Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun Fall Day

Today we had some day-before-Halloween fun.

We went to a trick-or-treating thing at the rec center with Judi and Bob. My chipmunks had fun dressing up in their costumes, well, at first they did. Then, they got tired of wearing their ears and kept taking them off. I'll be Simon with them tomorrow.


Zane was trying to hold Emmy's hand and she was escaping.

Emerson wasn't sure what to do at first, but got the hang of it quickly. She spent most the time like this, looking down searching for candy to eat. She kept asking us to open up suckers, her favorite. Zane was so sweet - he kept grabbing 2 of each candy and putting one in Emmy's bucket for her.
Then, we went to lunch and of course, made the day complete with some Gelato. Let's just say it was a sticky experience!
I love all their expressions when Emmy's going for the cone on top.
Finally, tonight we cleaned out and carved our pumpkins. Zane wasn't sure about getting messy at first, but then had fun grabbing the seeds out. Emmy never minds a mess so she had a blast.

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