Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sick Guy

Zane has had a horrible cough the past several days. It got so bad lately that it brought a fever, runny nose, sore throat, puking, no appetite, and lot's of crying. But it also brought a cute, raspy voice. Here's a video of his poor little hoarse voice.
He got some new Sesame Street Play Town people, who he played with all day today...
Also notice, he's not wearing his Elmo pants, but his "Dino" pants instead, he calls Ernie "Bernie" and instead of saying yes, he almost always says, "Ok, yeah."

Two Nights Two Games

On Wed. night, we went to the Nuggets Game 5 playoff game. It was really loud, crazy, long, late, and yes it was fun. By the end of the game, my back was more sore than ever and my feet and ankles were about to burst they were so swollen, but it was worth it to hang out with my husband and sister and her fiance! As for Zane, he got to stay home with Grandma.

Look at those wild fans!

On Tuesday, for Zack's birthday, we got to go to the Padres/Rockies game. Look how close our seats were (thanks Dad!) and they included free food the whole night. Let's just say, that was the highlight for me. I think Zack liked the game though...he got to sit right next to all the players. As for Zane, he stayed home with my Grandma.
Getting an autograph...

We could hear them talking with each other about the game. It was really cool.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Away

A few weekends ago, Zack and I went to San Francisco for 4 days without Zane. It was so great to get away, but by the end we missed Zane a ton. So, while we were eating crab, walking up hills, relaxing and sleeping in, seeing China Town, going to baseball games,

visiting Alcatraz,
walking over bridges,
Zane stayed with my mom and step dad. The second he got there, he set down all his important and favorite items so he could start playing. He spent his time...
playing at the park and going on walks,

bringing in the mail,
watching Veggie Tales,
taking baths, cracking up with Nell (his aunt),
and playing with toys.
They kept him very busy and although he did ask for us a lot, he only had one major breakdown when he missed Mommy. So overall, it was a success!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Snowy Weekend

We got snowed in the past weekend. I thought Zane would get really stir crazy, but he actually had fun. While it was snowing really hard, he just stood by the door and watched for a while.

Then, the craziest thing happened. Zane decided, out of the blue, that he wanted to try to go "poop on the potty." (his exact words) He sat there a couple of times and then a few seconds later said, "all done." Then, the third time he actually did it! In this picture, he was trying to wipe himself and his tongue was going crazy while he concentrated. We really couldn't believe he did it and he's gone again since then. Big boy!
We finally had to get out of the house for a while, so we bundled up and went "sledding." He walked for a while and rode for a while. In this first picture, it was really windy and he was getting snow blown straight in his face, but he was still saying "weeee!" and laughing.

What a dad!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sorting and Singing

Free Entertainment...I let him take these in and out of the box at Walmart for at least a 1/2 hour. I just sat on the shelf and hung out while he concentrated and worked. :)

The other day, Zane had the ABC's stuck in his head and he sang it all morning. This is him singing away while he played. The last time through the song is his best. Notice how he literally never stops moving.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


On Saturday, Zane got an Elmo Easter basket in the mail from his grandparents in Minnesota. As if he wasn't excited enough about Elmo, all the eggs were also filled with surprises! His favorite was the dog bone crackers. He chowed them down and even shared some with his doggie. He couldn't wait to open each egg and we let him open all of them, even though the insides scattered everywhere.

This was Zane in his Easter outfit... a sweater vest and corduroys, which was perfect for the snowy day.
We all had fun during Zane's first Easter egg hunt. It was awesome that he got excited about every single egg he found.

He kept saying, "More eggs?" and "Where are you, eggs?"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baseball Player

Look at this amazing baseball swing!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Funny Guy

Funny things Zane says or does right now:

* Asks for ice in his drinks and shakes it to be sure there actually is ice in them.
* Says, " I don't want it" or " I don't like it" at the right times.
* Wants to read by himself at night instead of on our laps... he gets the chair and we sit on the footrest!
* Says, "Excuse me" after burps, gas, hiccups, yawns, or basically any other similar sound for himself and everyone else.
* If he thinks someone is sad, stuffed animals, babies, pictures or characters, etc. he says, "It's ok, don't cry." Then he offers them his "boppies" (blankie) and pacifier and gives them a hug and kiss.
* He grunts really loud and exaggerated when he bends over to pick something up and then yells, "I got it!"

Playing with Friends

These pictures are both blurry because the boys NEVER hold still!! We tried for 10 min. to get a good pic of all 3 and this is the best I got. During the past few days, Zane has had a lot of playing to do. Yesterday he first went to a play place with his friends from playgroup. Then, in this picture, he was visiting his friends Charlie and Luke. He had so much fun and spent most of his time cracking himself up by copying everything they did. He thought he was very funny. He also liked playing with all the cars that Charlie had.
Notice Zane's "Elmo Pants." He refuses most days now to wear anything but his Elmo pants. He won't let us put anything else on and if we do, he takes them back off soon after and demands these pants. Interesting sense of style. :)

We ate at Subway with Charlie and his mom, Katy. Zane taught Charlie how to drink out of a straw cup and Charlie ate his veggies, which made Zane want to eat his. We should hang out with him more often!