Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baby Sister

Here are some pictures of our new addition to the family. We are going to haver a baby girl in May!! We had our ultrasound yesterday and she looks completely healthy. They said she is pretty big, already weighing one pound, and according to all her measurements, she may come up to a week earlier than expected. The technology was already so much better from when we had our ultrasound for Zane. It was detailed and we got to see everything. I love the pictures of her hand and feet at the bottom!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Videos

Zane helping clean up paper.

Playing in his new toy... look at that huge bump over his left eye. He fell off his new tricycle and bumped his head on the coffee table.

Opening a gift.

Playing Wii with Jord...he's saying "Yes!" because she kept saying it when she did something good.

Christmas Pictures

Our Christmas was awesome this year. We got to spend it with a lot of my family but really missed Zack's family. Here are a few pictures from the 23rd - 26th, the days we celebrated. He loved opening gifts and ofcourse loved playing with all his new toys.

Becca and Chris, Zack's sister and brother-in-law gave Zane this sing along Elmo book. It was a big hit. You can see the concentration on his face. He was done opening presents for a while so he could read.
Zane's other aunts and uncles, gave Zane this huge blow up toy with balls in it. You can imgaine his excitement. He went crazy in it.
Zane got so overwhelmed and over stimulated in the middle of opening presents that he basically begged for a nap. He was sitting in his new sled from Judi and Bob to open some gifts, and then we had to stop and give him a good long nap.
He had fun opening up his stocking and then putting everything back in, then out, then in. :)
He got dressed up for the Christmas Eve service.
New Spider Man hat from my dad and Kris. He wore it while he opened some more presents.
Playing some Christmas tunes on the piano.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Playing at the Gym

For a Christmas gift, Zack's mom Nancy bought Zane a membership to My Gym. It is basically his favorite place to be ever!! He gets to jump, run, climb, slide, swing, etc. and almost all on his own. His favorite part is the ball pit. All morning before we go if we tell him we're going to the gym, he starts chanting, "balls, balls, balls." Then, right when we get there he goes and jumps in.

Snack with Grandpa

We left Zane with my dad and his wife, Kris, the other day. We came home and Zane was munching on a cookie with m&ms, crackers, and Cheerios. He was eating some and sharing some. At one point, he dumped his container of crackers right into Grandpa's pocket! Zane didn't care at all when we walked in because he was comfy and getting some good food.

Notice the runny nose, m&m stains around his mouth, and the cracker and Cheerio on his neck.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gifts Under the Tree

Zane was helping us put gifts under our tree. He did really well eventually but here are two of his first tries.

Scary Santa

We really didn't expect Zane to freak out when seeing Santa, but we were wrong. He seemed OK at first, so good that I thought I could get away with taking away his "boppies" (blanket). I was wrong about that too! He kept saying "Santa" through his crying and never let up enough to get a happy picture. Oh well, we tried.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Four New Completely Random Videos

This first video is Zane just having fun playing in the snow for the first time. He says snow... sometimes it sounds like ss-no and sometimes it just sound like no. He was so restless that day, we had to take him out at night in the dark for our own sanity!

The second video is of Zane watching a clip from Sesame Street online of Elmo trying to scare Julia Roberts. Every time Elmo is about to scare her, Zane anticipates it and then giggles a bunch.

This third video is a weird thing that Zane does that is basically one of my favorite things ever. For some reason, he bites his Veggie Tales characters, and not his other toys. He started doing it on his own and now does it when we ask him to also. It's almost like he knows they are vegetables or something, but I love how his whole body shakes and how he always bites with no hands. He also knows their names and at the end he's singing "Veggie Tales."

The last video is Zack and Zane playing with bubbles. The gasp was just too cute to pass up. He also blew a few of his own bubbles.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Zane is getting so good at singing along with songs now. In the first one, he's singing "Wild Wild West" which is from the end of one of the Elmo's World videos. It's to the tune of Jingle Bells, so he doesn't quite have it, but is getting there. The second one is him singing along with a Veggie Tales song called, "Busy." He just says "busy" over and over and he starts singing it right when he hears the first note before the words even start.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Scrubbin in the Tub

Zane is finally taking responsibility for his own cleanliness. He wants to be in charge of or at least part of everything we do now, including scrubbing himself clean in the tub. He even acts like he's pumping out the soap and he knows all his body parts so well, that we can pretty much get him to wash anything. I like how we had to stop the first video short because Zack got grossed out by him eating the soap...what a wimp!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mom's Birthday

Today was my birthday and Zane and I had a fun packed day. Breakfast with Zack, lunch with Tammy and her little one Abhi, 3 1/2 hour long nap for Zane while I worked and had some down time, trip to the library and then sushi restaurant to pick up my dinner, some tag and hide and seek, then bedtime.

This video is super random. I started taping it because Zane has been talking in complete and full sentences, although only about every third or fourth word is recognizable. He was going on and on, then ofcourse got quiet when I started taping. Anyways, he was all ready to go out and then kept saying bye to the tv saying, "Bye bye Elmo." I basically missed all of that, so had to think of something to ask him, hence the president.

Things to notice: spatuala in one hand, ball in the other, how he relates all answers back to Elmo, says TV a bunch along with some other jibberish, waving with his finger.

I did take this picture while driving, but don't worry, I was at a stop sign. :) Too cute to resist.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Just had to share this quick story. I spent a bunch of time straightening and cleaning up this morning because our place had become such a mess, like always. I thought it looked pretty good comparatively Anyways, Direct TV sent someone over to exchange our box. He walked in the door, looked around the house, and said, "WOAH, so THIS is what it's like to have a baby!?" He said he couldn't believe all the toys and stuff. I was just laughing and saying, this is what it's like at it's best.

