Monday, April 18, 2011


I've been horrible about taking and posting videos the past couple of months, so I just decided to slap a few on all together from most recent to oldest.

Yesterday, Zack took Zane and Emmy on a run. He's been running most days on his own, but they really wanted to go with him this time. I like Emmy's running outfit - Watermelon PJ pants.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Emmy is seriously so sassy and quirky. She has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh ALL the time. This was just her being silly on the potty.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Zane and Emmy like to play this game where someone comes of up with something yucky and the other two say "EEEWWWWW" really loud. They crack up most the time. Usually Emmy scrunches up her nose and really goes for it and she didn't as much in this video, but I still think it's cute.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Here's Zane acting like "Mr. Alligator," who loves to tell jokes. Mr. Alligator always wears his glasses and tries to make people laugh. Just another random character among many. :) You can definitely tell he's a 3 year old making up ridiculous jokes.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Emmy's low, silly voice - in our old house before we moved...

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Just a cute counting and jumping video. It's crazy because since this video, Emmy can count much better and can say her long e sound so she's easier to understand.

Untitled from Josie Weingartner on Vimeo.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend With Family

My sister-in-law Becca, brother-in-law Chris, and nephew Fisher came to town from Ohio for a few days this past weekend. We packed in as many activities as possible. Fisher is only 6 weeks younger than Emmy so it's so cute watching them play together. I wish we could see them more often.

We took the two little ones to our indoor play place at the recreation center.

Saturday, we spend the morning at the zoo. Here's Zack the kids on the train in front of Becca and Fisher. It was a process for them to decide where to sit. They started off sitting all together.
Then Zane decided to move back to his own seat...

Then, of course, Emmy couldn't resist moving back with Zane and leaving Zack by himself...
We got the see the Mommy Orangutan with her new baby on her back. Zane loved seeing the baby...we were lucky to get to see it.
Loungin on the gorilla
Emmy loves these new sunglasses and since she got them, she's barely taken them off.

Checking out the snakes (Zane's favorite).
Fisher and Emmy liked the turtles.
More snakes...
Alligators - with the sun shining on Emmy's hair, you can barely see her.
Silly smile...


I think I've said this a million times, but my very very favorite times are when Zane and Emmy are happily playing together. As time goes on, they find more and more ways to have fun together, to laugh together, and to play together. They wrestle each other, push each other around on things, play games, do puzzles, and of course, imagine and pretend together. Love it! Now if we could just figure out how they could play nicely together all the time...

Here's some pictures of them playing "Wipeout" obstacle course. They watched the show one time a few weeks ago with friends and today randomly, Zane wanted to play. They pretended they were going through all the parts of the course and then falling into the water. Zane was coming up with names like "The Biter" and "The Foot Kicker" etc.

Here's Z and E pretending they were pirates. They had a treasure map that they were following to try to find the small treasure and the huge one. They were using their binoculars to help them look for clues to help lead to the treasure.