started fighting to get down. We're excited to raise our little girl the way God wants us to. :)
Chris, Becca, and Fisher...notice how he just chilled out the whole time. :)
Emerson was waiving to the congregation and making sounds with her hand and mouth.
Zane kept trying to take the microphone from Zack because he said he wanted to sing and when we didn't let him, he decided to play "Ring Around the Rosies" with Emmy and me while I was trying to look serious and pay attention.
Praying for our little ones...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

1st Birthday Bash

Emerson turned one on May 4th and we celebrated with family the following weekend. We had a fun party with an awesome chicken pasta that Zack and his mom made and lot's of sides that other people brought. It was great to have Zack's family in town for it too.

Zane helped me set up before everyone got there and he kept singing "Happy Birthday" to her so I got it on tape...

Happy Birthday to Emmy from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Emmy got all dressed up for the occasion (thanks Aunt Becca for the cute dress!)

I can't believe my baby is one already!

This is Emerson's cousin Fisher who was trying to keep up with her...he's almost walking too!

She and Fisher played with this toy all night. Every time poor Fish tried to use it, she pushed his hands away. I think we need to work on sharing. :)
Playing at the window...
Here's her "smash" cake that my aunt Judi made before all the cake eating.
When we were getting her ready to eat, Zane came over to look at the cake and Emmy got so's like she thought Zane was getting ready to take it from her.

She was pretty much right. Zane snuck right in and started licking the cake.

Well, she liked that idea so she joined right in. Who needs a fork or even fingers when you can just lick it right off the plate?
She used the candle for a fork and mostly liked it but did spit a lot of cake back out.

The cake afterwards...
Here's some of the cake eating action...
I like in this one how she drops to candle so she can clap and how Zane says, "Can I blow the candle out one more time?" and "Emmy needs a napkin." It's funny because he doesn't really like to get dirty but Emerson doesn't care at all.

Eating Cake Part 1 from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

In this one, Zane teaches her how to lick the cake. Also, notice how I subtly said that I didn't think Emmy liked the sprinkles.

Eating Cake Part 2 from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

It was the sweetest thing when Zane gave Emerson a bite with no sprinkles because he had heard me say it earlier. I love his reaction when she got him messy.

Eating Cake Part 3 from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

The kids with their Aunt Becca and Uncle Chris.
With Gigi and Papa.
Big hug!
Emerson thought carrying her gifts around was more fun than opening them. Zane was following her around telling her to open this one and was getting frustrated that she wouldn't open it. He wanted to see what was in it, but had such good self control and didn't take it from her or open it himself.
She did open a few...
One of her favorite gifts was a card from Grandma Fran that sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

Opening Gifts from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Reading her new book with her Aunt Jord...