Monday, March 30, 2009

Singing and Chatting

Singing the ABC's.... the only thing missing from this video is him saying 'x.' Usually, it sounds like he's choking or funny. He also usually sings the very end really well.

Here's Zane singing "Elmo's World" theme song. It goes, "La la la la la, La la la la la, Elmo's World. Do do do do do, ba ba ba ba....That's Elmo's World."

When Zane is looking for someone or something, he says, "Where ARE you, _____??" He was asking where Mommy, Gigi, and Dada were...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trip to Minnesota

This past week, we traveled to Minnesota to visit Zack's parents. We had such a great week. They had everything ready for us when we got there, a bed, high chair, brand new toys, dogs in the kennel, and plans made for the week! We visited "Gigi's" work, went to the library, swam at the YMCA, went to the Children's Museum and Mall of America, ate lot's of yummy food, went to the park, and played, sang, and talked a LOT! He loved spending time with his grandparents and we were so sad to say good bye.

When we went to the Mall of America, Zane got to meet the Easter Bunny. He liked him so much that he kept trying to go back and see him and tried to give him the gift he got from visiting.

At the Amusement Park, Zane's favorite ride was the little carousel. This is him doing the sign language for "more." He would say, "More please" every time it stopped.
We tried to get some pictures of him with his grandparents but he never stopped moving. This is him hugging Charlie Brown while we were trying to get him to pose for a picture.
A temper tantrum when he didn't want to leave...
The rest are all pictures of us at the Children's Museum. It was awesome!
His favorite room was the water room, where he got to put ping pong balls into pipes with water running through them. Look at the concentration on his face. He played here for more than 30 minutes and giggled off and on the whole time.

Reading some books with "Papa."

Lunch break with Gigi.

Swimming Lessons

Zane started his first swimming lessons at the rec center last week. He worked on paddling with his arms, kicking, blowing bubbles, and laying on his back. The only problem was that we were right by the basketball hoop and ball so he wanted to play with those the whole time instead of just enjoying the time, but overall, it's been really fun so far.

He got his little swim shirt for looks like he's going surfing. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Misc. Pictures

Zane was eating an apple the other day and decided to just dig a hole in it with his finger and suck it off his finger. He made a hole almost all the way through the apple.

This is him playing his guitar (it's tiny) and dancing with his "hat" on.
Waking up on the wrong side of the bed...look at the cool hair style.

I just saw this and it cracks me up every time, its from when he was a year old.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Zane + Dogs = Happy

Ok, this kid is obsessed with dogs! I think every blog I post could just be about Zane and his doggies (actually a lot already are!). Anyways, he just loves them, takes care of them, and plays with them all day and night.

These pictures are of when he decided he needed to carry all of his dogs around with him at the same time. It was a challenge, but he managed to bring them from one place to another, then put them all down for a nap, gave them all a snack, let them all play the guitair, then put them all on the scale one by one and said, "big boy!"

The first video is of Zane reading a book that he's had for a long time. He's always liked it, it just names all the different types of dogs. I always said the names to him, then recently he started saying the names before I did. One day, as I turned the pages he named almost every single type of dog totally on his own. I hadn't realized that he was learning and remembering all the different types of dogs. He even recognizes several of them in different books and pictures and can name them there too. Wow.

The second video is of Zane looking for and collecting his dogs. He's saying "more doggies" and then counting how many he has each time. When he counts now, he does actually point to the objects. He usually starts at 2 and end at 8 or 9 no matter what though. :) At the end, he's saying "he's barking." He says barking without the b. (arking) Then, of course after he has them all together in the chair, he has to put them back one by one.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Talking, Talking and More Talking

This is Zane saying a few of my favorite sayings lately. I was trying to prompt him so I could get it on tape, but usually he says them totally on his own without any prompting. When we ask him where someone is, he either says, "he's at work" or "he's at his house" One time when we asked where Grandma Shirley was, he said, "Grandma Shirley is at Pappy's house." He does it with his toys too, when we ask where they are, or sometimes he'll tell us they're hiding.

Now, every time Zane burps or farts, he says, "Excuse me" He even says it when we do it. The best was last night when he passed gas in the tub and said, "Bubbles! Excuse me. " Then he giggled because he knew it was funny.

He also heard me say, "Are you kidding me?" once and copied it perfectly. Now he says it on his own. He says, "awesome" the same way he uses, "ok." and really says it with expression!

Some other things he's been saying lately:
* Tells the feelings of himself or things, like "he's happy" or "she's sad" or "she's crying" or "that's silly" etc.
* "Where's all the people?" "Where'd they go?"
* "Get a book... read on couch."
* "I got it!"
* "How you doing?"
* Words like push, pull, open, close, dark, light, off, on with the object they are with
* He tells us to "come on." He'll say, "Come on, Mommy" or "Come on, Doggie."
* "Dada's turn" or "My turn" or whoever's turn it is."
* "Ride a bike" and "Fly a Kite" and "Take a shower"
* "Love you, Mommy."
* When he fake eats something, he says a big long "mmmmm"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cracking Up

Just a quick video of some intense laughing...I think you may even be able to see a glimpse of teeth.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


It has been awesome seeing Zane pretending and using his imagination more. It's like he has all new toys all of a sudden because he's finally realizing how to play with his old toys the right way. He has a bus and firetruck that have lot's of little people that ride in them and he has been spending a ton of time putting them in and out and pretending like they are riding and actually using the doors. He also hides the people in different spots and then says, "Where's the fireman?" "He's hiding." Then he thinks it's hilarious when he finds him and says, "There he is. I got him!" The funny thing about the second video is that the place he chose to put the people after he took them out was under the high chair, so it was really hard for him each time (but he had to have them there). Right when I started taping, he started putting them right next to the fire truck instead.

He also has a new best friend, his doggie who does everything with him. He talks to him directly ("Here you go, doggie"). Zane feeds him, by going through the whole routine of putting a bib on him, putting him in the high chair, feeding him, cleaning him up and then putting the bib away. He also let's him take naps on the couch...he makes sure he has a blanket and blankie and pacifier. Everyday he reads to the dog, dances with him, let's him shoot the basketball, makes him clap and give other animals hugs. He even gives him high fives and knuckle hits. It's funny too, because he always tells us what the dog is doing... "He's dancing or he's clapping or he's barking."

Lot's of Babies!!

This picture is from a girl's night that I went to a couple of weeks ago. These are some of my friends that are pregnant, in order of due date, the furthest along on the right (me!) 4 out of 6 are having girls and the other 2 aren't finding out. The crazy thing is that I have 12 friends total who are pregnant right now, due anywhere from June-Aug. and 2 cousins we are both due in Sept. Wow, our new little girl is going to have a lot of friends.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have been trying everyday lately to catch Zane counting to 10 or singing the ABCs. He does them both all the time and it's so cool, but without fail almost every time I actually start taping, he stops or gets distracted and won't do it. Anyways, in this video, I at least got him counting to five, then he just said "bye" and walked away. That was that. :)