Monday, April 22, 2013


Smith is just the cutest most irresistible little dude ever. He thinks he is SO big and is so independent!!  His personality is puzzling because he is funny, sweet, loving, and at the same time is the tantrum King! He loves playing anything with his big bro and sis. Oh I love my sweet guy!!

Here he is playing baseball with Zane and Emmy. He learns a lot by watching them.

 Almost every single time he gets in or out of the car he begs me to let him "drive." And when he has to get into his carseat or out of the car, he cries and gets mad. When I let him pretend to drive in the front seat, he is the happiest guy ever.
Here is the saddest little face...
Since he was born 18 months ago, Smith has had about 12 ear infections.  He had a first set of tubes put into his ears and they only stayed in for about 5 months.  The instant they fell out, he started getting sick and getting infections.  So, this time, they put new tubes in but also thought it might help more to take his adenoids out.
He couldn't eat or drink until he went to surgery around 8 am.  Since we had to wake him up at 6, that was a long time for him to hold on.  He did way better than we ever expected.  I think he was excited to have mom and dad all to himself.  And he was happy to run around the hospital so early in the morning.
In the waiting room, he was the best little patient.  He held super still, let them check him out, etc.  Then, they gave him a dose of meds that made him a little drowsy and tipsy so that when they took him from us, he wouldn't get upset.  And it worked.  LOL. He got super mellow and just felt weird so it was no big deal going back for surgery. Everything went great, except he woke up extremely upset.  He cried and screamed and hit and kicked and basically was out of his mind for a while afterwards, but once we got home, he was fine.  By the end of that day, he was almost acting like nothing ever happened.  The following days, he was up and down, but overall a good recovery.

 He just climbed into his Grandma's lap when we got home and snuggled for a long time.

 You can tell he didn't feel his best after surgery, but was still playing...
 More randome pictures...

 First haircut...he almost fell asleep because he was so relaxed.  Haha.

 They all got their haircut...
 Such a little handsome gentleman

 Oh I love this picture of him pouting and getting upset when I wouldn't let him outside in the freezing cold, just a few days after his surgery.  He had been doing this off and on all day.
 Silly monkey


We signed Zane and Emmy both up for spring soccer.  Zane got to be on the same team as last fall and his experience has been good so far.  Our sweet boy has the best attitude and doesn't get upset when he doesn't score or misses a block, and he truly enjoys playing.  We wish he could get his foot on the ball more, but he does try hard. If only it were as easy as when we play in the back yard.  

Emmy, on the other hand has had a much different experience so far.  We expected her to be tough out there - to go after the ball like crazy - and be fast!  She was all of the for about the first 10 minutes of the first game.  Then, after she didn't score by then, and got knocked down, she basically shut down and never recovered.  Poor girl just didn't want to play anymore.  So we tried everything for the next couple of games...I even held her hand and ran out on the field to play with her, but it didn't work.  Finally, on Saturday, when we said it was time to get ready for their games, she burst into real, sad, horrible tears and begged us not to go.  So we decided to let her quit and she was relieved.  She said, "It's too boring."  Haha.

Here's a few of Zane...

He's in front of his coach. He's on a U7 team, so is pretty much the youngest and smallest.  

Emmy was so cute out there and her jersey was even purple!!  We thought it was meant to be. :)

For the second game, she decided to add some accessories.  She didn't take her wings off the whole morning. My diva soccer player.  Haha.

 Look at how much her hair stands out - and yes, he wings were still on!


Zane is so lucky that he has grandparents to take him skiing! He got to go twice this season and absolutely loved it.  He did great but they were all completely wiped out by the end of the day.  After I picked him up, he told me all about it in the car - he taught me what all the colors of runs mean, how to snowplow, and all sorts of other tips.  He said he could show me how to ski, no problem, if I go with  him next time. He said he felt nervous a few times, but still just went for it. 
Such a cutie!  Thanks Mom and Dave!!!!