Friday, March 1, 2013

Cowboy, Parks, Snow, and Cousin Time

Oh this little man is just the cutest dude. He is so loving and snuggly, and at the same time he can throw a tantrum like no one else! He is easy going a lot of the time but he is also starting to become feisty and certainly lets us know exactly what he wants! 

Poor guy has pink pacifiers - we just haven't bought new ones. LOL.

Snuggling with Grandma Shirley
Just a completely random pic of Smith snacking while waiting for Zane to get out of school.
This little cowboy wants to ride his horse a lot lately...

Some cute park pictures...

Last week, we finally got a decent snow storm.  Smith hasn't spent too much time in the snow, since we've had such a dry winter so far. He loved it and wanted to stay out way longer than I expected! He and Emmy are playing more and more together and they had so much fun in the snow.

Jumping on the trampoline

The next day, Zane joined them.

Then, we had to try out the sled.  First, I just pulled them down the driveway and grass in the front yard, but then later the big kids and I went to the big hills!

Zane is so much more cautious than Emmy on stuff like this, so he asked her to go first to try it out.  She was amazing! She never let go of that sled! If she fell off and rolled, the sled just went with her.  It's so weird because she's normally pretty sensitive and cries pretty easily, but on big "scarier" stuff, she's fearless.  A different side comes out! Zane had so much fun too, once he got his nerve up to really go for it.
We spent most our day on a normal hill, not too big.  Then, we went to check out the huge hill.  I mean huge! Of course, my adventurous girl begged me to try it and she FLEW down it and then unexpectedly flew up a little cliff at the bottom and went air borne and then flipped over into the snow. I was so freaked out but she just stood up and yelled, "That was awesome!!"

The is a pic of her walking back up the hill - it was so steep, we kept slipping down.
Zane ran down the hill with me to check on Emmy but he didn't want to sled it.
Emmy carrying her sled back up.

Emmy with her little cousin Molly.  I like how proud of herself she is when she helps me with Molly.  She feels so big holding her and taking care of her. :)

This was Emmy after she set up this whole domino line. We were at the library - and she could have done this one activity all day.  Set up, and knock down. We've been trying to get to the library at least once a week, sometimes twice. Zane is flying through books so it's hard to keep up and they all three love all the activities there. They also love to search for certain kinds of books, authors, genres, etc.  Now if I could just figure out a perfect system of keeping track of all our books.