One more funny scene from today. When I put Zane down for a nap, he basically begged me to go up and take a nap (it was his idea). When he got up there, I laid him down and he started waving at me and saying , "Bye!" I guess he was tired. :)

Tired and Sick

The past few days have been pretty low key for us. None of us have been feeling well so we've been trying to have some down time. Zane has been way more mellow (and way more fussy) so we've been taking advantage of our extra snuggle time. The poor little guy just wants to be held a bunch, he lays his head down on the floor out of nowhere, and he's been getting tired around 7 or so. Zane laid with Zack for the entire video, which was probably about 40 minutes. That NEVER happens!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dance Party

Zane's dance moves have improved a little bit. We still have a lot to work on though. :) At least he has fun while he does it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Watch this video at your own risk. Seriously, it is so scary to watch. I really don't know why I was letting Zane climb up his chair to the couch like this, but I was sitting right next to him and he was having the best time. He went through this up and down circle for probably about 45 - 60 minutes without a real break. He had to take a few breather breaks in between. I wonder how many calories he burned!

Best Friends (Zane and Elmo)

Zane went from not really being interesting in any kind of tv or videos to recently all of a sudden BEGGING for and LOVING Veggie Tales and Elmo videos, along with a few others. He'll look for the remote control or just look at the tv and say, "TV, Elmo, TV, Elmo???" I started taping this video at least 5 minutes after Zane had started getting excited about Elmo. Wow, this kid is really into Elmo. He reacts similarly every time he sees him too.


The people working at Jamba Juice put some of my drink into a "baby" cup for Zane. Not only did he drink almost the whole thing, but then the cup and straw entertained him the entire ride home. What a big boy!


Zack taped this video one morning when I was trying to take a nap and Zane snuck in to find me. Zack came and got him and brought him back out into the living room, which caused a minor break down. What can I say? He loves his Mommy. :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yesterday Zane and I went hiking in Palmer Lake with some friends. Wow, carrying him up a huge hill was completely EXHAUSTING. He also never stopped talking for the entire hike, so I couldn't really hear anything else since he was right by head. It was pretty funny, but a fun morning.

Junk Food Pig Out

Yes, you are seeing exactly what you think you are seeing. Zane eating fries and ketchup and drinking Sprite. I have nothing else to say about that. :) :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Uff Uff" and "Tick Teat"

We had a really fun Halloween. Zane was a puppy and really got into the character. He asked to get into his costume a few times during the day, and when in it, he barked a bunch. We made a few stops at friends' and family's houses for him to trick-or-treat, or as he says, "tick teat." It took about 5-10 minutes between each house because he wanted to stop and play in each yard. The night before Halloween we went to the YMCA in Monument so he could hang out with his friends then I took him to high school youth group to hang out with the big kids.

Our first round of trick-or-treating was with Bob and Judi (that's what he's saying at the beginning of this video.) Later on, he also got to go with all of his his grandparents.

First Hair Cut

We finally came to the conclusion that although Zane's curls in the back were so cute, they just had to go. He did pretty well during the cut, but did have a few minor freak outs. He looked so handsome afterwards.

Before - notice the curls that almost resemble a mullet...
One of his minor freak outs...
Patient little guy...
After the haircut...
Here's a short video of the haircut too. She gave him a faux hawk.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big Brother

Zane is going to be a big brother!! These are pictures of our new little monkey. They were taken when I was 11 weeks (last week) and when he or she was 4 cm. long. The due date is May 13th, so I'm going to enjoy these next few months of "quiet"(yeah right) before it just gets crazy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Chair

We finally used up the rest of our gift cards that we got at our baby showers before Zane was born to buy him a new little chair. At first, he used it for all the right reasons, lounging, reading, sitting. Within a few minutes, he decided to use it as a jungle gym, standing up and jumping, climbing over the sides. What a little monkey!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

List of Updates

Here are some new things that Zane is doing that I have desperately been trying to get on video, but have literally been IMPOSSIBLE to catch!! He is so busy and does cute stuff all day, but every time I turn on the video, he stops doing it immediately or asks to see the "baby" on the camera. I want to keep trying, but for now, I just have to write a list for my own sake so I don't forget all that he's doing right now.
1. When he gets onto the scale, he says, "BIG BOY!"
2. He says, "gentle" while gently rubbing our faces, arms, backs, whatever we need!
3. He can say about 130 words now totally on his own without any help or reminders, not including all his animal sounds. His few three syllable ones are "strawberry," "applesauce," "Here ya go," and "butterfly."
4. When he watches sports, he calls them all "baseball."
5. When something breaks or rips, he very genuinely says, "Oh no!" over and over.
6. He's been hiding toys in the vent in the kitchen and we just now found them.
7. He points at objects and names them, including Mommy and Dada. He also points to our stuff and says, "Mommy's" or "Dada's."
8. He finally started calling other people on the phone besides Bobby. Today he called Elmo.
9. He throws a pretty solid tantrum now, which includes stomping his feet, putting his hands on his face or head, spinning in a circle, and then falling to his butt. It usually lasts about 1 minute or so and then he goes back to normal playing.
10. He takes off his pants now and sometimes puts them on his head and says, "hat."

More to come, but hopefully with pictures and videos. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Waiting "Patiently"

This is Zane all ready to go swimming at the rec, waiting at the door for me. He just looked so dang cute, and then on top of that, he was giving me that face like, "Come on, let's go!!!"