Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter with a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 17 month old is just fun.  We had such a good day. We started the celebration by hanging out with our good friends the Saturday before.
Then, on Sunday the kids woke up, went on a hunt for baskets, and then got to do a huge egg hunt out front (that somebody else set up for us!) 
Then, we invited a bunch of friends and family to church with us, and the service was awesome.  We went to lunch afterwards, where Zane lost his second tooth.  Went home and played and did egg hunts in the backyard for the entire afternoon with family.  Then had a yummy ham dinner. Here are some pictures (I don't know why blogger puts my pics up all out of order but oh well!).  And I'm still trying to get my videos to work, so none yet. Uggh!!

Dressed up for church.  Yep, this is dressed up for us. :) I love their shoes - Smith has on crocs, Zane Spider Man tennis shoes, and Emmy Toms. Very dressy. LOL. These are the only pictures I got of them in their outfits since they all changed when we got home. 

We had the Jeep that day, so they were all squeezed in the back.

Some egg hunting - they took it very seriously and had so much fun finding but probably more fun hiding.  Kids vs. adults, girls vs. boys, etc.

Aunt Nell
Grandma Fran is Smith's buddy!
Smith maybe put one egg in his basket and then just wanted to play with the balls.  He didn't care even one bit.
This was the day before when we dyed eggs.  This year, they did them all by themselves and only dropped one! Better than last year - we broke at least 10!

This is them finding their baskets after going on a treasure hunt for them...

Ready for the morning hunt in the front yard still in PJs - this was at about 7:15 am!

Then they came back in before breakfast even and were begging to eat some of the candy.  Haha. So they were chowing down on some chocolate...

Twix for breakfast. Yum!

At lunch after church, Kris yanked Zane's tooth right out.  It had been soooo loose for a while but he just laid back and let her pull it. Brave guy!

Smith got new chalk from the Easter Bunny so they spent a bunch of time out on the front porch.

Zane drew Spiderman
Here's his picture of Emmy
Emmy's drawing of Rapunzel's hair and her little rainbow

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