Sunday, January 27, 2013


Here are a bunch of pictures from the past few weeks.  I have so many cute videos that I want to post, but Vimeo is suddenly giving me problems.  So I'm hoping to post some soon.  For now, pics will have to do.

Emmy and Smith have been riding their horses a lot lately.  Smith will usually even wear his cowboy hat and will just follow Emmy around.  He says "Giddyup" even though it sounds nothing like it. I have such a cute video of him waddling along behind Em on his horse.

 A few cuties...

 Smith has been hugging a lot lately, especially Molly.  He leans in and says, "HUG." He also gives hugs to apologize if he pushes or hits.
 We love our Molly

 This day, we painted our new bird houses from Grandma Fran.  We put seeds in them and put them outside.  So far, there's not much action.

 There's almost nothing better, in my opinion, than a nice day spent at the Zoo.  It is so much fun watching them learn and love the zoo.  Smith is starting to really pay attention to the animals. Our January has been so warm!

 They were throwing fish in to the polar bear so he kept climbing up on the rock right in front of us and then kept putting his face underwater to find the fish.  It was cool. Smith was growling at him.
 Zane absolutely adores snakes.  This one looked like it was trying to get him.

Buddies being silly in the stroller

This guy swung right over our heads!



I love having time with my sisters! This night, we all got to go to dinner and a movie with our husbands and Aunt and Uncle for Christmas.
 Smith trying out his new apps on the ipad.
 Emmy's favorite - the sand at the museum.

 For New Year's Eve, the kids had a parade while banging pots and pans. They had the best time ever.
 I love this picture so much.  They all 3 were working together to put a puzzle together.  Smith was handing pieces to Emmy, who was handing them to Zane or putting them where he told her to.  They were being so sweet and helpful to each other.

 Emmy's drawings of Rapunzel, Flynn, and Mother Gothem from the movie
 I walked in on Emmy in her flash mask and she had put Molly in antlers.
 On a playdate recently, Smith got to eat a snack with his little friend.  They sat at the table and "talked" the whole time. It was so cute.

 Smith sneaking into Molly's carseat to try out her toys and blanket
 Emmy took this.  I think it's a funny face.
 We got the spend the day at the Children's Museum with friends.  As crazy as it feels, especially with Smith, it's worth it for all the fun.  They were soooooooo busy and engaged.  Smith especially  loved the bubbles.

 Emmy, Molly, and me. :) Emmy helps me all day so much with Molly.  She is super sweet with her.
 Emmy is in a new gymnastics class.  This is a picture of her jumping into the foam pit from a really high mat.  She was one of the only ones in her class brave enough to just go for it.
 I love one on one time with each kid.  This day, Em and I got to shop at Target and drink Starbucks together.  So fun!

 Painting with shaving cream and glue...
 I can't believe this but Smith is actually big enough to go on the McDonalds and our rec center's play place.  This day, while Emmy was in her class, I took the boys to this fun play area at our rec.  It is huge and I was so nervous to let Smith go, but I let Zane help him through it all and they did awesome. Smith literally never stopped running and Zane could barely keep up.  They climbed, went in tunnels, and slid down these huge slides.  Smith just knows to get on Zane's lap on the slide and knows how to ask him for help when climbing.

 More brother time...

 Smith wanted to sit on Zane's lap while we waited to get Zane's haircut.

He wanted to keep waiting to with Zane and was sad to have to be with me...
 New haircut! Finally.

We have been using our scooters inside and it's a blast.  Our house has a pretty good path for it.

 There aren't many things better than sunny days at the park...

 Emmy put Smith in all pink.  Pink paci, helmet, scooter, and then she thought it was funny and started piling all her pink stuff onto him.
 She jumped right in front of the camera while I was trying to take a picture of Zane on his scooter.  Haha.

 Bath time with babies!
 Oh I love these shoes of Smith's.  I found a whole box of Zane's old shoes that Smith can wear now.
 These last pictures are in random order from all different times... I just want to get them onto the blog

 Zack was on a "date" with Emmy

 Super heroes!!
 A couple more Christmas ones...

 Zack took Zane on a winter hike.  They made it all the way up to the top of the Flatirons hike. Zane is getting so big!

 Moose burgers

 Here's Zane after his first basketball game. The score was 2-0, his team lost.  He shot twice and had a couple of steals. He also got some good dance moves in on the court...during the game.