Saturday, September 10, 2016

Baseball and Misc (April)

We signed Zane up for his first sort-of competitive baseball league, on a team with a ton of his friends.  Opening day was such a blast.  
Zane and Owen are such good pals.
Such little cuties (Zane is 4th from the left).
They announced each player with their name and nickname. Zane "Z-Dawg" Weingartner.

and the fans were super cute too.
Smith loves his baby cousin Gabby.

When the Padres are in town, we always make an effort to go.  Mostly because our good friend, who works for the Rockies, gives us free tickets.
We try to go early so the kids can get autographs from the players.
This day, MATT KEMP (the star player) came over just for Zane.  It was literally Zane standing there and he walked all the way over to autograph his shirt for him.  So so cool.

Then Emmy and a bunch of other people gathered around to get in on the action.

Waiting for Grandma to pull up...

The Children's museum
Smith took his first skating lessons, to start towards eventually playing hockey.  He was way too cute.  I couldn't believe how fast he picked it up and also how many times he fell but then just jumped right back up. Amazing.

My friends and I staffed a Soul Beauty retreat near Estes Park.  This is our car buried in under 4 feet of snow that fell over the weekend.

We love Gabs.

Sibling time is sweet.

This guy takes his shopping seriously.

He can eat a donut and push his cart at the same time.

Smith was trying to wake Molly up so gently.  It didn't work. I finally had to wake her up myself.
Just some big kids playing together.

Lego corner!

Wrapping Dada's birthday gift, personalizing it.
More of these two besties.

Field trip, experimenting with friends at the museum.
Smith is on the right, getting ready.

April - ish

World Record for not posting goes to me. I feel like I definitely  need to catch up so I can publish my book at the end of the year.  I have put it off way too long... So here are some pictures from back in April.

Poor sick little buddy.  He carried this stuffed animal around for a week and he helped cheer him up when he didn't feel good.

And he played soccer against Chameleon.
 See the resemblance between the poster and Smith?
 Hide and seek with Smith and Molly is not too hard. LOL.
 I love these pics of Em reading to her cousins and Smith in the top bunk.  Kids reading to each other is always my favorite, no matter what.

 Flying kites with Uncle Ben!

 One on one time with my little buddy is the best.  This day, we explored Waneka Lake.

 Smith and Molly are BEST BUDDIES.  They adore each other so much, and I love their friendship.